Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fighting back against Dhimmitude

Part of our mission of the counterjihad is to educate those that are less well informed (or are misinformed) as to Islam's genuine nature and actual intentions.

This especially includes the media. To be honest, it's very tempting to just write off the media as just another arm of the jihad. I have certainly succumbed to this.

Here is part of a typical Treason Media piece on the Death Cult. This was recently posted on the front page of the internet edition of the Toronto Star:

"Well, I want to be a part of the change. If we study the era of the Prophet Muhammad we know women were strong participants in society. And then somewhere along the way we fell into decline, poverty, neglect and deterioration. Islamic values were scrambled and mixed up with tribal and traditional social habits. And out of this came men who want to lock away their women in the name of Islam."

So she will count herself among those working toward "redefining the basis of real Islam. I want to help set our compass back to where it belongs.

"The important thing now is that we open our minds, read more, strive for knowledge. And in the end, there can be a renaissance of the open, inclusive, peaceful, science-loving Islam that appeals to me so much."

As usual, no reality to be seen here, right? This is typical of what I see in the papers, on the news, everyday. I just tune it out. But fortunately, not everyone is like me.

A determined member of the counterjihad movement (who wishes to remain anonymous) authored the following letter in reply to the author.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I was surprised to read your article for 2 reasons: that in this day & age someone could still attribute moderate peace-loving ideas to Islam, secondly, that such a non-news story of religious evangelism would be allowed onto the front page (at least the internet edition) of a renowned newspaper.

Are you inventing a new religion? By now you should be aware that some of the ideas this lady attributes to Islam are in fact what this religion is trying to take away from the civilised world. The Islam you describe exists only in the minds of poorly read western journalists who have been raised in a post Christian world. These journalists eagerly see values around them which are but remnants left by a once powerful & ascendant Christian civilization. They come from nowhere else. These are totally alien to the true form of the religion that is so frequently named in your article. A quick reading of the Koran & the Hadiths will soon show that this unfortunate lady is quite out of line with Islam. At least if we believe that she really believes what she says.

Just check with a few so called 'radical Islamists'. While they kill with one face, the other is saying publicly to the world, in essence, the words you wrote in your article:

"The important thing now is that we open our minds, read more, strive for knowledge. And in the end, there can be a renaissance of the open, inclusive, peaceful, science-loving Islam that appeals to me so much."

Nothing could be further from Islam than this phrase quoted above, nowhere are these ideas found in true Islam. And yet that is what they say to the infidels, or

How & why? You should understand the concept of al-Taqiya in Islam. This is the act of lying and hiding the true nature of Islam from infidels for the purpose of waging Jihad against them. This is perfectly acceptable in Islam. Al-Taqiyya is being used on many levels today, & sorry to say, you yourself & your newspaper are acting as vehicles for the spreading horror that this poor woman is trying to cover up.

For further reading on this may I refer you to the following?:


Fine piece of writing. Kudos and bravo!


Always On Watch Two said...

Over and over again, I see the media and many of the msm pundits trying to reinvent Islam. And President Bush too!

Islam is what it is. Muslims themselves, for the vast most part, do not distinguish between "radical Islam" and "moderate Islam." Trying to do so is like trying to distinguish between "radical Nazism" and "moderate Nazism."

The concept of "moderate Islam" is a Western invention and is not Koranic.

Mark said...

I am sick to death of hearing uninformed Westerners making a distinction between radical Muslims, moderate Muslims, etc. They are all Muslims, for God's sake! They have ALL been poisoned with the same ideology. To think otherwise is to fool oneself, and to endanger the lives of our children into the bargain!