Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UAE takes action against bloggers

Avenging Apostate has resurfaced in Dubai and reports the following:

I just heard today from my teacher that some bloggers were arrested for posting stuff that the government deemed anti-Islamic. They are being held without trial and their families (who are under their sponsorship) are not being helped in any way.

So, this information is second-hand (or worse). However, the UAE has been consistently rated as 'not free' by Freedom House, and this is Islamic state, so this development is not terribly surprising to me. The only real surprise to me is that this hasn't happened sooner. So, I am inclined to agree with the validity of AA's info, unless someone out there has some very specific information to the contrary.

He goes on to say:
The bloggers have been in prison, without any contact with their families, for over two weeks. This, and this isn't something my teacher told me but is based on my own assumption, would come under the law in the UAE constitution that says that if you say anything against the religion of Islam, you will be held in prison for a year and a half and will be fined some amount and then finally deported (provided you're not a national of the UAE).

Anyway, the whole reason for mentioning all this is that I think, now, they're also tracking the blogs and tracing the IP addresses. Just wanted to inform you about it. ... You won't find anything about that in the newspapers--my teacher knows about this because she said she knew one of the families that were affected by it.

Looks like AA may have to lie very low for quite awhile, as his posting to PI could be very dangerous for him personally from here on out. I don't want him to be arrested, and I think I speak for everyone on this. So, I may be posting on AA's behalf in the future.


John Sobieski said...

What took them so long? Sounds like something CAIR would like to do if they could.

Mark said...


The blogosphere must be CAIR's biggest nightmare!

By the way, I haven't been around for a while due to ill health and an extended vacation. I hope the good times have returned.

I hope and trust that you and your family are keeping well.