Sunday, March 18, 2007

After Action Report--A Gathering of Eagles

AAR courtesy of Steve Harkonnen:

Pics from the protest are HERE and HERE.

From the warfront up in DC, it was plain to see that most of the anti-war protesters were in need of a bath. They hadn't bathed for days as they came in by buses that were provided to the dregs of society by none other than the cashflow of George Soros.

Silly Liberals! Paychecks are for Workers!

This lot obviously didn't know what the word "work" meant. I sat on the side of the Lincoln memorial and managed to hear a portion of Cindy Sheehan's speech:

"..and so we'll show them that we are patriots too!"

Yeah, right, Cindy. I'm sure they're all patriots - but patriots for another cause other than America. When you dissent from the defense of our nation, which is against Jihad, you are, in effect, teaming up with the enemy. Therefore, dissent, in this case, is not patriotism.

What stunned me was the unusually large amount of Kufayeh that was being worn by the anti-war protesters. The Kufayeh is the scarf worn by the palestinian terrorists. Again, this told me that it was blatantly obvious that the terrorists are on the same side as the protesters. This also made me question if palestinian terrorist cash was used to help kick off this carnival of morally bankrupt losers. Seriously, I wouldn't doubt this for a second.

The Fifth Column is alive and well in America - and the liberals are the embodiment of the Fifth Column.It was like a circus parade. One of the protesters was apparently blitzed out of her mind on acid. But this is the ilk of the left - drug abusers and hippies. We couldn't take their protest seriously. Some of them brought their kids along, even their dogs. I felt sorry for the children and the dogs. Some of those kids didn't even have coats to wear even as they crossed the Potomac River, but that's expected from the moonbats.

One thing I admired - I spoke with five different DC park police officers. All of them said they were in support of our side and felt that the hippy moonbats were a bunch of crazed lunatics.

After the moonbats left their rallying area to the right end of the Lincoln Memorial, it was totally trashed. Some porta-potties were tipped over and the whole area was littered by the scum that had occupied it. Yeah, I expected this scene and I was right.


carpet weavels said...

Sort of Woodstock revisited but without the music?
Liberal thinkers and politics don't mix well. High ideals are a luxury.
They come with a price tag.
Too easy to put on a tea-towel and talk peace and love.

USpace said...

Sounds like it went well, the moonbats must have been pathetically hilarious...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
abandon the Iraqis

just like in Vietnam
nothing is worth fighting for

Flanders Fields said...

I hope that the local press picked up some of the veterans on their coverage. In Europe, some of the stations were balanced in the coverage given to the peace leftists and the veterans. CNN, as usual, was not balanced. They showed their alliance with the moonbats in their coverage, and that they continue to be propoganda organs for the left.