Friday, May 11, 2007

David Kocieniewski, Andrea Elliott and Cara Buckley - Useful Idiots At The New York Times

As we all know, the New York Times actively engages in a coverup for the Muslim threat to America. It is the New Duranty Times of treason for America. In their recent article on the Fort Dix Six Muslim terrorists, the three journalists David Kocieniewski, Andrea Elliott and Cara Buckley proved their usefulness to our enemies.

Why do journalists publish statements like the following without question, total acceptance that the statements are true? Do they not want to know the truth? Are they too lazy to check ANY resources whatsoever? Are they incapable of typing a Google search for say "Koran violence"?

In their article, they quoted an imam -

Another mosque in the area, which opened in Voorhees last September, serves Pakistani, Indian and Arab Muslims as well as African-Americans.
Zia Rahman, 60, the managing director and trustee of the Muslim American Community Association, which built the mosque in Voorhees, said the news today, “Makes me feel terrible.”
“This is not what our religion teaches us,” he added. “These people claim to be Muslims, but I don’t know how they can be. There’s nothing in Islam that tells us to do something like this. Islam is religion of peace, not of violence and this goes against the grain of our religion.”

Please. How in the world can any journalist, other than a useful idiot, allow such blatant lies to be published without rebuttal?

This is what America is up against. An evil cult of murderers and their useful idiots at the New York Times and almost all other mainstream media. The sooner the New York Times and other mainstream media go bankrupt, the better.

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