Friday, March 16, 2007

What young Koreans think about Iraq

Just like some vile views about the Jews, it seems like a distressingly high number of Korean kids are ‘absolutely sure’ that America invaded Iraq for the sole purpose of stealing Iraq’s oil, and for no other reason whatsoever.

To illustrate this, yesterday I had a conversation with one of my students in class that (sort of) went along these lines:

ME: So, was the American invasion of Iraq an evil act?

STUDENT: Yes it was.

ME: Why was it an evil act?

STUDENT: They invaded to steal the oil.

ME: So, why did America steal this oil?


ME: So, when and how did America start sending this stolen Iraqi oil back to the US?

STUDENT: I don’t know.

ME: So, who took all this money, all those billions this oil was worth?

STUDENT: Bush (and who else…?)

ME: So, where is this money now?

STUDENT: In the US government.

ME: Where in the US government are these stolen billions?


ME: Where is this money?

STUDENT: With the American people.

ME: So, why didn’t I get my royalty check?

Uncomfortable squirming, and more silence

This particular student as quoted above is not the only one who has shown this remarkably fashionable political statement. If you ask ten students in Korea about Operation Iraqi Freedom (or its drawn-out aftermath) you will hear ten virtually identical replies that match the student’s thoughts shown above, if not word for word. And how do they know this? Well, they just *know* it, like they *know* that Jews are the people who really run things in the US and G-d knows where else.

But when a Korean teen is forced into confronting this paper-thin twisted version of reality, the one they have ingested in place of the real thing, well, they rudely discover to their horror how much there is that they don’t know.

I wish I could reach out to all the poor misguided souls in this country. But, I suppose, one is better than none.


John Sobieski said...

I can't imagine what their newspapers are like out. Hate America Page 1 I suspect.

Jason_Pappas said...

Where do they get these ideas? Do their universities teach this? Does the media spew this nonsense? Is there a difference depending on region, income level, religion?

Christian Soldier said...

The universities all over the world are filled with communists/socialists that teach them this junk. Communism didn't fall with the wall in Berlin, the wall fell because Communism had spread so much that no wall was needed. It's like a cancer spread all over the place.