Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Wolves are on the loose

In 'jolly ole England', the wolves are not just at the door. They are on the rampage, and no one is able, or inclined, to stop them. Certainly not the police or the authorities! These wolves are the wolves of the demon named 'Allah', and they have formidable allies. Not just the silence (if not the consent) of the media (al Beeb), but the British criminal justice system.

Read this chilling tale from British counterjihad blogger "Lionheart", dated 23 March 2007:

I was chased last night by a small turquoise Vauxhall people carrier type car by 3 Pakistani Moslem Men.

I know that a Knight should never run unless there are more than 3 enemies in front of him but we are not living in the Holy Land in 1191, we are living in England in 2007. Our Moslem neighbours living in Our land do not think like us or live like us; this we see has not changed over that period in history.

These Moslem murderers have the greatest weapon on their side - "The British Justice System".

If I pulled over and shot all 3 of these people I would be locked up forever for mass murder and never see the light of day again. If these people murdered me which is their intention then they would go to court and argue the case and end up with pathetic prison sentences, I expect 10 years or a mandatory life sentence where the tariff is 13 years, that is if they were even caught.

Where is the British justice?

These Moslem Terrorists know the British legal system; they know how to play it and the Prison system is full of them and their drug addicted slaves, so they have no problem doing a bit of prison time to make examples of people.

This is the situation I face on a daily basis and the Wolves have now caught my scent...I stand completely alone with God in the face of these Moslem savages. If you read my articles you will realise that these Moslem psychopaths living in Britain who should be locked away from society are left walking Our streets and as a Divine duty commanded by the devil Allah will have to kill me for my words and actions, and eventually you if you do not conform to Islam's ways if their Kingdom in England is not stopped.

Dunstable and Luton are over flowing with Pakistani taxis; they act as the eyes and ears for these Terrorists; they are parked up everywhere throughout the Towns with Our communities under constant surveillance by them. They run drugs around for cover and when needed they can carry guns into the Town for any of their Moslem brothers to use. These Pakistani Taxi men who view Our women as second class citizens and pieces of meat to rape are carrying Our half naked daughters, mothers and sisters around when they go out at weekends and during the week and to some are pumping them with Heroin and Crack cocaine. Don't kid yourself-- this is the reality in Dunstable.

Enough is Enough and I would welcome any suggestions because I do not want to have to move away into deep hiding, I am ready and willing to defend myself and my community as I am showing.

Actions speak louder than words - "Please read my articles".

Civil War is upon us and there can only be one winner in War.

My life is in God's hands.

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Anonymous said...

This is not the work of a crazed person. Although written in painterly language, these words carry the essence of reality. I have visited where he talks about, and confirm the accuracy of what he says.
The taxis are near all Pakistani and Kashmiri. Many are openly taking on the outward trappings of the jihad. Some wear slightly more Western apparel while driving.
They do carry all those foolish pub-goers around on their nights out and those revelers are oblivious to what is thought about them.
There are also scores of corner shops run by the same religion, which while it is against alcohol as forbidden, these money-grabbers sell strong canned beer to a stream of alcoholics each and every day.
See, they are not poisoning themselves, only the infidel.
Just as the drugs trade is ran mostly by them. Luton has a huge number of heroin, crack and other addicts. Virtually nothing is done about them, and the taxi drugs- mules are not touched by the enfeebled police force that seems unable to visualize the scale of what is happening. Even a "secret" report to the police would likely involve the investigation of the informer, not the drugs barons.
The enemies of freedom have amassed huge fortunes in rented property, and in that God-forsaken town, with it's Town Hall in the grip of politically-correctly employed "minorities" the rules are ignored or bent without redress.
Shoddy damp rooms are let out to a stream of Eastern European migrant workers, drug addicts and cannabis growing factories. These places would be deemed unfit for habitation, but they get away with it and for up to £140 per week, paid for from Social Security.
Guns are readily available to them, and though they are careful not to use them overtly, as yet, the threat is always there.
These burrowing invaders have entered every aspect of life in those towns of lost hope, and this picture is repeated everywhere through the major conurbations of England.
The elite of the political classes are both unaware of it, mostly, and
would not want to recognize it if it was rubbed in their face.
Time is running out, and this "minority" is gaining huge wealth and power, meanwhile our overstretched military and police are unable to contain what the future holds.
There will come a time, I cannot say when, but maybe following on some large scale outrage, when the active "army" of these people, along with the hidden support and encouragement of a large number of the "moderates" will occupy the streets, the guns will emerge and a new "Cristalnacht" in reverse will take place, where those that oppose them will be in severe danger.
The forces of law and order will not be able to contain these mobs, take a look at what happened in Bradford a few years ago, and those were not armed.
America, you may yet be called to rescue England, again, but your hands will be tied by those who have their own elbows deep in the oil-barrel.
A new consensus must form, somehow, from the knowledge and efforts of all who are champions of freedom.
The seeds have been planted, divisions must be laid aside, and all who oppose the unheeded destruction of the West and our values, must pull together for the common aim of survival, and ultimately, victory.