Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Passover--Celebrating Freedom for all time

Yesterday was the first day of Passover (AKA “Pesach”), which will last 8 days. Pesach is a sacred time of the year for Israel and for all Jews, an annual celebration of the Exodus from Egypt, when the Jewish people left slavery, terror and oppression, and finally found their freedom.

I am not very knowledgeable concerning the Bible, but I remember how happy I was when I first heard that story when I was a child. Finally, the good people (from my standpoint) were able to leave the bad ones (Egypt and its Pharaoh). So, at very young age it was all clear to me, who was friend and who was foe.

What I never understood was why anyone would willingly side with the “bad people”. To me, it was all so clear, so obvious. So, I came to the conclusion that people who did not see this the same way I did, must either be bad too, or just ignorant.

There are at least three Israelis who cannot celebrate Pesach this year, because they are not free. They are Gilad Shilat, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, and these men have not been able to escape the “bad people”. After having been kidnapped last summer by the enemies of Israel, they are still imprisoned and enslaved against their will. Perhaps these enemies are not of “Egypt and its Pharaoh”, but these evildoers are no less vile.

I have been reading a lot all my life, also watching the news, following Middle East events, and talking to Muslims, Jews, and Christians. I have also taken into account 9/11, suicide attacks on innocent people, kidnappings, the London bombings, Bali, Madrid, rockets deliberately targeted on civilians, Sunnis and Shiites killing each other, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Nasrallah, Al Zarqawi…etc. etc. etc. So I’m fairly well informed about the current state of affairs in the world.

Never ever, during my whole life, have I had any doubt about Israel (Jews) being good, and Islam being evil. As well-informed as I am now, I am more convinced than ever that I am right. Some may call this stubborn. In my humble opinion, this is not likely, because in my mind, that “stubbornness” started at age seven, and my position has not changed at all in almost 40 years. Therefore I would call my stubbornness “being informed as to the genuine roots of terrorism.”

The Jews were enslaved, and oppressed, by those in the Middle East (the ancient Egyptians) even before the despicable Mohammed foisted Islam unto an unsuspecting world. Today three Israeli soldiers are in the hands of Hezbollah and Hamas (Islam), and Israel (Jews) are still being constantly terrorized by Arabs, who are now Muslim terrorists!

To me, this looks like history is repeating itself and also proving that my childhood opinion was right…so let’s hope and pray to G-D freedom will come soon.

Free the Israeli soldiers NOW!
Free the 15 English sailors and marines…. NOW!
Free all other people who are in the hands of terrorists and tyranny…. NOW!


Adullamite said...

Interesting post. But while accepting God has placed Israel back in the land he gave them, tell me, are you happy with the way Israel treats the Palestinians?
Far too often they are killed needlessly, and in a manner that would be called 'terrorist' if they were involved.
Is this Gods way?
Just a thought.

European Kafir said...

adullamite: what do you mean "how israel treats palestinians"? they are the ones who keep attacking, in spite of having been given all freedom. who is killing palestinians "needlessly"? is it forbidden to kill terrorists in defense? and btw.... hamas and fatah are killing each other, but in your opinion this is probably a "need".
Just a thought too!

Anonymous said...

If only all the International aid and money had not been spent on guns and bombs.
Maybe that applies to both sides.
One thing is certain, Arafat lined his Swiss bank accounts with many many millions of aid dollars that could have given hope to his people.

Jewish people have sent money by the billion to Israel and we see the results, a fantastic modern country where Democracy is real and where industrious people make their livelihoods in a harsh land.

By contrast, the Palestinians, instead of building up their country with the money that has poured in from Saudi, Saddam's Iraq, etc. and now Iran, the choice was made by the religious authorities, and by most of the Governmental figures, to form armies and plans to destabilize successful Israel, and waste the lives of generations of Palestinian men women and children.

These dark forces have sacrificed the fruit of the Palestinian wombs on the altar of religious doctrine, believing that God chooses death over life, and seeks suffering and pain, instead of love and charity.

The history books show that no one tribe has more claim over the Holy Lands than another.
All tribes have invaded, been kicked out and then re-invaded time and again.

At the time of the writing of the Quran, the Al Aqsa mosque did not exist.
The furthest mosque then was only in Arabia.
A later Sultan cemented his territorial claim by building the Al Aqsa, many years down the line.

By that reasoning, the descendants of the Romans have as much claim on Palestine as the people there now.

The Holy Land is just that, Holy.
It is about time that people remembered that fact, and behaved so.
Of course there are instances of Israels aggression. But hsitory shows that since they have been established, those instances have followed on provocation.

I ask this final question, if the roles were reversed and Israel had conducted an Intifada against the Arabs, blowing them up on buses and randomly firing rockets day after day into civilian targets,
how would the Arab world react?
I don't need to say, do I?

It was plain to anyone outside the area, even though the media was slanted against Israel, that Hizbollah were merely enacting their war plan of destabilization and conflict, and placed Israel in a situation from which there was no easy escape.

As for Hamas, when we see them parading children with death-banners around their little heads, when we see the youth marching down the streets waving automatic weapons and burning flags, do we outside the area see them as better than what Israelis do?
The Palestinians seem set on a route towards destruction, and those sensible voices who would see a secular society, where religions of all kinds were free to practise, are the last to be heard.

A sad state of affairs this Easter, this Pass-over.

If Jews and Christians can set aside their differences, in general, and the wars that have killed so many, based ethnic diffences can be laid to rest, then why can't the Moslem's do the same?

Is it because they are trapped in a
vacuum where the rest of the World has moved on, but they cannot, because their leaders and their beliefs will not allow them to, and each generation is indoctrinated to believe the same?