Sunday, March 11, 2007

Leader of Christian Democrat Party of NSW Australia Wants a 10 Year Moratorium on Muslim Immigration

I keep looking for a leader with a spine to save America, Europe and Australia from Islam. Looks like Australia is miles ahead. Like America, the Muslim population in Australia is relatively small, no more 2 percent of the population. Fortunately for Australia, the jihadists have made a lot of blunders - 'covered meat', David Hicks, Muslim rape gangs - waking up a lot of infidels in Australia.

This modest proposal doesn't go far enough. The moratorium should be at least 20 years and should be combined with an aggressive deportation of Muslim troublemakers, strip their citizenships, limited appeals, and tough citizenship requirements. I do agree that Christians persecuted in Muslim lands should be recognized as refugees and helped to escape their Muslim hellholes.

Of course the multiculturalists and dhimmiguards who believe all cultures are EQUAL will have none of it.

Muslim immigration clouds NSW campaign
March 11, 2007 04:52pm

THE NSW election campaign has become entangled in a debate over Muslim immigration after the leader of the Christian Democratic Party called for an immediate halt to Islamic immigrants.
Reverend Fred Nile, the longest-serving member of the NSW Legislative Council, made the comments at a gathering in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde yesterday.
He said there has been no serious study of the potential effects on Australia of more than 300,000 Muslims who are already here, and Australians deserved some breathing space.
In the meantime, Australia should extend a welcoming hand to the many thousands of persecuted Christians who are presently displaced or at risk in the Middle East.
"I pray that within a decade, Muslims in Australia will clearly have demonstrated their commitment to Aussie values including democratic pluralism and the rights of women. We can then assess whether Muslim immigration should begin again," he said.
Mr Nile is leading 21 Christian Democratic Party candidates contesting seats in the NSW Legislative Council at the March 24 state election. Some 53 Christian Democratic Party candidates are also running in Legislative Assembly electorates across the state.
NSW Premier Morris Iemma, whose southwestern Sydney seat of Lakemba has a large Muslim population, said today he did not agree with Mr Nile's comments but said immigration was a federal issue.
"Those that are prepared to abide by our laws, our values, work hard and pass the criteria are welcome regardless of who they are, where they come from, the colour of their skin," he said.
The Ethnic Communities Council (ECC) of NSW rejected Mr Nile's statements, saying the overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims were law-abiding citizens.
"We must avoid policies that echo the old White Australia policy," ECC vice chair Justin Li said.
"Religious and national backgrounds should never be the criteria for determining a person's eligibility to migrate into Australia or to become an Australian citizen."
Opposition leader Peter Debnam would not today if the Liberal Party would rule out doing preference deals with the Christian Democrats at the election. NOTE: This last sentence doesn't make sense to me.


Nilk said...

The Rev Fred Nile is in the curious position of being spot on with this, but because he is a devout, and vocal christian, he's been vilified for years in the meeja.

In Sydney each year we have the gay Mardi Gras, which often feature ye olde paper mache caricatures of him.

He makes no secret of the fact he sees homosexuality as a sin and has never backed down from a challenge.

It is going to be very interesting to see how the NSW elections go, because Morris Iemma (the current premier) has Lakemba as his main seat, and he has not distanced himself from Rev Fred's suggestion.

For those not in the know, Lakemba is the home of the largest mosque in the country, and also has our fave mufti Taj Al-din al-Hilali. He of the uncovered meat fame, and also the one who reckons that anglo-aussies have less right to this country because we came here in chains all those centuries ago.

The muslims in Lakemba are not happy, and there are also 3 standing in the elections that I know of so far.

2 are women (one for the Greens, and one for the Democrats) and then there is Mamdouh Habib, who is a former inmate of Guantanamo Bay. Released without charge, and who has declared that any potential supporters have no right to know what he was doing in Afghanistan when he was picked up.

Sorry - it's late here and I'm too knackered to link.

Nilk said...

Okay, I did write a long and rambling screed to explain preferences for non-Aussies out there, but while it made sense to me, I'm not a political student so it would have confused you further.

here is an explanation of how it works, and much more eloquent than I could put it.

Bsically, that last line is saying that Debnam is hedging his bets. He'll watch the news and the polls to see whether it's worth his time courting the Christian Dems.

John Sobieski said...

Yeah it's going to be interesting, in the US - it's called trial balloons. I think it is a winning plank, just like I believe that pointing out the alliance of the Democratic Party and the taqiyyamasters and the muslim apologists is a winner for the Republican party. The Muslims can't help themselves; God knows our politicians try their best to ignore all their actions that prove their malevolence.