Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Speed Limits and Seatbelts Are For The Little People

It turns out that Gov. Corzine's SUV was traveling at 91 MPH when it crashed severely injuring the Gov. Corzine who was not wearing a seatbelt. This is an excellent example of why our leaders betray the little people with blatant hyprocrisy. You see, our leaders want to import millions of immigrants, uneducated and a drain on the taxpayers of America. They want to legalize millions of immigrants who are here illegally, just like that. They want to send our brave men and women to fight a tactic in Iraq, but dare not mention what is the real enemy. They want to send billions of our tax money to corrupt countries whose people despise us and would gladly spit in our face, stab us and set us on fire. They want to throw money at corrupt organizations like the UN, the WorldBank, IMF and hundreds of other organizations that despise America and will cheer the day we are destroyed. It turns out that it's not their money, it's ours. It also turns out that these political leaders live in exclusive communities and would never have to deal with the declining life of the struggling American poor and middle class whose life is made more difficult by their corrupt decisions. And it turns out that these gods are better than us, the little people. They don't need no stinking seatbelts and they don't need to obey the laws they tell us we must obey.

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Anonymous said...

We could add Rosie O'Donnell's gun ban rhetoric, while she retains a personal armed security detail for herself.