Sunday, May 13, 2007

An infamous Malaysian anniversary

May 13 marks an infamous anniversary in the annals of Malaysia's fairly short history as an independent state. It was this day 38 years ago in Malaysia's capital city of Kuala Lumpur that violent Jihad roared briefly back to life. The 'riots' or the 'May 13th incident' as it is officially known lasted a week and officially claimed 196 lives, although unofficial tallies of the death toll run up to ten times the official figure.

The history of Islam is replete with countless examples of bloody pogroms, episodes when Muslims lashed out at any groups of kuffar within reach, resulting in thousands being slaughtered for no other reason than being non-Muslim. Jews in al-Andalus (Muslim-ruled Spain), Hindus in India, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Assyrians in Iraq, Berbers in Algeria, Zoroastrians in Persia, or Chinese Christians in Indonesia--all victims of the followers of Mohammad.

The Malaysian government, in response to May 13th, immediately instituted a massive Jizya-style program to appease the restive Malay population, called the NEP, or 'New Economic Policy.' Essentially, NEP was and is to this day a massive wealth-transference programme from the richer, more entrepreneurial Chinese to the majority Malays. The Malays have always resentful of their more successful Chinese brethren, and NEP has not changed that one iota. Even now, the politics of religion, race relations, and Islamic dogmatism are stirring the pot in Malaysia once again. In any Muslim-ruled land, the Jihad is never dormant for long, ready to come roaring back to murder again on little or no pretext.
What is past, is prologue. The events of May 13th, 1969 will happen again in Malaysia, as the history of Islam, and Muslim 'relations' with non-Muslims, makes abundantly clear.

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murtad girl said...

As Malaysian, I had some conversations with friends and people talking about May 13 infamous incident in year of 1969. I can tell that most Malaysian are not proud of this incident, some of them regrets for what happened.

Ethnic cleansing, happens everywhere in this world. When its involved muslim and then it becomes JIHAD. Any possible reasons can be said.

I am hoping this would not happen again, which is most of moderate muslims living in this country which I have no answer for anything.

Just hoping for the best.