Monday, April 02, 2007

Iran wants the British out of OCCUPIED ENGLAND

While I have sympathy for the British sailors, captured by Iran (and their families also). England should not be increasing the pressure they should be more understanding.

What about the other side of the story? It is not being reported at all. No one talks about the fact that the Britons have been occupying the Islamic homeland of England for centuries. All the Iranians want is for Britain toget out of occupied England and return to the pre 347 CE borders. Well that and allow Iranians who were kicked out by the Anglo-Saxons (along with their cousins, plumbers and other acquaintances) to return to their home and establish an Islamic Republic with London as its capital. Getting the British out of London would enable the Iranians to build a mosque on top ofthe disputed holy site of Westminster Abby. Iranian Imams teach that the Ayatollah Khomeini was once there and rose directly from that site to thenearest 7/11 store for some Beef Jerky, a Dr Pepper Slurpie a couple of lotto tickets and a carton of Marlboro lights.

Over the past months Britain has placed undo hardship upon Iranian people, cutting off aid and erecting the apartheid clock they call Big Ben. Tony Blair should be ashamed of himself; they even force Prince Charles to wear these dopy-looking fake ears. Why don't they listen to the group Human Rights Watch which asks them to stop torturing these freedom fighters and go to a dentist for G-d's sake? Why don't they heed the words of Shalom Achshav, which reports that Buckingham Palace is built on Arab land? Your own Lord Snow sees the light-- he quotes the French ambassador; calling foryou and your people to get out of that "Shitty little country."

Tension is beginning to rise--we must work to stop this circle of violence.I even understand that the British Army is planning a disproportionate response to the capturing of the soldiers--the UN Security Council should act and call for a cease-fire before Britain has a chance to defend itself. We should force a solution upon them because as we all know, James Baker says there will be no peace in IRAQ until the Anglo-Saxons leave the occupied territories.

Some people claim that the Irani claim is ridiculous, that there were never any Iranians in England, London is not really that important to Islam and the clock was built to protect people from being late. But I say HOGWASH! The rest of the world knows what is right. And they will respond the same way that they responded to the Israeli Soldiers being captured.


Anonymous said...

, but you don't realize that Alfred the Great's great uncle's illegitimate half son that married the cousin of some hombre that accidentally slept with the 65th in line to the Sultan Wadi-Yawon's third cook, (the other two had short careers,)and that child was adopted as the man-servant of an Arab slave trader whose ship was captured by the British Navy and the boy took up residence within the sound of Bow Bells at the Crown and Anchor pub near Wapping, as the resident entertainer, (juggling with the facts and story-telling were his specialty,)
So, it is obvious that the East End of Londinistan is really part of the Turkoman dynastic lands and the Cockneys are mere usurpers of land destined to be part of the new caliphate.
Didn't they teach you anything at school?
Oh, and there's a mobilephone video on YouTube that proves everything I say.

Michael Travis said...

Gosh! You are so right!

I attended University College London and as I recall, it did seem to have at least as many Persians as uh, er, ehhh.."Brits".

Let's toss the Brits out and restore the stolen lands to the Imanphate.

One question; Where exactly do the Brits go?