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Sign this petition!

Our Amendment 28 post has been one of our most popular (not to mention controversial) to date. The first step toward passage & ratification of Amendment 28 must be Congressional hearings into the doctrines & practices of the damnable murder cult that is Islam. We therefore solicit your support for the Congress Debate Koran petition. It languishes now with less than 1000 endorsements. If more people would sign it, this process would eventually get off the ground.

Please pass this petition's URL on to all your friends, contacts and to their Representatives & Senators. And, please sign this petition today!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Poll: Most Muslims agree with Al Qaeda's Goals

From the 'hardly surprising' department:

Poll finds most Muslims agree with Al-Qaeda's goals

Washington - Most Muslims want US military forces out of the Middle East and Islamic countries and many agree with Al-Qaeda's goals, if not its tactics, suggested a public opinion poll conducted in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia.

"Most respondents have mixed feelings about Al-Qaeda," said a statement of the study's findings, conducted by the Washington-based nonprofit group and the University of Maryland.

"Large majorities agree with many of its goals, but believe that terrorist attacks on civilians are contrary to Islam."

An average of 74 percent of all those polled agreed with the goal of "push(ing) the US to remove its bases and military forces from all Islamic countries," said the poll.

A full 91 percent of Egyptians and 69 per cent of Moroccans said they approved of attacks against US soldiers in Iraq, while 61 per cent of Indonesians disapproved. Pakistanis appeared divided on the matter, with 31 percent for such attacks and 33 percent against.

The survey found similar responses with regard to US forces in Afghanistan and the Gulf. At least 70 per cent or more in all countries supported the goals of "stand(ing) up to Americans and affirm(ing) the dignity of the Islamic people," and "pressur(ing) the United States not to favor Israel," it said.

Those polled were asked whether they thought certain ideas were the goals of Al-Qaeda or groups inspired by the Osama bin Laden-led militant network, and then were asked to what extent they agreed or disagreed, somewhat or strongly, with those goals.

Most agreed that Al-Qaeda goals included requiring a strict application of Islamic, or sharia, law in every Islamic country, pushing US military forces out of all Islamic countries, and keeping Western values out of Islamic countries -- and most were supportive of those aims.

Asked about Al-Qaeda's attitudes and tactics in general, 25 percent of Egyptians and 15 percent of Indonesians said they "support Al-Qaeda's attacks on Americans and share its attitudes toward the US," along with nine percent of Moroccans and 10 per cent of Pakistanis.

Nearly one third of those polled in Egypt and Morocco said they agreed with "many of" Al-Qaeda's attitudes toward the United States but "oppose Al-Qaeda's attacks on Americans." Twenty-four per cent in Indonesia and six percent in Pakistan took this view.

Less than one third said they disagreed with both Al-Qaeda's attitudes and its attacks on Americans, with 31 percent of Egyptians, 29 per cent ofIndonesians and 26 percent of Moroccans and 16 percent in Pakistan.

A large number of Pakistanis chose not to answer the question, with 68 percent saying they refuse/don't know. Significant sections of the other groups also declined to answer, including 35 percent of Moroccans, 32 percent of Indonesians and 14 percent of Egyptians.

A wider range of opinions was found regarding the question of suicide bombers and whether their actions could be justified often, sometimes,rarely or never.

Forty-one percent of Egyptians said "an attack in which a Muslim blows himself up while attacking an enemy" is often justified, while 19 percent said "sometimes" and 28 percent said "never."

However, 68 percent of Indonesians and 60 per cent of Pakistanis were strongly opposed to suicide tactics.

Most Egyptians, Indonesians and Moroccans said establishing a Palestinian state was not a US goal, and sweeping majorities in all countries --including 89 per cent in Egypt and 63 per cent in Morocco -- responded that the United States was controlling most or nearly all of what happens in the world today.

The poll was conducted from December to February through in-home interviews by native Arabic, Indonesian and Urdu language speakers with around 1,000 people in each country. The margin of error was between three and four percent.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The US Army has a message for the Mainstream Media

Note the soldier's trigger finger.

I understand the AP pulled this photo fairly quickly once the dhimmiwits had it figured out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Litany of lies

On a trip to Israel, a Muslim journalist sees firsthand a litany of lies.
by Dr. Tashbih Sayyed

As I boarded EL AL flight LY 0008 for Tel Aviv on November 14, 2005 with my wife, Kiran, my mind was busy arranging and re-arranging the list of things I intended to accomplish. I wanted to use my first visit to Israel to feel the strength of the Jewish spirit that refuses to give in to evil forces despite thousand of years of anti-Semitism. It was not Israel's suicidal sacrifices that I wanted to investigate but the foundations of Israeli determination to live in peace.

There are many things that I wanted to talk about with Israelis, the foremost among them being their reluctance to do something about the bad press that continues to paint them as villains. Although I understand why the media, which reasonably covers most events accurately, chooses to ignore all rules of ethical journalism when it comes to Israel, I could not fathom Israel's reluctance to challenge the negative press effectively. Media bias against Israel reminded me of the Nazi era German press that was recruited by Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels who picked up every hate-laden word against the Jews. Just like the German press who refused to print the truth about the gruesome atrocities in Europe's death camps - or claimed that it was all an exaggeration, the media today also ignores the Arab terrorism. I wanted to see if there was any truth in the media allegations that Israel was an apartheid state, undemocratic and discriminatory.

I knew that a true Jewish State could not be undemocratic since democratic concepts were always a part of Jewish thinking and derived directly from the Torah. For instance when in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, he was basically referring to Torah that said that all men are created in the image of God. I was confident that Israel cannot be racist or discriminatory since it is based on the idea of the covenant between God and the Israelites, in which both parties accepted upon themselves duties and obligations underlining the fact that power is established through the consent of both sides rather than through tyranny by the more powerful party.

My understanding of the Jewish State was confirmed when the entry form that I needed to fill before landing in Tel Aviv did not ask for my religion as is the law in Pakistan. Also, unlike Saudi Arabia, no one in Israeli immigration demanded from me any certificate of religion.

As the El Al approached the Promised Land, I continued to shuffle the list of charges made routinely against Israel by its enemies.

Israelis live in a perpetual state of fear.
Israel is undemocratic.
Muslim Arab citizens of Israel do not have equal rights

Israelis live in a perpetual state of fear:

From Tel Aviv to Tiberias, Jerusalem to Jezreel, and from Golan heights to the Gaza border, I could not find any evidence of fear. In fact the people felt so secure that none of the stores, gas stations, market places, or residences we went to, and where it was known that we were Muslims, deemed it necessary to either search or interrogate us. Especially when Kiran and I went to the Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem one evening, we found it bursting at its seams with people of all ages. The ground was shaking with music and young boys and girls were so busy having fun that they did not bother to even look around. Tourists were busy making deals and the whole crowd seemed to throb with the beat of the music.

I could not help but compare Israel's sense of security with the environment of insecurity that exists in Muslim countries. From Indonesia to Iran and from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia, people are not sure of anything. In Pakistan's capital Islamabad, and the port city of Karachi, I was constantly advised not to make big purchases publicly for it encourages robbers to come after you. I did not hear news of any rape, honor killing or hold-up in Israel.

Israel is undemocratic:

As a Muslim I am much more sensitive to the absence of democratic freedoms in any society. And I do not believe that anyone but a committed anti-Semite will deny that Israel is not a democracy. Democracy in Israel is proportional and representative, but democratic coalitions, necessary in order to effect any decision making also have its problems.

The very first day in Caesarea introduced us to the Israeli democracy. The air was full of political debate and discussion. Ariel Sharon's decision to leave the Likud and form a new political party dominated the hotel halls and underlined the problems caused by the necessity of having democratic coalitions. "The object of a free and democratic Israeli society is to reach satisfactory compromise but often the conclusions are less than satisfactory -- especially for the majority. It involves coalitions and unity which are also checks and balances on any potential abuse of minority rights. It is a better system than the American representative Republican system -- which is really a representation of power and special interests. In the U.S. you get a democracy for the few. In Israel you have a democracy for everyone."

I tried very hard to find any Muslim state that has true democracy and where religious minorities are accorded equal democratic rights, but failed. The map of the Muslim world is too crowded with kings, despots, dictators, sham democrats and theocratic autocrats and the persecution of minorities is an essential part of Islamist social behavior. But here, protected by Israel's democratic principles, the Muslim Arab citizens of Israel are afforded all the rights and privileges of Israeli citizenship. When the first elections to the Knesset were held in February 1949, Israeli Arabs were given the right to vote and to be elected along with Israeli Jews. Today, Israel's Arab citizens are accorded full civil and political rights entitled to complete participation in Israeli society. They are active in Israeli social, political and civic life and enjoy representation in Israel's Parliament, Foreign Service and judicial system.

The Israeli faith in democracy also explains their refusal to respond to Islamist terrorism in violent ways. Despite my being aware of the human weaknesses which allow anger to subjugate the best of intentions, I could not find Israelis acting in vengeance against their Arab compatriots. My experience as a Muslim was also instrumental in expecting the worst in human behavior; Muslims under the influence of radical Islam have been unleashing their terror against non-Muslims even when the charges of anti-Muslim offenses were determined to be false.

I thought that it requires a superhuman effort to ignore the atrocities meted out to you and remain free of vengeful emotions. In my experience of Muslim societies, minorities have never been allowed the benefit of the doubt. Hatred of non-Muslims and outbursts of violence against minority faiths among radical Islamists have remained a norm rather than an exception. As a non-Wahhabi Muslim I have personally faced their barbarism and have watched Christians, Hindus and other minorities being persecuted on false pretenses. I thought that if Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia can sentence a teacher to 40 months in jail and 750 lashes just for praising Jews, it will not be unreasonable on the part of Israelis to punish Palestinians for throwing stones at worshippers at the Western Wall and burning down the tomb of Joseph.

But even in this section, Israelis have proved the world wrong. Despite daily provocations, they have managed successfully not to descend to the same level of depravity as their Arab enemies. The world is used to daily violence that is unleashed against religious minorities in the Muslim world. Only a couple of days ago the Muslim faithful in Pakistan had broken through the walls of a Church, torching and tearing open its doors. They were reacting to a rumor that a Christian had desecrated their holy book, the Quran. They smashed the marble altar of the Holy Spirit Church and shattered its stained glass windows. They torched a Christian residence and the neighboring St. Anthony's Girls School. Within moments flames were licking the walls and black smoke filled the sky. For days the Wahhabi clerics kept on calling their Muslim followers to come out from their houses and defend their faith by unleashing a reign of terror against Christians.

I wondered if an Israeli may someday find it justified to copy what Wahhabis have been doing in Iraq and other places -- abducting, murdering and beheading "infidels". Most recently, the body of a Hindu driver, Maniappan Raman Kutty, was found with his throat slashed in southern Afghanistan for no evident reason but his faith.

But there was nothing in history that could have substantiated my fears; Jews, despite being subjected to the most barbaric acts of terrorism have yet to react in vengeance against their perpetrators. And I concluded that my first visit to Israel will help me in untangling the knot of Israel's insistence on continuing to remain a target of Islamist terror.

Muslim Arab citizen of Israel do not have equal rights:

As our air-conditioned bus negotiated the mountainous curves of the road to the heart of Galilee, I could not miss the rising minarets identifying a number of Palestinian Arab towns dotting the hillsides. The imposing domes of mosques underlined the freedoms that are enjoyed by the Muslims in the Jewish State. Large Arab residences, wide spread construction activity and big cars underlined the prosperity and affluence of Palestinians living under the Star of David.

On my way from the city of David to the Royal Prima hotel in Jerusalem, I asked my Palestinian taxi driver how he feels about moving to the territories under Palestinian Authority. He said that he could never think of living outside Israel. His answer blasted the myth spread by anti-Semites that Israel's Arab citizens are not happy there.

Another Israeli Arab informed me that Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights. In fact, Israel is one of the few countries in the Middle East where Arab women can vote. In contrast to the non-Israeli Arab world, Arab women in Israel enjoy the same status as men. Muslim women have the right to vote and to be elected to public office. Muslim women, in fact are more liberated in Israel than in any Muslim country. Israeli law prohibits polygamy, child marriage, and the barbarity of female sexual mutilation.

Moreover, I found out that there are no incidences of honor killings in Israel. The status of Muslim women in Israel is far above that of any country in the region. Israeli health standards are by far the highest in the Middle East and Israeli health institutions are freely open to all Arabs, on the same basis as they are to Jews.

Arabic, like Hebrew, is an official language in Israel and underlines the tolerant nature of the Jewish State. All the street signs call out their names in Arabic alongside Hebrew. It is official policy of the Israeli government to foster the language, culture, and traditions of the Arab minority, in the educational system and in daily life. Israel's Arabic press is the most vibrant and independent of any country in the region. There are more than 20 Arabic periodicals. They publish what they please, subject only to the same military censorship as Jewish publications. There are daily TV and radio programs in Arabic.

Arabic is taught in Jewish secondary schools. More than 350,000 Arab children attend Israeli schools. At the time of Israel's founding, there was one Arab high school in the country. Today, there are hundreds of Arab schools. Israeli universities are renowned centers of learning in the history and literature of the Arab Middle East.

Aware of the constraints that a non-Wahhabi is faced with while performing religious rituals in Saudi Arabia, Kiran (my wife) could not hide her surprise at the freedoms and ease with which peoples of all religions and faiths were carrying out their religious obligations at the Church of the holy Sepulcher, Garden Tomb, Sea of Galilee, newly discovered Western Wall Tunnels, Western Wall, tomb of King David and all the other holy places we visited.

All religious communities in Israel enjoy the full protection of the State. Israeli Arabs --Muslims, as well as many Christian denominations -- are free to exercise their faiths, to observe their own weekly day of rest and holidays and to administer their own internal affairs. Some 80,000 Druze live in 22 villages in northern Israel. Their religion is not accessible to outsiders and Druze constitute a separate cultural, social and religious Arabic-speaking community. The Druze concept of taqiyya calls for complete loyalty by its adherents to the government of the country in which they reside. As such, among other things, the Druze serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Each religious community in Israel has its own religious councils and courts, and has full jurisdiction over religious affairs, including matters of personal status, such as marriage and divorce. The holy sites of all religions are administered by their own authorities and protected by the government.

A Hindu journalist who came to visit me talked about the openness that Jewish society represents. He told me that more than 20% of the Israeli population is non-Jewish of which approximately 1.2 million are Muslims, 140,000 are Christians and 100, 000 are Druze. Another non-Jewish Israeli told me that Christians and Druze are free to join even the defense forces of the Jewish State. Bedouins have served in paratroops units and other Arabs have volunteered for military duty.

The big houses owned by Arab Israelis and the amount of construction that was going on in the Arab towns exposed the falsity of propaganda that Israel discriminates against Israeli Arabs from buying lands. I found out that in the early part of the century, the Jewish National Fund was established by the World Zionist Congress to purchase land in Palestine for Jewish settlement. Of the total area of Israel, 92 percent belongs to the State and is managed by the Land Management Authority. It is not for sale to anyone, Jew or Arab.

The Arab Waqf owns land that is for the express use and benefit of Muslim Arabs. Government land can be leased by anyone, regardless of race, religion or sex. All Arab citizens of Israel are eligible to lease government land.

I asked three Israeli Arabs if they face discrimination in employment. They all said the same thing; normally there is no discrimination but whenever homicide bombers explode and murder Israelis, some Israelis feel uncomfortable dealing with them. But that uncomfortable feeling is also very temporary and does not stay for long.

My first visit to Israel has not only consolidated my belief that Israel is vital for the stability of the region but has also convinced me that the existence of Israel will one day convince the Muslims of the necessity of reformation in their theology as well as sociology.

A journey through the Israeli desert brought another important aspect of life to light; Prophets are not the only ones who can perform miracles -- people who believe in themselves can also perform unbelievable acts. Acres and acres of sand dunes have been transformed into the best possible fertile land; Wheat, Cotton, Sunflowers, Chickpeas, Groundnuts (Peanuts), Mangoes, Avocados, Citrus, Papayas, bananas and any other fruit and vegetable that Israelis want to consume is grown within Israel. In fact, Israelis have proved beyond any doubt why God promised them this land - only they could keep it green.

The land is described repeatedly in the Torah as a good land and "a land flowing with milk and honey". This description may not seem to fit well with the desert images we see on the nightly news, but let's keep in mind that the land was repeatedly abused by conquerors that were determined to make the land uninhabitable for the Jews. In the few decades since the Jewish people regained control of the land, tremendous improvement in its agriculture has been witnessed. Israeli agriculture today has a very high yield. Agriculture in Israel is very effective, and is able to cover about 75% of domestic needs, despite the limited land available.

Looking at the development and transformation that the land has gone through because of the Jewish innovative spirit, hard labor and commitment to freedoms for all times to come, I am convinced that it is true that God created this earth but it is also a fact that only an Israel can keep this earth from dying.

Courtesy of Muslim World Today

I came across this very interesting article, reading news on: I found it worthy sharing with you. If only our Western press would publish such articles instead of spreading their "litany of lies".

Western so-called "free-press" has been handcuffed by Western politics in such a sneaky way, that they don`t even realize it...or maybe they even do? But don`t want to admit it? "Oil"-money rules...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hypocrite Alert: "Spare A Square" Crow and Her EcoBat Sidekick David

The best thing about global warming is HOW EASY it is to point out the hyprocrites, you know, those celebrities and politicians who say 'do as I say, not as I do.' With global warming, they are such easy pickings because they are such blatant abusers of resources and energy waste machines.

Take Cheryl Crowe and Laurie David, please! "Brother, can you spare a square and save the world" Crowe tells us that we need to only use ONE square to tidy ourselves after taking care of business.

The quote that just keeps on giving:

"Now, I don't want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required."

In the meantime, Crowe is on her 'ecofriendly' decked out 2mpg bus with an entourage including another NOT ecofriendly bus and a van and several other cars bringing up the pack. And Laurie David, the wife of the creator of Seinfeld, is right there cheering her on. In fact, Ms. David is attending many of Ms. Crowe's 'ecotour' venues FLYING IN ON HER PRIVATE JET! Upon arrival, she gets into her 5mpg limousine and heads off to her luxury 1000 sq ft suite before going out with Ms. Spare-a-square to tell the peasants how they need to cut back because they are ruining the earth!

Can you say, PUH-LEEZE!

I will say I love one thing about global warming - it has never been easier to "SPOT THE HYPOCRITE". They are like giant sitting ducks, and the slashing is easy and so well deserved.

For the record I conserve. My house is 1400 sq ft and I drive a 4 cylinder car and I try to save on heating and cooling because unlike Ms. Crowe and Ms. David, a utility bill means something to me. But I don't believe I'll be adopting the 'spare a square' program as a central theme in my own personal conservation movement.

From the Seinfiedl Show - "The Stall"

SEINFELD SCRIPT by Daniel Khamsing (

76th episode

Season 5, number 12

Original broadcasting date: January 6, 1994

Written by Larry Charles

Directed by Tom Cherones

regular cast:

Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine)

Michael Richards (Kramer)

Jason Alexander(George)

guest starring:

Jami Gertz (Jane)

Dan Cortese (Tony)

(the bathroom)


what a dope!

uh..excuse me

umm.. I'm sorry

this is.. this is kind of embarrassing but.. there's no toilet paper over here


(from the stall on Elaine's right)

are you talking to me?


yeah.. I

I just forgot to check

so if you could just spare me some


no I'm sorry




no I'm sorry, I can't spare it


you can't spare it??


no there's not enough to spare

ELAINE well I don't need much, just 3 squares will do it

JANE I'm sorry I don't have a square to spare, now if you don't mind

ELAINE 3 squares? you can't spare 3 squares??

JANE no I don't have a square to spare, I can't spare a square

ELAINE oh is it two-ply? cause it it's two-ply I'll take one ply, one ply, one, one
puny little ply, I'll take one measly ply

JANE look, I don't have a square and I don't have a ply (flushing and leaving)

Elaine no no, no no, don't don't, I beg you

(the movie theater)


(eating pop corn)

hmm I love this artificial flavoring
I like it better than butter
I think it's more consistent

JANE you would not believe what just happened to me in the bathroom

JERRY what?

(offering pop corn to Jane)
(elsewhere in the same theater)


TONY hey
hey? where is my popcorn babe?

ELAINE what?

TONY my popcorn, you were supposed to get me popcorn
what? would you forget about me babe?

ELAINE you would not believe what just happened to me in the bathroom

JANE I mean.. a person needs a certain amount of toilet paper to be covered.. I
simply could not spare it

this woman just didn't get it, she kept harassing me

ELAINE 3 squares!! that's all I was asking for! 3 squares!

JANE she wouldn't stop

"help me! help me!"

she was *insane*

ELAINE I was begging her

"please! please!"
she was *insane*


Monday, April 23, 2007

Tom Lantos Is An Idiot, A Naive Dhimmi Extraordinaire and a Self Destructive Jew

Over at JihadWatch, the most unbelievable statement by Dem. Tom Lantos has been published. The naivete is astonishing. To be a dhimmi and not even know it, and to be Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committe as well. It's unbelievable. Is there anyone of any intelligence in the House? Have they all had their lobotomies? Are Jews allowed to learn of the history of Judaism and Islam? How can Lantos be so clueless? Ignorance is bliss and deadly. Must we go down with the Lantos idiots?

Jihad Watch: House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair: "the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe"
Julia Gorin has the story at, of all places, HuffPo:

Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) -- Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee -- said the following:
Just a reminder to the predominantly Muslim-led government[s] in this world that here is yet another example that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe. This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States' principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.

How many interfaith dialogue meetings did he attend to become so brainwashed and addled? It's one of those turning points for me and Lantos. Now he is my enemy, just like McCain became after he exposed his liberal stripes regarding Guantanamo and illegal immigration.

Gun-free zones are recipe for disaster

By Ted Nugent
Special to CNN

WACO, Texas (CNN) -- Zero tolerance, huh? Gun-free zones, huh? Try this on for size: Columbine gun-free zone, New York City pizza shop gun-free zone, Luby's Cafeteria gun-free zone, Amish school in Pennsylvania gun-free zone and now Virginia Tech gun-free zone.

Anybody see what the evil Brady Campaign and other anti-gun cults have created? I personally have zero tolerance for evil and denial. And America had best wake up real fast that the brain-dead celebration of unarmed helplessness will get you killed every time, and I've about had enough of it.

Nearly a decade ago, a Springfield, Oregon, high schooler, a hunter familiar with firearms, was able to bring an unfolding rampage to an abrupt end when he identified a gunman attempting to reload his .22-caliber rifle, made the tactical decision to make a move and tackled the shooter.

A few years back, an assistant principal at Pearl High School in Mississippi, which was a gun-free zone, retrieved his legally owned Colt .45 from his car and stopped a Columbine wannabe from continuing his massacre at another school after he had killed two and wounded more at Pearl.

At an eighth-grade school dance in Pennsylvania, a boy fatally shot a teacher and wounded two students before the owner of the dance hall brought the killing to a halt with his own gun.

More recently, just a few miles up the road from Virginia Tech, two law school students ran to fetch their legally owned firearm to stop a madman from slaughtering anybody and everybody he pleased. These brave, average, armed citizens neutralized him pronto.

My hero, Dr. Suzanne Gratia Hupp, was not allowed by Texas law to carry her handgun into Luby's Cafeteria that fateful day in 1991, when due to bureaucrat-forced unarmed helplessness she could do nothing to stop satanic George Hennard from killing 23 people and wounding more than 20 others before he shot himself. Hupp was unarmed for no other reason than denial-ridden "feel good" politics.

She has since led the charge for concealed weapon upgrade in Texas, where we can now stop evil. Yet, there are still the mindless puppets of the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun organizations insisting on continuing the gun-free zone insanity by which innocents are forced into unarmed helplessness. Shame on them. Shame on America. Shame on the anti-gunners all.

No one was foolish enough to debate Ryder truck regulations or ammonia nitrate restrictions or a "cult of agriculture fertilizer" following the unabashed evil of Timothy McVeigh's heinous crime against America on that fateful day in Oklahoma City. No one faulted kitchen utensils or other hardware of choice after Jeffrey Dahmer was caught drugging, mutilating, raping, murdering and cannibalizing his victims. Nobody wanted "steak knife control" as they autopsied the dead nurses in Chicago, Illinois, as Richard Speck went on trial for mass murder.

Evil is as evil does, and laws disarming guaranteed victims make evil people very, very happy. Shame on us.

Already spineless gun control advocates are squawking like chickens with their tiny-brained heads chopped off, making political hay over this most recent, devastating Virginia Tech massacre, when in fact it is their own forced gun-free zone policy that enabled the unchallenged methodical murder of 32 people.

Thirty-two people dead on a U.S. college campus pursuing their American Dream, mowed-down over an extended period of time by a lone, non-American gunman in possession of a firearm on campus in defiance of a zero-tolerance gun ban. Feel better yet? Didn't think so.

Who doesn't get this? Who has the audacity to demand unarmed helplessness? Who likes dead good guys?

I'll tell you who. People who tramp on the Second Amendment, that's who. People who refuse to accept the self-evident truth that free people have the God-given right to keep and bear arms, to defend themselves and their loved ones. People who are so desperate in their drive to control others, so mindless in their denial that they pretend access to gas causes arson, Ryder trucks and fertilizer cause terrorism, water causes drowning, forks and spoons cause obesity, dialing 911 will somehow save your life, and that their greedy clamoring to "feel good" is more important than admitting that armed citizens are much better equipped to stop evil than unarmed, helpless ones.

Pray for the families of victims everywhere, America. Study the methodology of evil. It has a profile, a system, a preferred environment where victims cannot fight back. Embrace the facts, demand upgrade and be certain that your children's school has a better plan than Virginia Tech or Columbine. Eliminate the insanity of gun-free zones, which will never, ever be gun-free zones. They will only be good guy gun-free zones, and that is a recipe for disaster written in blood on the altar of denial. I, for one, refuse to genuflect there.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Islam: The Enemy of Democracy and Freedom

Until 9/11, the western world was largely ignorant of the religion of Islam, of its goals, of its aspirations. Indeed, even since 9/11, most people, and that includes our politicians, would not score very highly in a test of their knowledge on the subject. It should be obvious to all thinking people that our politicians are actually unaware, dare I say blind, to the dangers that Islam will increasingly cause us. It is truly a case of the blind leading the blind! That means to say, uninformed and unthinking politicians leading an ill-informed electorate. But this is what we have right now. The same can hardly be said of Muslims in the Islamic world, though; for their knowledge of Christianity far surpasses - even though much of their knowledge is quite distorted - any knowledge of Islam by the man in the street in the West.

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. But what we often don't hear uttered is its converse: Ignorance is weakness.

The West is far weaker than it need be because of this ignorance of Islam, since Islam is our greatest enemy. The greatest enemy since Nazism and communism. I'll give you some good reasons why this is so. And none of them - absolutely none of them - are based on hatred.

Islam is the enemy of the West for a plethora of good, solid reasons, and if we wish to survive as a civilization, we are going to have to bite the bullet and deal, head on, with the issues these reasons raise. Let us begin...

First and foremost, we are dealing with a religion which does not recognize any separation of politics and religion, any separation of the political from the spiritual. For Muslims, life is one coherent whole: the political and spiritual both meld into one. This has always been so, and always will be. No re-classification of the religion into two separate parts is possible because of Islam's very nature.

In Islam, all power rests with Allah, the god of Muslims. The Qur'an, their holy book, is always taken literally. Those words are considered to be the actual words of Allah. Therefore, none of these words can be changed, for to change any of them would be tantamount to tampering with Allah's words. This would be a grave sin in their eyes.

For the same reason that the words contained in the Qur'an cannot be changed, they cannot, therefore, be re-interpreted either. So do not hold your breath for any kind of reformation in this religion, because it’s not going to happen.

In Islam, all power rests with Allah, and it filters down via his vice-gerents on earth to the people. Hence the great desire among Muslims to restore the caliphate. Contrast this with the Western model of government.

In the West, the ideal political system is democracy. In democracy, all power rests with the people, and they exercise that power at the polls. In a democracy, all power filters in the opposite direction from Islam. In democracy it filters up; in Islam, down! Herein lies the greatest barrier to the miscibility of the two worlds: the western world and the Islamic world.

Without digressing too much here, I should like to add that this is the main reason why George W Bush and Blair's venture into Iraq to bring democracy there was a grave error of judgment. We are now seeing the experiment failing before our very eyes. How can one bring democracy to a region of the world where the people who inhabit that region believe that all power rests with Allah, and where they believe that Allah has prescribed their way of life for them for then, for now, and for all time?

I would suggest that where such a dichotomy exists, the most sensible and prudent thing to do would be for us to lead our lives as we see fit, and for those people to be allowed to live their lives as they see fit. That way, there would be hope of some peace in this world.

But this is not what we have done. We have done the very opposite of this: We have entered the Middle East in the hope - the vain hope in my opinion - of bringing our way of doing things, our way of life, to them; furthermore, we have allowed millions and millions of Muslims into the West - and at the very time when Christianity, the religion which underpins the West, is greatly weakened anyway - which will only give us headaches for the years ahead. Why? Because Muslims who immigrate bring their hopes and dreams and aspirations with them, hopes and dreams of establishing Islam everywhere on earth. To Islamize the world is the main aspiration of the Muslim; and we have seen in France in the recent past the manifestation of aggression in its cause. For what happened in France was in no small part because of the Muslim's desire to establish Allah's caliphate here on earth. These were the first rumblings, the first roar of the lion! Expect more of this in the future, as Islam grows stronger and stronger.

Muslims, by and large, do not respect non-Muslims. How can they? Their religion does not allow them to do so. Their religion preaches that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims; indeed, they use the derogatory term infidel for us. This word to some Westerners might simply mean that they call us infidels because we are people who do not subscribe to their faith. This, after all, would be quite logical, since to us it simply means not fidèle, or not true to the faith. But this does not completely describe what Muslims mean by this term. To Muslims, to be called an infidel is an insult indeed. It has connotations of inferiority, backwardness, and even uncleanness.

You see, Muslims believe that Islam is the perfection of religion for man for all time. They call it ad deen al kamal, the perfect religion. In their eyes, people who have not yet submitted to the will of Allah are in a state of pre-Islamic chaos, a state known to them as jahiliyyah. To Muslims, all Muslims, the whole world is classified in two parts: that part of the world which has submitted and is therefore in the Islamic state known as Dar ul Islam, or 'the House of Islam'; and that part of the world which has yet to submit and is therefore in a pre-Islamic, chaotic, jahiliyyic state known as Dar ul Harb, or the 'House of War'.

The 'House of War' is the part of the world which has yet to be taken over, and must at some point be taken over in the future. We, I am sorry to inform you, are in the 'House of War'. So we can expect anything at anytime.

Some people would ask why we were able to go for quite a long time without problems with Muslims. The answer to that is a simple one indeed. First of all, there were relatively few Muslims living in the West, so the ones that did live here were not powerful. Secondly, Muslims living in the Islamic world were, for the most part and for many years, poor by anyone's standards. This all changed with the Oil Embargo of the 70s - a time when the price of oil on the world markets soared. As a result of this, the Islamic world became rich and empowered. Money is power; and it talks loudly. In recent years we have seen evidence aplenty of Islam being on the move. I tell you now: If we do not find a way of clipping its wings here in the West, we shall lose our democracy, and we shall be in deep, deep trouble.

So the trouble we will have with Muslims will not come only from without, but in the future we can expect trouble from the Muslims within. The millions of Muslims living here in the West will not integrate, because it is not in their worldview to do so. It is also forbidden them by their very own Prophet Himself, the Prophet Muhammad. He forbade Muslims even to befriend infidels. He also exhorted them to kill us. And he certainly told them that they should live separate lives, and dress and behave differently, so that they could easily tell themselves apart.

No Western politician is going to be able to change these facts, for facts they are indeed. Moreover, as Islam will grow here, their numbers will become greater and greater, and they will be able to use our democratic system to outvote us and introduce their form of government based as it is on their beloved Shari'ah, or Quranic laws. How do you propose we shall be able to stop them? We shall be outnumbered, and as the outcome of democratic elections depends on the number of votes cast, we shall be able to do nothing about it. This time will come quicker than we might think, because so few babies are being born to infidel families.

The only thing left for people to do, will be to fight. Inevitably, at some point, civil war will ensue. If the political process fails people, then this will be all that will be left for them: civil war, guerre civile, Bürgerkrieg, call it what you will.

But one thing I can assure you, no politicians' sweet talk, posturing, or manœvring, will get us out of this one without conflict at some point in the future.

One of the biggest problems for the West is its devotion to the concept of freedom of religion. This is a lofty concept indeed, an ideal; but this devotion blinds people to one important reality: To the reality that Islam is not just a religion, but a political system, too. Indeed, it is more of a political system than anything else, and it is, in addition, a political system diametrically opposed to our own. It abhors freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of anything that we so cherish. The only thing one is free to do in Islam is become a Muslim, and submit to the will of Allah.

These two systems are totally immiscible, and unfortunately, we have imported this immiscibility right into the heart of the West; and to our own great disadvantage, and to the disadvantage of our long-term peace and security. What, I ask you, will the Americans do when the ever-growing Muslim population in America starts wanting to tinker with the Americans' beloved Constitution? When Muslims will see their way clear to supplant the Constitution with Shari'ah law?

Questions like these are the ones we should be grappling with NOW. To wait until the time comes would be foolish indeed.

Wake up to the harsh realities of life in the twenty-first century! We've got some collective thinking to do if we wish to save ourselves from darkness. Perhaps we shall, indeed, be forced to think about having to re-classify Islam as a political system first and foremost, a political system immiscible with our own, and one whose advance needs to be forestalled. This may be one of our only sensible alternatives. Since to give complete, unhampered freedom to Islam to grow here in the West is tantamount to digging our own graves.

©Mark Alexander

Malaysia's Taliban Cops gettin' busy

The Muslim asshats at Malaysia's JAKIM (Islamic Affairs Department, or the dreaded Morality Police) have certainly been busy as of late. First, they arrest people for kissing. Then they steal dead bodies from their grieving families (days if not hours after the deceased's demise). Then they harass foreign tourists (retirees from the Great Satan, no less) in the middle of the night and demand 'proof of religion' documentation. And they hold innocent people indefinitely on the grounds of "religious rehabilitation."

Now, Malaysia's Taliban has opted for a new 'enforcement tactic'--the kidnapping of entire families.

Hindu rubber tapper seeks release of wife and six children in latest controversy

By Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief
The Straits Times

ANOTHER religious controversy is brewing, even as the government seeks to assure Malaysians that it is taking steps to resolve the endless string of such disputes.

A Hindu rubber tapper, Mr Marimuthu Periasamy, on Thursday filed an application in court for the release of his wife and six children who were taken away by Islamic religious officials two weeks ago.

They did not tell him why, but he believes that they were sent for rehabilitation on the grounds that they are Muslims.

He stated in his affidavit that he and his wife, Mrs Raimah Bibi Noordin, are Hindus, and their children are being brought up as Hindus.

Well, good luck with that affadavit, Mr. Marimuthu. Our sympathies go out to you, and your kidnapped family, wherever they are. But I wouldn't get my hopes up--remember who you are dealing with. Being a Muslim, after all, (especially a Muslim 'judge' in a Sharia court) means never having to say you're sorry.

Personally, I can't see the logic of even petitioning any Muslim kangaroo court. Petitioning a court for anything implies that one accept's the court's legitimacy and moral authority. Islamic courts have none of the above, for they serve a totalitarian cause. The only solution for the tyrannical courts of Sharia is to ban them, and sharia itself, now and forever.

And don't forget who these JAKIM asshats are. They are a Malaysian government department, operating in a supposedly 'moderate' state that is supposedly an ally of the west. These fascist bastards operate freely, legally, with authority granted to them under their 'laws' and with the blessing of the highest authorities in government. No one dares raise a hand to stop them, certainly not the courts, the 'human rights organizations', not the dhimmis, nor the kuffir, not the Malaysian media. Nobody.

What more proof do you need that Islam equals evil?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Malaysian Fascist Watch

In the (ahem) showcase “moderate” Islamic state of Malaysia, Revathi Masoosai, a Muslim-born woman who converted to Hinduism, is trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare of Islamic totalitarianism: Malaysia: Islam ‘rehabilitates’ members of other faiths.

A Malaysian Islamic court has extended the detention of a Muslim-born woman living as a Hindu in defiance of the law after she refused to be rehabilitated, an opposition leader said Wednesday.

Revathi Masoosai, an ethnic Indian, was detained by the Islamic Religious Department in southern Malacca state in January and sent for religious counseling in a rehabilitation center after they discovered she had been born to a Muslim family.

Revathi, 29, was born to Indian Muslim parents who gave her a Muslim name, Siti Fatimah. But she claimed she was raised as a Hindu by her grandmother and changed her name in 2001, opposition Democratic Action Party officials have said. Malaysian Islamic law regards people born to Muslims as being Muslims themselves.

Islamic officials seized her 15-month-old daughter from her Hindu husband, Suresh Veerappan, last month and handed the child to Revathi’s Muslim mother.

Revathi married Suresh in 2004 according to Hindu rites but the marriage has not been legally registered because Suresh would have had to convert to Islam first. Revathi’s official identification documents state she is Muslim because Malaysians who are born as Muslims cannot legally change their religion.

Parliamentary opposition chief Lim Kit Siang, who chairs the DAP, said the Malacca Shariah Court has extended Revathi’s initial detention term of 100 days, which expired Wednesday, for an additional 80 days. Her husband was informed by court officials that “she did not cooperate during the 100-day stay,” Lim told The Associated Press.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Islam cartoon student apologises for offence

More dhimmitude from the UK. This sort of bollocks is hardly surprising anymore.

A CAMBRIDGE University student who sparked a huge row when he published anti- Islamic material has issued a grovelling apology.

The 19-year-old second-year Clare College student went into hiding after he printed a cartoon and material satirising religion in college magazine Clareification.

For his own safety and that of others, the student, who is British, has not been named. During the initial furore surrounding the publication he was taken out of his accommodation and put in a secure place.

Cartoons which had sparked worldwide protests in the Muslim community were reprinted in the edition. The college has promised to take action to prevent a similar incident occurring.

Part of the student's apology read: "I understand that this edition has caused deep offence and hurt to very many people, both inside and outside Clare, through its derogatory references to individuals and also to various groups, including women, Jews, Christians and Muslims."

A Clare College spokesman said:

"Because of the gravity of the situation and the diversity of views expressed about the best way of handling it, the Dean of Students set in train procedures for convening the Court of Discipline.

"As events unfolded, however, a collective decision was taken to pursue instead a course of restorative justice and reconciliation.

"The general and the guest editor were both formally reprimanded by the Dean of Students, and were also interviewed by the Master.

The guest editor was required to publish an apology, and also to meet any students who asked
to see him as well as senior representatives of Cambridge religious communities."

A note of apology was distributed to all college members.

The college is now arranging a meeting for next term to discuss the problem of maintaining free speech while avoiding offence. Guidelines for student publications are to be drawn up. The February edition of Clareification was renamed "Crucification" for a special edition on religious satire, with the front page headline: "Ayatollah rethinks stance on misunderstood Rushdie."
A cartoon used was the same one which caused riots across the world when it was printed in a Danish newspaper.

Asim Mumtaz, president of Cambridge's Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, welcomed the apology, and said he was satisfied with the way the college had dealt with the situation. He said: "Religion teaches us that God is merciful and forgives, and we should forgive others as well, so long as this student realised the impact of their actions and that this was wrong.

"This student has a full life ahead of him and if he had been thrown out of the university that would have had a huge impact."

Clare College has not yet reinstated funding for the magazine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Speed Limits and Seatbelts Are For The Little People

It turns out that Gov. Corzine's SUV was traveling at 91 MPH when it crashed severely injuring the Gov. Corzine who was not wearing a seatbelt. This is an excellent example of why our leaders betray the little people with blatant hyprocrisy. You see, our leaders want to import millions of immigrants, uneducated and a drain on the taxpayers of America. They want to legalize millions of immigrants who are here illegally, just like that. They want to send our brave men and women to fight a tactic in Iraq, but dare not mention what is the real enemy. They want to send billions of our tax money to corrupt countries whose people despise us and would gladly spit in our face, stab us and set us on fire. They want to throw money at corrupt organizations like the UN, the WorldBank, IMF and hundreds of other organizations that despise America and will cheer the day we are destroyed. It turns out that it's not their money, it's ours. It also turns out that these political leaders live in exclusive communities and would never have to deal with the declining life of the struggling American poor and middle class whose life is made more difficult by their corrupt decisions. And it turns out that these gods are better than us, the little people. They don't need no stinking seatbelts and they don't need to obey the laws they tell us we must obey.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Will Sweden Officially Establish a Muslim Only Canton in Malmo?

The Muslims are rioting in Malmo, and the infidels don't know what to do. Sweden's third largest city is now majority Muslim and also has the largest welfare concentration in Sweden. It has gotten so bad, that infidels fear to enter many parts of the city, and the infidels are fleeing. Since Sweden has lost control of the land, it is likely that Malmo will be declared a Muslim only region and infidels will be banned. Of course, the jizya must continue to flow, and the European spinmeisters must keep the infidels ignorant and in the dark, like mushrooms growing in bullshit in a closet.

I wonder if the political elites will be able to keep the infidels ignorant? It will require a substantial effort but I am sure the BBC and the Guardian will do their utmost to smack down any critics.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The perils of criticizing Islam

CAUTION: Criticizing Islam may be hazardous to your health.

Here's the latest example of how the followers of the Religion of Peace handle those who are critical of Islam.
Norwegian-Somalian Kadra (in photo), who became famous in Norway for exposing imam support of female circumcision, was beaten unconscious on Thursday.
Kadra was attacked and beaten senseless by seven or eight persons of Somali origin, newspaper VG reports.
"I was terrified. While I lay on the pavement they kicked me and screamed that I had trampled on the Koran. Several shouted Allah-o-akbar (God is great) and also recited from the Koran," Kadra told VG.
Kadra linked the attack to recent remarks in VG where she said that the Koran's views on women needed to be reinterpreted.
Kadra said that the gang of Somali men attacked her around 3 a.m. in downtown Oslo on Thursday. A medical examination found that she had several broken ribs, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports. Kadra filed charges and was due to speak with police on Friday.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Crime of Being a Woman in Islam

Check out this funny video as you infidels enjoy your weekend. Good thing Islam doesn't oppress women, right?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Legal Jihad in the US picks up steam

More Islamic legal intimidation as a Muslim (and the Jihadist front group CAIR leading this front of the jihad, as usual) sues Maryland Hospital for $30 million "to educate people on the religion on Islam".

Muslim's Lawsuit Alleges Humiliation
Aim Is to Increase Tolerance, Attorney Says
By Philip Rucker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 10, 2007; page B01

Just before he was scheduled to undergo surgery to treat oral cancer, Mohammed A. Hussain went to the bathroom at the hospital -- and that's when he says the humiliation began. Inside the restroom at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, the 61-year-old Muslim performed the Islamic ritual of washing his hands and feet. The private ritual, known as wudhu, was to purify his body and soul before praying. But Hussain never got to pray. A hospital security guard saw him washing himself in the sink, Hussain said, and proceeded to manhandle him, yell racial epithets at him, push him down the corridor and order him to exit the hospital. "He was just very loud and yelling at me," Hussain said. "He pushed me and literally dragged me into the lobby. . . . It was very terrifying."

Hussain filed a $30 million lawsuit Friday against the hospital, alleging assault, battery and emotional distress from the incident about 10 a.m. March 22. Because the case is in litigation, hospital officials would not comment other than to release a brief statement saying that hospital executives contacted Hussain on several occasions before the suit was filed to discuss his concerns. Hussain's lawsuit was first reported by the Baltimore Examiner. Hussain, who lives in Upper Marlboro and is a practicing physician and radiologist in Waldorf, described his experiences in an interview yesterday with The Washington Post.

He said he was treated as if he were homeless or a criminal. It was "humiliating," he said. "People who are coming in the bathroom and treating you so harshly and thinking everybody is either a terrorist or somebody who you don't recognize of your color or your race -- this is something that is a very emotionally tortured experience," Hussain said. The guard, identified in the suit as Rodney Corban, yelled at Hussain to "get out here!" Hussain said. Corban "was extreme and outrageous, and beyond the bounds of decency in society," according to court filings. Hussain said he repeatedly told Corban that he was a patient at the hospital and a licensed physician, but he said Corban did not seem to listen. Hussain said a crowd -- including his wife, who is a psychiatrist, and their two adult daughters -- witnessed the scene in the lobby. "Everybody in the lobby, including my family, was stunned as to why I had been treated like this," Hussain said. "They were very devastated."

Hussain said he underwent the oral cancer surgery later that day and has returned to the hospital for other procedures. Hospital officials would not say yesterday whether Corban was disciplined after the incident. Corban worked a shift yesterday, a hospital receptionist said, but he did not respond to a message left for him there yesterday afternoon. Hussain's attorney, David Ellin, said his client sued the hospital because he did not think executives were taking his case seriously enough. "He felt the only way to get their attention and make any changes was to really put their feet to the fire and file a lawsuit," Ellin said. Ellin said Hussain's aim with the suit is not to win compensation but to raise awareness about Islam and religious prejudices. "This is really done to try to educate people on the religion of Islam and make people more tolerant and just educate them on different religious backgrounds," Ellin said. Hussain said he immigrated to the United States from India in 1972 and has been a U.S. citizen for two decades. He said he blames his experience at the hospital on a general lack of education about his religion. "People are so much ignorant about this and deal with it so harshly," Hussain said.

A survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington-based civil rights and advocacy group (Ed. BULLSHIT!!), found last year that just 2 percent of Americans were "very knowledgeable" about Islam and that 60 percent were "not very knowledgeable" or "not at all knowledgeable" about the religion. A Washington Post-ABC News poll last year found that nearly half of Americans had a negative view of Islam. Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the council, said education is the key to overcoming the kind of prejudices Hussain faced.

"I think it's just a lack of knowledge of Islam and basic Islamic practices that led to this unfortunate misunderstanding," Hooper said. "With the filing of this lawsuit, there may be more awareness in the general society about what to Muslims is a fairly routine practice but to others who don't know what it is might be something that they would be concerned about."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Two Koreas by the numbers

The following is excerpted from a column authored by one Tarek Heggy and was posted today at Winds of Change.

This column is an exceptional, and concise, comparison of the Two Koreas. One is a free, wealthy, capitalistic democracy, and a living, breathing demonstration of the superiority of the Free World. The other is its evil twin.

Korea was one nation before being divided by the ideologies of the Cold War era. The people of the two Koreas are racially the same and they speak the same language. The greatest distinguishing feature between the two Koreas emerged due to disparate choices between two historical paths and destinies. Therefore, 45 years after of the end of the Korean War, it is the right of the reader to know, and the duty of authors to explain, the reasons that led to the creation of two Koreas. There is a South Korea that moves, works and lives politically and economically in concurrence with the Western system, and a North Korea which circled in the orbit of the Eastern bloc, strictly speaking of Mao Tsetung's communist China.

Thus, it has become up to humanity to see, reflect on and examine the repercussions of each path and the choices of South Korea and North Korea. In my belief, these two choices are the most significant characteristics of the era of the Cold War. Equally, the modern results of the two significant historical choices of each Korea represent the fruit and consequence of each choice.

When the Korean Peninsula was divided into two nations, North and South Korea, more than half a century ago the number of people living in each of the states was almost the same. Today, due to the deteriorating living and health conditions and the high mortality rate among children in North Korea its population numbers only half that of South Korea's 50 million.

It is noteworthy that while mortality rate among children in South Korea is six in every one thousand, in North Korea the percentage is four times more than that. This means that 24 children out of every one thousand newborns die before their first birthday in North Korea.

I thought it would be suitable, for the benefit of the message of this article, to offer the readers a number of significant comparative facts that I have compiled during a prolonged study of the two countries.

For example, while the number of telephone lines in South Korea reaches 24 million, in North Korea there are less than two million telephone lines. The annual electrical consumption for the whole of South Korea is 320 billion kWh. On the other hand the North Korean state consumes only 21 billion kWh annually, which means that the amount of electricity being used in South Korea is 15 times more than it is in North Korea. Furthermore, while South Korea consumes 650 thousand barrels of oil on daily basis, North Korea consumes only 25 thousand barrels. In other words, South Korea's usage of petrol is 2500% higher than North Korea's.

It is worthy to mention that there is a certain mathematical relationship between the amount of petrol used in any society and the level of economical development in that society. The greatest proof for this equation is China. While the Chinese economy has been growing at a rate of 9% annualy, there has been an consummate increase in the country's demand for petrol and other fossil fuels.

In addition to the previously mentioned comparisons between the two countries, the amount of the total economic production in South Korea is equivalent to $1200 billion while the economic production in North Korea does not exceed $40 billion, which means that the local production of South Korea is 30 times what it is in North Korea. The per capita real income in South Korea has reached $24,000 per year, while in North Korea it is less than $1,800 per year. It could be useful and even funny for readers to know that the average height of males in South Korea has increased to 1.74 m, while it remains 1.58 m among North Korean males. Finally, life expectancy in South Korea is approaching 80 years, while it remains ten years less than that in North Korea.

I think that readers will agree that these comparative statistics are extremely significant indicators that need no explanation. One country chose poverty, backwardness, and suffering, while the other chose progress, prosperity, health, and production. Talking about the pride of a nation, one side chose to receive donations and financial aid, while the other chose development and wealth and has subsequently obtained excess funds so that it can offer aid to others.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Muslim Response to Mr. Friedman

Check out this commentary from a Palestinian, who lives in a typical city in Middle America--Columbus, Ohio.

He is responding to a recent column by well known political writer, Thomas Friedman (which was posted here on PI on 8 April 2007) After this Muslim's letter are a couple of rebuttals of the Muslim's piece.

After reading this Muslim's "thoughts", it's obvious that he's a mouthpiece for the local CAIR chapter and at high risk of succumbing to "sudden jihad syndrome". This particular Palestinians is a sterling example why we shouldn't permit any more Muslim immigration to the USA, 7000 Palestinians or otherwise.

Worse yet, though, our tipster tells us the following about the Muslim author I'm posting today:

The mind-blower here research found that he is a born & raised in Palestine arab that immigrated to Ohio & is a retired Air National Guard tech sargeant with 18 years of service....

And now, let's here from this treasonist Arab, followed by two loyal Americans' responses.


Columnist shows his biases against Arabs, Muslims
Saturday, March 31, 2007 3:39 AM

Bigotry has once again reared its ugly face in a recent Forum column by Thomas L. Friedman. Part of his piece was based on a poem he retrieved from the Middle East Media and Research Institute Web site. It read in part:

"When you find that the large majority of people oppose freedom and find joy in slavery -- do not be too distressed, you are in an Arab country."

MEMRI is an organization that is well-known for its anti-Arab and anti-Muslim reporting. It was founded and operated by a former Israeli military intelligence officer. According to a recent article published in the British Guardian newspaper, MEMRI reporting is slanted toward Israel, and it disseminates information that defames Arabs and Muslims. Citing MEMRI as a reference on Arab-Muslim issues is like consulting Hugo Chavez of Venezuela about a documentary on the U.S.

The last time an Arab nation had a genuine and free election, in January 2006, the United States and Israel led the Western nations in a boycott of the election results by imposing a collective punishment on the Palestinian people. Simply put, they cut off the food supply line and the millions of dollars a month in collected tax revenue that Israel owes the Palestinian Authority.

When the Palestinians were asked to choose their own representatives, the majority chose Hamas. Immediately, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had the audacity to demand the return of the $50 million given as economic aid to the Palestinians. A true lesson in promoting democracy!

By contrast, when Israel elected its 11th prime minister in March 2001, it chose Ariel Sharon. He was an indicted war criminal, by his own government, for war crimes committed in Lebanon. America's official reaction was, "We do not interfere in the internal affairs of other nations." So, the U.S. president rolled out the red carpet for him at the White House and even called him a man of peace.

Friedman's insulting of an ancient and rich culture is a cheap shot. Perhaps Friedman should take heed from the popular saying, "If you live in a house of glass, don't throw stones." If a retired Arab-Muslim American veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces were to add to the above poem, for the reading pleasure of Friedman and others like him who frequently degrade and bash Arabs and Muslims, I would propose the following:

When the leader of a foreign nation, like the king of Jordan, can speak better English than your own president -- don't feel ashamed, you live in America.

When a married female schoolteacher has sex with five of her own middle- school students -- don't call them the "Lucky 5," you live in America.

When you have to perform a DNA test on a 5-month-old baby to determine which one of five men is the biological father -- what a way to go, you live in America.

When seven out of 10 adults surveyed could pick out a photograph of Yasser Arafat, but not those of their own secretary of state or secretary of defense -- it's time to wake up, you live in America.

When a mother pays for her daughter's breast enlargement on her 16th birthday, so she would look more appealing to the opposite sex -- get out of town, you live in America.

When you elect a president who was arrested three times -- don't ask, don't tell, you live in America.

When your president's name is reduced to one letter, W, so he can spell it -- that's silly, you live in America.

When you are able to sue the weatherman -- what will they do next, you live in America.

When what was once called the "People's House" suddenly turns into a whorehouse -- just ask Slick Willie, you live in America.

When you have more jails and more criminals than any other country on Earth -- I rest my case, you live in America.

When more people in western European nations believe you to pose the most threat to world peace -- the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, you live in America.

When 34 of your sailors are killed and 172 injured, and a 23-year-old brave peace activist is run over by a military bulldozer by the same foreign nation, and you are not allowed to publicly
express outrage, retaliation or initiate an investigation without the fear of retribution -- don't be a wimp, you live in America!


Pro-Arab letter writer left out some history
Friday, April 6, 2007 3:30 AM

I write in response to Mahmoud El-Yousseph's Saturday letter, "Columnist shows his biases against Arabs, Muslims."

It is fortunate that he is living in a country that allows free speech and criticism of the government. He lashes out at everything American because he feels Americans are biased against Arabs, in particular Muslims.

He conveniently does not mention why a lot of Americans view Arabs with distrust.
First there was the cowardly act by the Arabs who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, killing nearly 3,000 innocent civilians.

He also forgets the barbaric killings by Arabs of hundreds of innocent civilians in Iraq without any reason except the lust for power. He also forgets the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Africa, as well as the suicide bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon and the bombing of the Pan Am jet over Scotland and that of the USS Cole near Yemen, all incidents killing innocent people.

There is also the friction between the Palestinians and Israel. The Arab goal is to kill or eliminate all Israelis so that there will be no Israel in the Middle East. If that is truly their goal, they do not deserve any economic aid.

It is my suggestion that, if El-Yousseph hates everything American so much, he should seek somewhere else to live.



Many Americans don't know who the enemy is
Friday, April 6, 2007 3:31 AM

Each morning when I pick up my Dispatch, I am at once aware that we are at war. We, the people of this country, can't seem to realize that our enemy wants to destroy us. Our government, our newspapers, the Hollywood crowd and the liberals are more concerned about crushing President Bush and his supporters than facing the real problem, which is an enemy who swears to crush all democracy.

The enemy is relentless: He hates us and wants to kill us. Why our citizens can't see this bewilders me.

Do we have to have several 9/11s before we decide to defend ourselves? If we do not fight them now, we will be fighting them forever. Congress should be talking about a draft and mobilizing a force that will finish this war on their home ground or we will be fighting it in the streets of America.

One party is insistent that we set a time to bring the troops home and give a date of surrender. Doesn't it realize this will only encourage them to become more aggressive.

The terrorists have an agenda, and I think it is plain as to what that is: Force democracy to yield to the will of Islam. They hate us and are willing to kill their own people to drive us out of the Mideast. What do you think they will do to your daughters, sons, sisters and husbands if they achieve their goals? If they will blow up their own children, what will they do to ours?

Mount Vernon

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thomas L. Friedman: The Silence that Kills

Published in: New York Times
March 9, 2007

On Feb. 20, the A.P. reported from Afghanistan that a suicide attacker disguised as a health worker blew himself up near “a crowd of about 150 people who had gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open an emergency ward at the main government hospital in the city of Khost.” A few days later, at a Baghdad college, a female Sunni suicide bomber blew herself up amid students who were ready to sit for exams, killing 40 people.

Stop and think for a moment how sick this is. Then stop for another moment and listen to the silence. The Bush team is mute. It says nothing, because it has no moral authority. No one would listen. Mr. Bush is losing a P.R. war to people who blow up emergency wards. Europeans are mute, lost in their delusion that this is all George Bush’s and Tony Blair’s fault.

But worst of all, Muslims, the very people whose future is being killed, are also mute. No surge can work in Iraq unless we have a “moral surge,” a counternihilism strategy that delegitimizes suicide bombers.

The most important restraints are cultural, societal and religious. It takes a village - but the Arab-Muslim village today is largely silent. The best are indifferent or intimidated; the worst quietly applaud the Sunnis who kill Shiites.

Nobody in the Arab world “has the guts to say that what is happening in Iraq is wrong - that killing schoolkids is wrong,” said Mamoun Fandy, director of the Middle East program at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “People somehow think that killing Iraqis is good because it will stick it to the Americans, so Arabs are undermining the American project in Iraq by killing themselves.”

The world worries about highly enriched uranium, but “the real danger is highly enriched Islam,” Mr. Fandy added. That is, “highly enriched Sunnism” and “highly enriched Shiism” that eats away at the Muslim state, the way Hezbollah is trying to do in Lebanon or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or Al Qaeda everywhere.

One result: there’s no legitimate, decent, accepted source of Arab-Muslim authority today, no center of gravity “for people to anchor their souls in,” Mr. Fandy said. In this welter of confusion, the suicide bombers go uncondemned or subtly extolled. Arab nationalist media like Al Jazeera “practically tell bin Laden and his followers, ‘Bravo,’ ” Mr. Fandy said. “The message sent to bin Laden is that ‘You are doing to the West what we want done, but we can’t do it.’ This is the hidden message that the West is not privy to. Unless extreme pressure is applied on Muslims all over the world to come up with counter-fatwas and pronounce these men as pariahs, very little will happen in fighting terrorism.”

“The battleground in the Arab world today is not in Palestine or Lebanon, but in the classrooms and newsrooms,” Mr. Fandy concluded. That’s where “the software programmers” reside who create symbolic images and language glorifying suicide bombers and make their depraved acts look legitimate. Only other Arab-Muslim programmers can defeat them.

Occasionally an honest voice rises, giving you a glimmer of hope that others will stand up. The MEMRI translation Web site ( just posted a poem called “When,” from a Saudi author, Wajeha al-Huwaider, that was posted on Arab reform sites like

When you cannot find a single garden in your city, but there is a mosque on every corner - you know that you are in an Arab country.

When you see people living in the past with all the trappings of modernity - do not be surprised, you are in an Arab country.

When religion has control over science - you can be sure that you are in an Arab country.

When clerics are referred to as “scholars” - don’t be astonished, you are in an Arab country.

When you see the ruler transformed into a demigod who never dies or relinquishes his power, and nobody is permitted to criticize - do not be too upset, you are in an Arab country.

When you find that the large majority of people oppose freedom and find joy in slavery - do not be too distressed, you are in an Arab country.

When you hear the clerics saying that democracy is heresy, but seizing every opportunity provided by democracy to grab high positions - do not be surprised, you are in an Arab country....

When you discover that a woman is worth half of what a man is worth, or less - do not be surprised, you are in an Arab country....

When land is more important than human beings - you are in an Arab country....

When fear constantly lives in the eyes of the people - you can be certain you are in an Arab country.”

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Thinking Blogger's Award

Pedestrian Infidel has been selected for the Thinking Blogger's Award. To the best of my knowledge, it's PI's first. Thanks kindly to Mr Alexander for the honor!
In accordance with the guidelines of this award, I'm going to list five other blogs that have, in their words, "made me think." As has already been said by others, there are an increasing number of blogs, good blogs, especially in the counterjihad. This is good news--we're not alone, and we are not powerless.
My selectees are:
  1. Lionheart
  2. Maverick News Media
  3. Belmont Club
  4. Perilous Times
  5. Isaac Schrödinger

If you accept the award, please follow these guidelines:

The rules of participation include:
For those nominees who wish to participate, pass the rules to the blogs you are tagging. They include:

1. Write a post with links to five (5) blogs that make you think.

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3. Optional: Display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

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Condi Wants to Import to US 7000 Palestinian Terrorists

Just how clueless is Condi? Well she is working behind the scenes to get 7,000 Palestinians into the US without you knowing about it. Can you believe it? Condi is trying to import the enemy so that we can fight them over here rather then over there.

U.N.: U.S. offers refuge to Palestinians
DAMASCUS, Syria, April 5 (UPI) -- The head of a U.N. agency charged with caring for Palestinian refugees said the United States has offered to receive 7,000 Palestinians who fled Iraq.

Karen Koning AbuZayd, commissioner general of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, said Thursday no specific country has offered to receive Palestinian refugees in Iraq, "but I know the United States confirmed it can take 7,000 of them."

She told United Press International in Damascus that while there were no plans to permanently settle Palestinian refugees, "some live in difficult conditions, especially those from Iraq and who are stranded on the Iraqi borders" with Syria and with Jordan. The UNRWA chief noted her agency and the U.N. high commissioner for refugees have requested third countries to grant refuge to Palestinians from Iraq.

Since Saddam Hussein's ouster in April 2003, thousands of Palestinian refugees have fled Iraq, and many of them remain stranded in makeshift camps on Iraq's borders with Syria and Jordan. These two states have not allowed entry to the majority of them on the grounds that increasing the Palestinian refugee population in their territories might facilitate their "permanent settlement," and thus lose their right to return to their original homes where Israel was established in 1948.

The number of Palestinians fleeing from Iraq surged in the past year to escape targeted killings and kidnappings by Shiite militiamen in what is believed to be acts of vengeance against a community that lived somewhat freely and comfortably under Saddam's regime.

AbuZayd said UNHCR was handling the issue of about 15,000 Palestinians still in Iraq and is the international organization authorized to negotiate with the Iraqi government regarding their conditions.

UNRWA has helped almost 4.4 million Palestinian refugees living in camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Fatty Yvonne Ridley Sneaks Two Nuclear Missiles Into Australia

Check out this photo of Yvonne Ridley! What happened? Well I guess when you go Muslim and you start wearing a burlap bag, the body goes to pot. Are those things tipped with nuclear warheads?

I was hoping Australia would deny her a visa, but no such luck. Now she's in Australia bitching about how Australians are 'islamophobic.' duh. As you may recall, Yvonne Ridley at one time was a relatively slim, mediocre reporter who was a hasbeen. Then she got Islam! Now she gets lots of attention. Watch out for that nuclear missiles she's wearing under that burqa!

Exodus - Passover - Media

I got this from a friend and if it was not so sadly true, I might have laughed at it.

If the Passover Story Were Reported by CNN, the BBC, the Guardian or the New York Times etc. it might go like this:

The cycle of violence between the Jews and the Egyptians continues with no end in sight in Egypt. After eight previous plagues have destroyed the Egyptian infrastructure and disrupted the lives of ordinary Egyptian citizens, the Jews launched a new offensive this week in the form of the plague of darkness. Western journalists were particularly enraged by this plague. "It is simply impossible to report when you can't see an inch in front of you," complained a frustrated Andrea Koppel of CNN. "I have heard from my reliable Egyptian contacts that in the midst of the blanket of blackness, the Jews were annihilating thousands of Egyptians. Their word is solid enough evidence for me."

While the Jews contend that the plagues are justified given the harsh slavery imposed upon them by the Egyptians, Pharaoh, the Egyptian leader,rebuts this claim. "If only the plagues would let up, there would be no slavery. We just want to live plague-free. It is the right of every society."

Saeb Erekat, an Egyptian spokesperson, complains that slavery is justifiable given the Jews' superior weaponry supplied to them by the superpower G-d. The Europeans are particularly enraged by the latest Jewish offensive. "The Jewish aggression must cease if there is to be peace in the region. The Jews should go back to slavery for the good of the rest of the world," stated an angry French President Jacques Chirac.

Even several Jews agree. Adam Shapiro, a Jew, has barricaded himself within Pharaoh's chambers to protect Pharaoh from what is feared will be the next plague, the death of the firstborn. Mr. Shapiro claims that while slavery is not necessarily a good thing, it is the product of the plagues and when the plagues end, so will the slavery. "The Jews have gone too far with plagues such as locusts and epidemics which have virtually destroyed the Egyptian economy," Mr. Shapiro laments. "The Egyptians are really a very nice people and Pharaoh is kind of huggable once you get to know him," gushes Shapiro.

The United States is demanding that Moses and Aaron, the Jewish leaders, continue to negotiate with Pharaoh. While Moses points out that Pharaoh had made promise after promise to free the Jewish people only to immediately break them and thereafter impose harsher and harsher slavery, Richard Boucher of the State Department assails the latest offensive. "Pharaoh is not in complete control of the taskmasters," Mr. Boucher states. "The Jews must return to the negotiating table and will accomplish nothing through these plagues."

The latest round of violence comes in the face of a bold new Saudi peace overture. "If only the Jews will give up their language, change their names to Egyptian names and cease having male children, the Arab nations will incline toward peace with them," Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah declared.

Go Where There Is Always Some Action - The Movies!

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Leaving Iraq Is a Strategic Win In The War Against Jihad

How many times have you read a pundit, an expert, or George W. Bush's analysis of the Iraq War and make the absolute statement that to leave Iraq would be a disaster for America. Thousands would die, Iran, Turkey and Syria would make a landgrab for parts of Iraq, the Middle East would erupt in wars! This is all good news to me. Muslims killing Muslims! Check, a winner. Iran, Turkey and Syria engaged in a territory land grab and at each other's throat. Check, a winner. The Middle East spending its money and men killing each other! Great.

Does anyone really believe that Iran would be able to take over parts of Iraq without a fight? The Saudis are spending billions to buy apologists in Washington, build madrassa and mosque hatecenters throughout the West, and buying Western assets. I say let them spend their money and human resources fighting for their survival killing other Muslims. The oil will still flow. Muslims are GREEDY and they will get that oil flowing. You can bet on it.

It is time to stop the altruism. We should not sacrifice a single American for these Muslims. They are worthless. Let them kill each other. Let them turn all that hate they have for the West onto themselves. I see nothing wrong with the Middle East exploding into a war pitting Muslims against Muslims. If the real enemy is Islam, what better way to get Islam to destroy itself? Let the Middle East war begin! We'll sell them weapons and buy their oil. They can consume their wealth and bankrupt their nations and kill off as many of their fellow Muslims as they can. And it doesn't cost us a dime, or a single life.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Passover--Celebrating Freedom for all time

Yesterday was the first day of Passover (AKA “Pesach”), which will last 8 days. Pesach is a sacred time of the year for Israel and for all Jews, an annual celebration of the Exodus from Egypt, when the Jewish people left slavery, terror and oppression, and finally found their freedom.

I am not very knowledgeable concerning the Bible, but I remember how happy I was when I first heard that story when I was a child. Finally, the good people (from my standpoint) were able to leave the bad ones (Egypt and its Pharaoh). So, at very young age it was all clear to me, who was friend and who was foe.

What I never understood was why anyone would willingly side with the “bad people”. To me, it was all so clear, so obvious. So, I came to the conclusion that people who did not see this the same way I did, must either be bad too, or just ignorant.

There are at least three Israelis who cannot celebrate Pesach this year, because they are not free. They are Gilad Shilat, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, and these men have not been able to escape the “bad people”. After having been kidnapped last summer by the enemies of Israel, they are still imprisoned and enslaved against their will. Perhaps these enemies are not of “Egypt and its Pharaoh”, but these evildoers are no less vile.

I have been reading a lot all my life, also watching the news, following Middle East events, and talking to Muslims, Jews, and Christians. I have also taken into account 9/11, suicide attacks on innocent people, kidnappings, the London bombings, Bali, Madrid, rockets deliberately targeted on civilians, Sunnis and Shiites killing each other, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Nasrallah, Al Zarqawi…etc. etc. etc. So I’m fairly well informed about the current state of affairs in the world.

Never ever, during my whole life, have I had any doubt about Israel (Jews) being good, and Islam being evil. As well-informed as I am now, I am more convinced than ever that I am right. Some may call this stubborn. In my humble opinion, this is not likely, because in my mind, that “stubbornness” started at age seven, and my position has not changed at all in almost 40 years. Therefore I would call my stubbornness “being informed as to the genuine roots of terrorism.”

The Jews were enslaved, and oppressed, by those in the Middle East (the ancient Egyptians) even before the despicable Mohammed foisted Islam unto an unsuspecting world. Today three Israeli soldiers are in the hands of Hezbollah and Hamas (Islam), and Israel (Jews) are still being constantly terrorized by Arabs, who are now Muslim terrorists!

To me, this looks like history is repeating itself and also proving that my childhood opinion was right…so let’s hope and pray to G-D freedom will come soon.

Free the Israeli soldiers NOW!
Free the 15 English sailors and marines…. NOW!
Free all other people who are in the hands of terrorists and tyranny…. NOW!

Two Symbols, Same Deal

Any Questions? (HT Debbie Schlussel)

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Greatest problems facing America for the future

Bruce Tefft is a writer/blogger/moderator for the Yahoo Open Source Intelligence discussion group. Here is a fine read from Mr. Tefft, posted today, that concerns his educated opinion on the top problems that face America for the foreseeable future. The source article (click on this post's title for a link to his full article) has the seven most serious problems, in order of their importance.

For purposes of brevity, I have listed the top three problems according to Mr. Tefft's judgement, with number one at the bottom of this post. Any emphasis seen below is not Mr. Tefft's, but solely my own.



# 3. Lack of "Bill of Rights" and Constitutional Government Adherence

This problem is linked to # 2, and the unabated growth of government at all levels. Without enforcement of Constitutional restrictions on government power, liberty wanes and freedom becomes past history. America cannot long continue ignoring Constitutional law and especially the "Bill of Rights", and remain a free society. This issue will soon have to be addressed and understood by most people, or the phrase, "America, the land of the free,"will only be a long-ago memory and nothing more.

# 2. Growth of Government

Government at all levels, local, county, state, and federal is growing at an alarming rate. Not only does such growth demand more personal wealth (think: stolen), it also reduces incrementally personal liberty. Many of the things that one could legally do only a few years ago are now against the law, and places one at risk of arrest. Oddly, many ofthe new restrictions on liberty come from local and state governments (public smoking, seat-belts, car insurance, drinking alcohol in avehicle, hate-speech, etc.). If the rate of government's growth is not stopped and reversed, an Orwellian America is only a few years away.

and the number one problem facing America is...

#1. Islam

Muslims now number over three-million people in America, and hold political ideas that are stark contradictions to basic Western and American political, social, philosophical, and cultural values:

A. Islam does not recognize any separation of politics and religion...any separation of the political from the spiritual.

B. In Islam all power rests with Allah. The Koran is always taken literally as its words are considered to be the actual words of Allah. Thus, none of these words may be changed; for to change any of them would be altering Allah's truth...a sin unto Allah.

C. Muslims, because of the Koran, do not respect non-Muslims. Their religion does not permit them to do so, as the Koran says that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims. A good Muslim can never support the concepts of co-equal multiculturalism, or individual rights.

D. To Muslims, the world is classified into two parts: that part of the world which has submitted, and is therefore an Islamic state (Dar al Islam), and that section of the world which has yet to submit, and is in a pre-Islamic state, known as Dar al Harb, or the House of War (Think: America).

E. For the most-part, the millions of Muslims living in America and the West will not integrate as to do so contradicts Islam. It is forbidden by Mohammad (Allah's prophet) for Muslims even to befriend infidels. He also admonished Allah's children to kill infidels where they find them.

Dealing with the threats that Islam poses for America in America is difficult for most Westerners (members of Western Civilization) because of our base devotion to the concept of freedom of religion (a big thing in our cultural values). That devotion blinds people to an important reality: Islam is not just a religion, but a political system also. Indeed, Islam is more of a political and social system than a religion. It is a political and social system diametrically opposed to our own. It abhors freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of most things that we cherish. The only freedom permitted under Islam is to become Muslim, and submit to the will of Allah.

In all our future tomorrows, America will have to increasingly deal with the reality of Islam. Americans need to seriously consider how Islam and its supremacy dogmatic philosophy is to be handled least we revert into 7th Century Old World barbarism. A good first step would be to think about Islam as a political and social system first and foremost, that is exactly opposite from our own social and political values, and one whose advance needs to be stopped. Considering the birth-rate of American infidels, to give total freedom of Islam to grow here in America is the same as generating our own death-wish, demise, and all the values we hold dear.