Saturday, March 10, 2007

'Malaysia Today'- A website for Jihad

The terrorist apologists over at Malaysia Today are in the (usual Muslim) habit of posting taqiyya, vile anti- American and pro-Jihad propaganda on a daily basis. I read it occasionally just to keep tabs on what our enemies are saying.

Sometimes, though, the BS meter pegs and I have to respond. Kinda strange that I can't seem to register on their registration-required website, so I'm going to respond to one of their recent columns here. I am not going to reproduce their lies here, so you can just follow this link.

Anyway, here is my reply to their columnist, one 'Ali Cordoba':

The fact that this website keeps publishing these pathetic columns from this terrorist apologist author(s) Ali Cordoba, et al tells me all I need to know about where the sympathies of Malaysia Today are.

This guy can't even get his infidel grammar right, let alone his facts straight. Hey Mr. Ali, try running spell check on your articles before publishing them ("Eygpt"). And another thing, it's not 'the Nato', it's just "NATO" or "Nato".

Afghanistan--Speaking of 'the Nato', exactly how is the Taliban winning in Afghanistan? The vaunted mujahadeen in Afghanistan have failed to defeat any platoon-sized Nato force in Afghanistan or larger in over five years (FYI, one platoon is 30-40 troops). Wars are not won with spin or press releases. Nor are they won with suicide bombers, who usually only succeed in killing Afghan civilians most of the time.

Sudan--Ali Cordoba's paragraph on Sudan is a joke. No mention of Darfur, where Arab Muslims are ethnically cleansing the area of the 'inferior' Black Muslims and generally causing all sorts of mayhem, all under the aegis and protection of the Khartoum government. Meanwhile, the Arab League runs interference and effectively blocks the UN from doing anything to stop this disaster. I am sure, if Mr. Cordoba bothers to mention this humanitarian disaster in some future excuse of a column (sure to be picked up by this esteemed Malaysian website), he will no doubt find a way to blame it all on the infidels, the Zionists, etc, etc.

Algeria--Algeria's sputtering civil war is Muslims versus Muslims, and always has been since the French got run out of town over 40 years ago. So, how are infidels to blame here, exactly? The jihadi terrorists there are now officially part of Al-Qaeda (formerly the GSPC) and are losing their battle to turn Algeria from a regular Third World dictatorship into a Sharia State. Where's the proof that they are losing? Deaths in Algeria from the jihadists are significantly down from where they were ten years ago. So in a war of Muslims versus Muslims, how is the vaunted OIC supposed to end the conflict? Mr. Ali Cordoba, please regale us with your wisdom on that, if you please.

Lebanon--The Syrian and Iranian-backed proxy army Hizbollah is a major threat to the western-backed Lebanese government (which is supported by most Lebanese, Muslim and non Muslim alike). I suppose Mr. Cordoba would call PM Siniora and his government a bunch of "CIA and Mossad agents". So, who's the real threat to Lebanon...its democratically elected government, or a huge foreign funded and supported non state force within Lebanon's borders that's armed to the teeth?

Oh yeah, I forgot...Muslims can do no wrong.

And as a final salvo, if oil is supposed to be the cause or catalyst in all this mayhem, why are so many countries/areas/hot spots on this list oil-free? Last time I checked, there were no significant oil deposits in Darfur, Southern Thailand, Southern Philippines, or Afghanistan.

But all those areas do have Muslims, though.

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chephzibah said...

i realized this week how deep the satanic conspiracy goes. they have used us as a wag the dog. yet they have underestimated us. they blow up stuff and blame it on us, bush is going to do a "7/4/7", cute, get it? 747, like 911, so bushesque, he will blame it on iran. he has set up this place may 9/07 with a law that if a "terror" attack happens, he will get permanent squatters rights to the spite house, d.c. it is as a childs puzzle. bush wants to move out of the ghetto usa. to the mideast. of course it shall not stand. first thing im gonna do when this idiotic gig is up is go get my bro's out of gitmo. cya. chephzibah