Thursday, April 05, 2007

Leaving Iraq Is a Strategic Win In The War Against Jihad

How many times have you read a pundit, an expert, or George W. Bush's analysis of the Iraq War and make the absolute statement that to leave Iraq would be a disaster for America. Thousands would die, Iran, Turkey and Syria would make a landgrab for parts of Iraq, the Middle East would erupt in wars! This is all good news to me. Muslims killing Muslims! Check, a winner. Iran, Turkey and Syria engaged in a territory land grab and at each other's throat. Check, a winner. The Middle East spending its money and men killing each other! Great.

Does anyone really believe that Iran would be able to take over parts of Iraq without a fight? The Saudis are spending billions to buy apologists in Washington, build madrassa and mosque hatecenters throughout the West, and buying Western assets. I say let them spend their money and human resources fighting for their survival killing other Muslims. The oil will still flow. Muslims are GREEDY and they will get that oil flowing. You can bet on it.

It is time to stop the altruism. We should not sacrifice a single American for these Muslims. They are worthless. Let them kill each other. Let them turn all that hate they have for the West onto themselves. I see nothing wrong with the Middle East exploding into a war pitting Muslims against Muslims. If the real enemy is Islam, what better way to get Islam to destroy itself? Let the Middle East war begin! We'll sell them weapons and buy their oil. They can consume their wealth and bankrupt their nations and kill off as many of their fellow Muslims as they can. And it doesn't cost us a dime, or a single life.


Jonezee said...

We cant leave them to their own devices because they will come after us. 9/11 showed us that we can no longer turn a blind eye to these people, we must stay on the offense.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I thought it was a terrible thing when the Iran-Iraq war ended. Shortly thereafter came the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

A war of the sort you suggest would give the West time to get its house in order. It would give us time to make a better case for the danger that Islam represents for the West. Hopefully, there then won't be another 9/11, but if there should be, we might be able to count on a more unified response.

Anonymous said...

Pedestrian Infidel:

Thanx for joining my campaign for MAMD: Mutually Assured Muslim destruction!


pigfarmer said...

If we did withdraw from the arena and a bloodbath ensued, then one more good thing to come from it would be that the blame for it all will lay fairly and squarely with the anti-war lobby.
Let the libby marxist media pack claim some success! We can applaud them from the wings.

A Free Man said...

Here, here! The whole Iraq thing has been a disaster, we went in promising to end Sadaams WMD programme and 'liberate' the Irai people.

Well, the Iraqi people have proved themselves worthless and deserving of a Sadaam figure many times over in their response to us!

I supported it to end the absurd situation of having Iraq under seige, as I saw it we had 3 options, more of the same, rehabilitate Sadaam or invade and secure a cheap oil option.

We have failed in all respects, they are not 'free' because they are animals, they are incable of being sensible.

In a pathetic attempt to justify themselves in hindsight Bush and Blair want to democratise Iraq!


Oil is not flowing, what was the point of this war?

We fought half heartedly, defensivly and with no goal in sight, it is time to leave, as you say leave them kill each other, accept no refugees, give no aid (except to the Christians)