Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Collapse of American Sovereignty

At what point is a country no longer a country? It is a question that needs to be asked. If you have no borders, no control of who comes and stays, are you still a country? a sovereign state? Todd Bensman has a fascinating article "Breaching America" about the 'special interest' alien smuggling network. I highly recommend it. It is a 5 part series, and series 1 through 3 start here. To read this is both alarming and depressing. We are being invaded, but Bush's international 'war on terror' folly is contributing to some of it. We have just got to be truthful. Islam is the problem and separation from Islam is the imperative, not engagement with Islam and that 'light unto the Muslims' derangement syndrome that deeply afflicts Bush and this administration.

Please give this a read. It shows that jihadists are not our only enemies, but many of the governments of Latin America and known enemies like Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela and new enemies like Guaremala.

If we don't put an end to this illegal immigration, America is destroyed.


Julia_1984 said...

First of all, I'm not islamic, arab, I'm not thinking on living at your country or anything related it.
Second, I don't see you have enough knowledge of Islam for supporting such a rough stance that establish a direct relation betwen Islam and terrorism. The relation it's betwen radicals and terrorism, not just islamic people. By maintaining that stance you are promoting a world of intolerance and disrespecting loads of people that even without being America, also felt mad and frustrated when they saw what happened that fatidic day of 2001.
Third, don't you ever forget that your country, what you call America, was built completly with inmigrants since its origins. First english, irish, germans, then the rest. Don't forget that Texas and California once were mexican territory. Don't forget the terrible consecuences for humanity that building the Berlin wall brought. Do you want another?
4. That resentiment only brings more attacks to your contry and others, and more violence. Do not prommote violence. Build points where people can really start to understand each other. Otherwise, you guys, unfortunatly, won't be able to win the war against terrorism.
5. The America you are talking about it only exist in your dreams. How far would you go to defend something that it doesnt exists?

PS: Excuses about the grammar and spelling mistakes you might find in the lines above. English isn't my native language and I`m trying as hard as I can to make myself understood.

Fidothedog said...

Julia, so from your comment one can assume that the Britain(I am a brit re point 5 by the way) of my dreams only exists in my dreams.

Well on 7/7 home grown moslem boys blew themselves up, the UK has a long long history of getting on well with islamic nations, we saved the moslems from Uganda by the way.

Yet these people spat in our faces as a nation, shamed themselves, their culure and you attempt to defend them?

Read the Koran and especially Suras 2-9 and you will see where the jihadists get their sick dreams from.

You seem to have a problem with our American cousins across the pond, yes I know its just so hip and radical to hate Americans - were I a fashion follower I would also hate Americans - but as I am not I shall explain a few points.

1. Moslems do not integrate, they take over.
2. Democracy is hated by islam.
3. Terrorism is used by moslems when they can not get their own way - see point 1

Julia_1984 said...

Yes, I still defend them. And how ironic, Im catholic. My stance has been already displayed on the previous comment, I won't repeat it.

Always On Watch Two said...

If a nation is to stand as a nation, sovereignty with regard to borders is an imperative.

Epaminondas said...

Sorry Julia, but I find your comment IGNORANT after speaking with gulf arabs nearly every day for many years. They are quite frank and even kind in the way they explain what is compulsory under what they consider to be Islam.
You fond, heartfelt but ostrich like wish that the relationship is between radicals and terrorism smacks of political causes, and as we can for instance from HAMAS ( a TYPICAL Muslim Brotherhood org.) politics has absolutely nothing to do with the solution.

As far as a wall, the Berlin Wall enclosed a prison, keeping in EVERYONE. Any wall we build, is designed to make sure those who enter do so as immigrants and not CRIMINALS. SO you comparison is ridiculous

We are resented for WHAT WE ARE, not our attempts to ensure that what would become an illegal underclass, picked upon by vulture like others economically, becomes a PERMAMENT derogatory serfdom. The cure for that is IMMIGRATION REFORM, which I favor, but that issue has NOTHING to do with secure borders, please separate them.

Last, America IS, was, and always WILL BE an idea, and something to strive for. What we are is a nation that wants to barbecue Sundays, watch baseball, and invite everyone to the party, while remaining essentially isolationist.

The problem you see is that the american drive for professional excellence and the drive for success, the desire to remain always the place where 'any man's son can be the equal of any man's son', impels certain other items to come in conflict with others in the world at large (since it is so small). That however is an expression of human nature. It is INEVITABLE.

Therefore you need to ask yourself in the end, which system is least worst for us all?

Or to paraphrase Churchill, democracy sucks, but everything else is worse.

Your english is excellent.

MikeT said...


Have you still missed the irony that you are condescending to a person who grew up in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan about the nature of Islam? Excuse me, but you grew up in Latin America. Why should anyone take your opinion on Islamic life over his?

Jay/Israel said...

Your ignorance is overwhelming,
it might be true that every muslim might not be a terrorist, but just about every terrorist seems to be a muslim.
To say the author lacks enough knowledge about islam only proves your ignorance.