Sunday, May 20, 2007

Malaysia needs more thugs for Allah

Are you an unemployed Malaysian? Are you looking for a job that befits mighty Allah? Well, good news, pilgrim! (Or should I say "haji"?) Malaysia's force of Thugs for Allah is hiring now!

Terengganu to recruit auxiliary moral police

KEMAMAN: The state religious department is planning to recruit auxiliary enforcement officers to carry out moral policing to check social ills and the rising number of khalwat (close proximity) cases.

Oh my holy Allah, a veritable crime wave of kissing and handholding! Something must be done! Personally, I blame MTV.

Terengganu Islam Hadhari and Welfare Committee chairman Datuk Rosol Wahid said the part-time enforcement officers could serve as back up for regular personnel.

“These part-time officers can be assigned for specific tasks when their services are required,” he said yesterday.

Rosol said the state government faced a shortage of syariah enforcement staff and was looking at several measures to overcome the problem.

“For now, we hope members of the public are patient when they cannot contact enforcement officers.

“Many of the officers are bogged down by a heavy workload,” he added.

The current thugs-for-Allah are overworked? A shame, a shame!

Rosol said the state government was already looking at increasing the number of full-time officers in every district.

I hear Malaysia has a lot of unemployed college grads who majored in such useless majors like "Islamic Studies". Looks like they've got the perfect job opportunity.


murtad girl said...

Well, AJ, many of them here especially MELAYU having a degree in Islmic Waste Study Degree. I am pretty sure it will be 0% unemployed rate in Malaysia. Contribute more the GDP of the country, LMAO.

MK said...

Moral policing ey, bet you won't hear about any of this on the MSM.

Incidentally, I read elsewhere today that Hugo Chavez in Venezuela told the women in the country that they should no longer use hair coloring products, make-up and what kind of underwear is and is not acceptable!!

Socialism and radical Islam, different methods, same totalitarian outcome.