Saturday, March 31, 2007

May He Rot in Hell

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Today is another grand ‘holiday’ in Islam, the Religion of Explosions, Violence, Intolerance, and Lies (AKA the Religion of E.V.I.L.). On second thought, that’s a misnomer; today is not a ‘holiday’ per se. There is nothing at all holy about celebrating the birthday of a 7th century psychopath, pedophile, warlord, terrorist, brigand, slave-trader, and rapist. Nevertheless, in Dar al Islam, March 31st 2007 marks the anniversary of the birthday of Mo, and is called “Milad un Nabi”, or “birth of the (alleged) prophet” in Arabic. I’m just so freakin’ thrilled about this glorious event, can’t you tell?

So, how shall we kufrs, monkeys, apes, pigs and other assorted infidels mark this auspicious occasion this year? Try these ideas on for size:

1. Send money to Jihadwatch, Anti CAIR, or any other reputable counterjihad organization. Even the little donations help!

2. Invest in Israel or buy products from Israeli companies. Try here, here, or here, for starters.

3. Read up on the Religion of Hatred. I recommend buying some titles in the counterjihad realm, such as The Truth about Mohammed or The Dawning of a New Dark Age. Place your book orders today to mark this special occasion!

4. Share your insights on Islam with your family, friends, casual acquaintances, and complete strangers.

5. Make sure you attend your temple, synagogue, or church this weekend. Thank the selected deity of your choice that you aren’t a Muslim.

6. Print up some little cards of your choice (Motoons, blog/website addresses, choice quotations from Muslims, titles of good books to curl up with) and put them in all the Korans etc. at every bookstore in town, ESPECIALLY Borders (HT Cubed).

7. Visit the nearest Muslim chatroom online and shine a light of infidel truth within those dark corners of cyberspace. Watch the cockroaches scatter! Consternation to the enemy!

8. Buy pork, eat pork. Wash it down with some good Danish brew. Repeat.

9. Turn a Muslim into an apostate. Better yet, turn three Muslims into Christians.

10. Flag a few hundred pro-jihad videos on Youtube for deletion.

Any other ideas? Let’s hear ‘em!

Anyhow, it’s more important, and fitting, for us kuffar to commemorate the death of crazy jihadin’ Mo (MHRIH). That’s coming up on June 8th, so mark your calendars, folks!


Melissa said...

I just want to know why you people are wasting your time bagging out another religion? I am pretty sure in your religion you are not supposed to be like your enemies.. you have to be the better person and try to cooperate and try to help people that you think less of, a better person. I am pretty sure what you guys are doing with this website is not abiding by any religion. By doing this will only make you all look like real "pigs", and I am sure you are not trying to get that kind of response.

I am not trying to be one-sided here.. I would tell this to anyone of any religion if they were bagging out another religion. Just think about it.

murtad girl said...

Was Muhammad S.A.W really existed? We never know for sure. They were no evidence to proved his existance. However "ISLAM" made him real. As real as other human being.

This is what I have been questioning myself for a very long time. Was he really exist?

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Well, Ms Melissa:

Your reasoning in your comment, if one may call it that, seems to me to be fairly uninspired, PC-addled platitudes at best. So, let me do you the favor of clueing you in to reality and being blunt.

First, whatever religion I may be (if any) is entirely irrelevant. This site is an anti Islamic and counterjihad site. Don't like it? Then steer your browser elsewhere. If Pedestrian Infidel is pro-anything, we are pro freedom, pro capitalism, pro democracy, and pro enlightenment values. Of course, I would be less than honest if I did not confess to having a pro- Judeo-Christian values bent. But you don't see a cross displayed on this website, do you?

This website seeks to reach out to all free thinking persons to unite against Islam, the supreme evil of our age, be they pagans, wiccans, atheists, Jews, Christians, agnostics Buddhists, or whomever.

Now Melissa, how are we exactly supposed to help those poor downtrodden Muslims as you suggest? If hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenue over the past 50 years won't lift them up from their enduring backwardness, nothing else will. The western world sent hundreds of millions in humantarian relief and charitable donations to Indonesia alone (by some accounts the nation with the largest Muslim population on the planet) in the past few years. What has all this jizya gotten us? A population that is 'only' 60 or 70 percent anti American.

The best way we infidels can 'help' Muslims is to keep showing them the montrosity of the evil ideology that they are shackled to.

Have a great infidel day.

Atheist against all crappy religions said...

you're so pathetic. You are all old fart people with no life.

Pfft, Islam has affected you guys so much that you all dedicated a site against. You all obviously have no life and a lot of free time in your hands. Why, are all bored in your nursing homes? no one coming to visit you?

Awww.. dont worry, keep yourself company with all the dignity you have left.


MuppetLord said...

Hmm...and who rattled your cage?