Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Yutes of Europe

Paris got another taste of terror at a central train station this week, and not a single newspaper or mainstream newswebsite said the word 'Islam' or 'Muslim.' Not a word. It was surreal. Does the media of Europe actually believe to ignore the 'i' word, the problem will not exist? Does the elite and their media pets live behind gated exclusive communities where they do not experince the dragdown of communities and neighborhoods caused by Islam and Muslims? If Islam is the "secretion of the Arab mind" (Andre Servier, Mind of the Musulman, 1913, French foreign affairs advisor, historian), the heads of the EU elites and media are its slopbucket, catching the oozing slime. Except for the Danes and a few brave souls here and there (Gilders, Philips, Bauer), this denial is absurd beyond belief. But it is more than that. Islam has invaded Europe's institutes and strictly enforces political correctness. Apparently the elites of Europe don't put up a fight.

If a member of the EU wants to escape, they must institute harsh immigration laws and aggressively remove all non-citizens who are Muslim. If that could ever happen, when could it happen? Could we be optimistic and say in the next few years? The problem is demographics. The Muslims are the youthful ones. Their birthrate is 4, the indigenous 1.3. Because welfare allows the Muslims to have many children and not work, but get by, the Muslims see no problem with breeding themselves into power. That has to stop. Time is short, no more than five years in my opinion. Europe needs a revolution by the indigenous population, but most seem submissive.

At least it's a little better here in the US. US citizens need to fight a political elite that refuses to recognize Islam as the enemy and wants even more wild out of control immigration. The Democratic party is so liberal it is hard to believe they have the support they do. With all the liberal professors pouring Islamic secretions into our yutes minds, the liberals and their party are hatching a scheme. Bush, a terrible president, has screwed the Republican party and the Democrats see the opportunity. I so wish that Bush and Condi and their highly paid and way overrated 'advisors' and 'experts' weren't so stupid.

It really isn't so complicated. Islam, by their texts and history, makes it clear. They are imperialists, consider their enemy, i.e., non-Muslims, only worthy of enslavement or death, and owe allegiance to only one, the Ummah, the Mohammad worshippers. They are Satan's slaves. Lieing, cheating, stealing, parasitic actions inside Western societies, it's all good. Why would we want more of them? We don't. We want less of them.

There is a big event in Europe right now, the French elections. Royal, a Socialist and bimbo, paid her dhimmi tribute to the yutes, but Sarkozy did not. Royal blames Sarkozy for the yute problem, but what is her solution? Jizya and lots of it. It won't work. Never has. It only drains the state's coffers and allows the Muslims to infiltrate further, creating institutes to 'study' and help the Muslims be more successful. If Sarkozy is going to face down the yutes after he is elected, he needs to really arm his men and be ready to do a lot of killing. Western society will have to get its hands dirty. It's the only way.


Anonymous said...

Cubed here.

It sure would appear that the leaders of Britain and Europe are of the "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" school of thought. And of the "If I can't see it, then it doesn't exist" school of thought.

As time goes on, I sense a rising tension among some citizens, a growing frustration with the "head in the sand" approach take by Our Leaders.

Eventually, in my humble opinion, there will be an explosion; we will have had enough, we will see that Our Leaders have no intention of carrying out their sworn Constitutional duties, so we will have to adopt the "If you want a job done right, you just have to do it yourself" attitude.

Islam is a metastatic cancer on mankind.

Always On Watch Two said...

The msm will not carry the stories as to recent events in Europe.