Friday, April 06, 2007

Fatty Yvonne Ridley Sneaks Two Nuclear Missiles Into Australia

Check out this photo of Yvonne Ridley! What happened? Well I guess when you go Muslim and you start wearing a burlap bag, the body goes to pot. Are those things tipped with nuclear warheads?

I was hoping Australia would deny her a visa, but no such luck. Now she's in Australia bitching about how Australians are 'islamophobic.' duh. As you may recall, Yvonne Ridley at one time was a relatively slim, mediocre reporter who was a hasbeen. Then she got Islam! Now she gets lots of attention. Watch out for that nuclear missiles she's wearing under that burqa!


Darren said...

Here's hoping her twin nukes get so big, there's a double implosion! Get her West-hating brainwashed mind out of Australia!! "Phobia" is a dumb way to describe a rational fear of Islam. Someone in our Daily Telegraph comments got it right when they described Ridley as "a text book case of stockholm syndrome if there ever was one" - referring to her capture by the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

Cubed here.

Good grief, what an UGLEEEE woman, all the way to the soul!

Actually, if those thingies are what they appear to be (gee, they sure LOOK like nukes!), they also suggest a solution to the "Iran Problem" - a bilateral reduction mammoplasty, accomplished with a stream of bunker-busters!

Hey, Darren,

You don't seem to have "Islamophobia" at all. It seems to me that you have a good case of a far more appropriate condition, "Islamocontempt." Wish I knew the Greek root of "contempt."

Anonymous said...

Kick her out toot souite!
You know it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

How do so many jihad sympathisers survive financially?
Who paid her air fair to Oz?
Who pays her lodgings?
Don't tell me some tv channel.
Or her friends with expansion on their minds.

Godiva said...

For someone who looks good on radio mate I'd tone it down and Ann, try Ponds ... works wonders on the acne.
What happened to freedom of speech and fairplay? You sound like two Pomie w*****s.