Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Muslim Response to Mr. Friedman

Check out this commentary from a Palestinian, who lives in a typical city in Middle America--Columbus, Ohio.

He is responding to a recent column by well known political writer, Thomas Friedman (which was posted here on PI on 8 April 2007) After this Muslim's letter are a couple of rebuttals of the Muslim's piece.

After reading this Muslim's "thoughts", it's obvious that he's a mouthpiece for the local CAIR chapter and at high risk of succumbing to "sudden jihad syndrome". This particular Palestinians is a sterling example why we shouldn't permit any more Muslim immigration to the USA, 7000 Palestinians or otherwise.

Worse yet, though, our tipster tells us the following about the Muslim author I'm posting today:

The mind-blower here is....my research found that he is a born & raised in Palestine arab that immigrated to Ohio & is a retired Air National Guard tech sargeant with 18 years of service....

And now, let's here from this treasonist Arab, followed by two loyal Americans' responses.


Columnist shows his biases against Arabs, Muslims
Saturday, March 31, 2007 3:39 AM

Bigotry has once again reared its ugly face in a recent Forum column by Thomas L. Friedman. Part of his piece was based on a poem he retrieved from the Middle East Media and Research Institute Web site. It read in part:

"When you find that the large majority of people oppose freedom and find joy in slavery -- do not be too distressed, you are in an Arab country."

MEMRI is an organization that is well-known for its anti-Arab and anti-Muslim reporting. It was founded and operated by a former Israeli military intelligence officer. According to a recent article published in the British Guardian newspaper, MEMRI reporting is slanted toward Israel, and it disseminates information that defames Arabs and Muslims. Citing MEMRI as a reference on Arab-Muslim issues is like consulting Hugo Chavez of Venezuela about a documentary on the U.S.

The last time an Arab nation had a genuine and free election, in January 2006, the United States and Israel led the Western nations in a boycott of the election results by imposing a collective punishment on the Palestinian people. Simply put, they cut off the food supply line and the millions of dollars a month in collected tax revenue that Israel owes the Palestinian Authority.

When the Palestinians were asked to choose their own representatives, the majority chose Hamas. Immediately, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had the audacity to demand the return of the $50 million given as economic aid to the Palestinians. A true lesson in promoting democracy!

By contrast, when Israel elected its 11th prime minister in March 2001, it chose Ariel Sharon. He was an indicted war criminal, by his own government, for war crimes committed in Lebanon. America's official reaction was, "We do not interfere in the internal affairs of other nations." So, the U.S. president rolled out the red carpet for him at the White House and even called him a man of peace.

Friedman's insulting of an ancient and rich culture is a cheap shot. Perhaps Friedman should take heed from the popular saying, "If you live in a house of glass, don't throw stones." If a retired Arab-Muslim American veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces were to add to the above poem, for the reading pleasure of Friedman and others like him who frequently degrade and bash Arabs and Muslims, I would propose the following:

When the leader of a foreign nation, like the king of Jordan, can speak better English than your own president -- don't feel ashamed, you live in America.

When a married female schoolteacher has sex with five of her own middle- school students -- don't call them the "Lucky 5," you live in America.

When you have to perform a DNA test on a 5-month-old baby to determine which one of five men is the biological father -- what a way to go, you live in America.

When seven out of 10 adults surveyed could pick out a photograph of Yasser Arafat, but not those of their own secretary of state or secretary of defense -- it's time to wake up, you live in America.

When a mother pays for her daughter's breast enlargement on her 16th birthday, so she would look more appealing to the opposite sex -- get out of town, you live in America.

When you elect a president who was arrested three times -- don't ask, don't tell, you live in America.

When your president's name is reduced to one letter, W, so he can spell it -- that's silly, you live in America.

When you are able to sue the weatherman -- what will they do next, you live in America.

When what was once called the "People's House" suddenly turns into a whorehouse -- just ask Slick Willie, you live in America.

When you have more jails and more criminals than any other country on Earth -- I rest my case, you live in America.

When more people in western European nations believe you to pose the most threat to world peace -- the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, you live in America.

When 34 of your sailors are killed and 172 injured, and a 23-year-old brave peace activist is run over by a military bulldozer by the same foreign nation, and you are not allowed to publicly
express outrage, retaliation or initiate an investigation without the fear of retribution -- don't be a wimp, you live in America!


Pro-Arab letter writer left out some history
Friday, April 6, 2007 3:30 AM

I write in response to Mahmoud El-Yousseph's Saturday letter, "Columnist shows his biases against Arabs, Muslims."

It is fortunate that he is living in a country that allows free speech and criticism of the government. He lashes out at everything American because he feels Americans are biased against Arabs, in particular Muslims.

He conveniently does not mention why a lot of Americans view Arabs with distrust.
First there was the cowardly act by the Arabs who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, killing nearly 3,000 innocent civilians.

He also forgets the barbaric killings by Arabs of hundreds of innocent civilians in Iraq without any reason except the lust for power. He also forgets the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Africa, as well as the suicide bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon and the bombing of the Pan Am jet over Scotland and that of the USS Cole near Yemen, all incidents killing innocent people.

There is also the friction between the Palestinians and Israel. The Arab goal is to kill or eliminate all Israelis so that there will be no Israel in the Middle East. If that is truly their goal, they do not deserve any economic aid.

It is my suggestion that, if El-Yousseph hates everything American so much, he should seek somewhere else to live.



Many Americans don't know who the enemy is
Friday, April 6, 2007 3:31 AM

Each morning when I pick up my Dispatch, I am at once aware that we are at war. We, the people of this country, can't seem to realize that our enemy wants to destroy us. Our government, our newspapers, the Hollywood crowd and the liberals are more concerned about crushing President Bush and his supporters than facing the real problem, which is an enemy who swears to crush all democracy.

The enemy is relentless: He hates us and wants to kill us. Why our citizens can't see this bewilders me.

Do we have to have several 9/11s before we decide to defend ourselves? If we do not fight them now, we will be fighting them forever. Congress should be talking about a draft and mobilizing a force that will finish this war on their home ground or we will be fighting it in the streets of America.

One party is insistent that we set a time to bring the troops home and give a date of surrender. Doesn't it realize this will only encourage them to become more aggressive.

The terrorists have an agenda, and I think it is plain as to what that is: Force democracy to yield to the will of Islam. They hate us and are willing to kill their own people to drive us out of the Mideast. What do you think they will do to your daughters, sons, sisters and husbands if they achieve their goals? If they will blow up their own children, what will they do to ours?

Mount Vernon


BEAJ said...

WTF is this dude doing in America?
He hates it more than Arab countries, but lives in the US.
Palestinians must have the "crazy gene" going for them.

Henry said...

Normally, Friedman is a dip wad, but this time around, I have to say that Mr. Yousseph takes the prize.

Unlike almost all Arab lands, America is a free country. Feel free to leave anytime Mr Yousseph.