Friday, March 02, 2007

Muslims for Christ

Have a look at this website. These are precisely the sort of people that we need to support and encourage. This site is also a sort of place where our own Mr. Apostate would feel very welcome.

Remember, these brave souls, all ex-Muslims who have welcome Christ into their lives are risking their own lives by doing so, no matter where they reside in this world. Islam, the 'religion' of barbarism, wants them all dead.

Read their stories, see their faces and hear their words. Burn it into your mind.
We should be fighting for these people. But it seems that we are not...not after (and only with the vast expenditure of treasure and the blood of our soldiers) setting up two states that have made Sharia the supreme law of the land...and which condemns apostates (such as the one seen in the photo) automatically to death.
Mr. Bush, how can you do this to fellow believers like yourself?

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John Sobieski said...

Bush isn't really a Christian. It's all show for the cameras. What a naive foolish man Bush has turned out to be. He loves Islam.