Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How McCain's Website Reflects His Lies and Deceit of the Republican Party

I had a few minutes to check out the McCain for President website. I looked at the "Issues" section specifically. Guess what! No mention of his immigration position! Isn't this the McCain who claims America's citizens want amnesty and open borders? Isn't this the McCain that calls conservatives who disagree with his open borders as racist and against America. Yeah it sure is. Now ask yourself, Why would McCain hide his open borders and must have amnesty and no fence position hide it from Republicans that visit his website? Why indeed? After all McCain says his position represents the majority of the citizens of America, and I assume preferably the Republican citizens? McCain does this because he is a fraud, a liar and hopes to deceive the American public and the Republicans. He doesn't care for what Republicans believe! They are stupid to him and wrong. And that my friend is why McCain is falling like a rock off a cliff in the Presidential polls. And besides that good news, consider also that McCain on the road deceiving the citizens in Iowa and elsewhere means there is less time for McCain to be plotting with Kennedy to destroy America in that center of d.e.c.e.i.t., DC.

You can always tell a RINO, a liberal in drag, a leftist with two left feet by their website. They are always the one who keep telling you their position represents the 'true' position of the citizens, but hide, or in this case, delete from their website the explanation of their position they claim represents 'us.' McCain you are a liar and a fraud.

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Anonymous said...

I am a Republican. I will not support Senator McCain for the Presidency. His is wrong on several important issues and obviously cares nothing about conservative principals.

A Registered Republican voter in Michigan.