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A Walk in Hell -- Being a Secret Christian Convert in Malaysia

Life as a secret Christian convert
By Linda Pressly
BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents
Posted 15 November 2006

Abandoning Islam for Christianity is such a sensitive issue in Malaysia that many converts find themselves leading a secret, double life.

"If people know that I've converted to Christianity, they might take the law into their own hands. If they are not broadminded, they might take a stone and throw it at me."

Maria - not her real name - is a young Malaysian woman who has lived a secret and sometimes fearful life since she converted from Islam to Christianity.

Apostasy, as it is known, has become one of the most controversial issues in Malaysia today.

Maria became a Christian over a decade ago when she was 18. She says no-one forced her to convert, that she made the decision after studying different religious texts.

Conversion is deemed so sensitive in Malaysia that even the priest who baptised her refused to give her a baptismal certificate.

And, even now, the church she attends asked her to sign a declaration stating the church is not responsible for her conversion.

"My church says if the authorities come, they are not going to stand up for me. I have to stand up for myself," she said.

Not even Maria's family know she has converted.

"If my family find out I am no longer a Muslim they will completely cut me off. That means my name in the family will be erased.

"I could migrate, but the problem is I want to stay in Malaysia, because this is my country. And I love my family. I just want to live peacefully."

Malay-Muslims make up 60% of Malaysia's population. The rest are mostly Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

But many Malaysian Muslims believe that people like Maria pose a threat to Islam.

And the debate between those who say Maria should have the right to officially convert, and those who are against apostasy has become so heated that the prime minister has asked both sides not to discuss sensitive religious questions in public.

Fearful of what could happen, Maria would only talk to us on the phone from the privacy of her car.

She is very aware of the possible consequences of her decision to become a Christian if she is discovered.

"If the authorities find out, I will be in big trouble. They will create hell between me and my family, and hell in my life so that I will no longer get any privileges or employment."

Her fears are not unfounded. Another convert - Lina Joy - has been forced to go into hiding since her case went to court.

And at least one of the lawyers involved in that case has had a death threat against him.

Both Lina Joy and Maria want to make their conversion legal.

That means changing the identity cards that state they are Muslim.

Until now, the state has refused to do this until an apostasy order is granted from the Sharia court.

But both women claim they are no longer Muslim, so why should they go to the Sharia court?

For Maria there is a lot at stake. She has a boyfriend who is also a Christian and knows she is too.

The couple want to get married. But while Maria is still officially a Muslim, the only way they could wed in Malaysia would be if he converted to Islam.

And Maria's family - unhappy with her choice of partner - are pressuring him to do just that.

Maria is tired of living a double life.

"It's very frustrating," she tells us tearfully. "It means I have to limit my scope with friends.

"I have to be able to completely trust someone before I dare to reveal myself.

"I know some other secret converts, but I never keep in touch with them.

"I can't let my network widen, because you don't always know who you are dealing with."

Only a tiny number of people have converted from Islam in Malaysia.

But the coming months will be crucial for them because a decision is expected in the case of Lina Joy.

The outcome of that case may well determine whether Maria will be able to live the life she dreams of - to be married to her boyfriend and live openly as a Christian.

Right now she can't imagine it.

"I feel that I am all alone in this struggle," she says, "and I am frightened because I am alone against the odds."

There is no sign of a ruling in the foreseeable future in the Lina Joy case from the Malaysian High Court. See my posts on this issue from last year (here and here).

Maria, you are most definitely not alone in your struggle. Our humble little blog is also honored to have an authentic Christian convert from Islam as one of our contributors. Our own "Avenging Apostate" is someone else who is very much like you, even down to having to live a double life and hiding his real identity from his own family, all in order to survive.

Our best wishes and prayers go out to you, Maria, and to everyone else out there, in Malaysia and beyond, who are the prisoners of Islam's tyranny and the monstrous injustice of the "Religion of Peace".


John Sobieski said...

The very idea that an identity card identifies your religion is appalling. I feel very soffy for Maria and all former Musims who live in fear. That Islam must make people who choose to leave Islam fear for their lives and livelihood says more about Islam that all the apologists for Islam can never obfuscate with their clever taqiya and tuquoque.

dogferret said...

I can see a possible future where a large minority Muslim population winning political power in a European country will have access to, and be able to use the information that is being gathered right now for identity card purposes, and the like,..for their own ends and against the majority non-Muslim population.
Then we will see a new form of discrimination,at first subtle and later increasingly overt, where it will just seem easier to go along with Islam and joining their club will not be the anathema it still.

So the irony is this, Islam creates the problem, (we will give you terror if you don't give us special treatment)and then our governments' instigate ever tighter personal controls in an effort to prevent the problem, and in so doing create the tools for the future Islamofacist State to use.

Yankee Doodle said...

But Islam is so tolerant and progressive....

Always On Watch Two said...

Isn't this heartbreaking? Here is a clear case of violation of human rights, but the msm will not report the story!

Meanwhile, the msm find plenty of other stories--favorable to the Left and to Islam--to report.

We must add Maria and her boyfriend to our daily prayers!

IndCoup said...
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