Thursday, May 03, 2007

Iran's Lifestyle Police

Iran's annual crackdown/smackdown of 'anti-Islamic' lifestyles has begun early this year.

The Iranian government's latest act of oppression against the nation's women has taken the form of a high-profile police drive to enforce "correct" Islamic dress codes. In its first few days, last week, the "bad hijab" crackdown netted several thousand young women on the streets of Tehran, with many receiving a warning and several hundred being arrested. Policewomen dressed in black chadors bundled detainees into buses that had been stationed on street corners in advance, before carting them off to police stations. The women were accused of presenting an immodest appearance - allowing their hair to show beneath the obligatory headscarves, wearing manteaus too short to conceal their hips, or wearing tight, revealing jeans and heels.

Those arrested face possible trials and jail sentences. There have even been suggestions that women may be exiled from the city if they reoffend. And it is not only in Tehran that this is happening - the crackdown is being pursued nationwide.

Alas, it is not just women who are the targets of Allah's Iranian thugs:
The lifestyle police are increasingly going after men, especially those sporting Western clothes or haircuts. Any young many who does not have a beard (or a reasonable attempt to grow one) is considered suspect.

And, the Lifestyle Police in the Islamic Republic have a license to kill:
To no one's surprise, the Supreme Court overturned the murder conviction of a member of the Islamic "lifestyle" police, for murdering a young man and woman. The lifestyle cop considered the couple un-Islamic for holding hands in public. The murders occurred five years ago, and the government, in the face of much negative public opinion, allowed prosecution to take place. There are several other similar cases, and in all of them, the senior court, dominated by Islamic conservative judges, ultimately dismisses the death sentences. For lesser infractions, like assault and maiming, the perpetrators often get off with no punishment at all. The lifestyle police are basically young thugs terrorizing the population in the name of the religious dictatorship that runs the country.

Meanwhile, the Iranians are causing endless problems in Iraq:
The U.S. has massive evidence of Iranian support for terrorist activity inside Iraq. This includes interrogations and captured equipment and documents. Iran just denies it all. That seems to work.

Even the clueless dhimmi-crats at Foggy Bottom cannot ignore the Iranian Reich forever:
A U.S. State Department study concludes that Iran is the most active supporter of terrorist activity in the world. Iran denies everything.

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