Sunday, May 27, 2007

Malaysia: Totalitarian Aspects of a "Moderate" Muslim Regime

I found this fine article today that aptly summarizes the evil acts that the so-called 'moderate' state of Malaysia has been up to lately. You won't find this information on Fox News, or on the pages of the NY Times. And, of course, the useful idiots at the State Department would never condemn or even acknowledge the existence such Nazi-like tactics. Wouldn't be politically correct, dont cha see.

Malaysia prides itself on its policy of "Islam Hadhari", or "civilizational Islam" which claims to use Islam to develop culture in the nation, and which should be exported elsewhere. This policy of "moderate" Islam is nothing of the sort. Malaysia in many ways resembles a regime with little difference to Stalin's Soviet empire.


The responsibility for the undemocratic state of affairs in Malaysia is entirely down to the ruling UMNO party. Malaysia gained independence from the British on August 31, 1957. For all of the time since then, the country has been ruled continuously by UMNO (United Malays National Organization), in coalitions with other parties. UMNO advocates the racially divisive policy of "ketuanan Melayu" ("Malay Supremacy") a belief system in which Malays are regarded as the original defining populace of Malaysia, and should have special treatment and privileges. The party has used racial division to promote Malay Muslims above others, even though it is curently in an alliance with a Chinese party (MCA) and an Indian group (MIC).

At UMNO's 57th annual conference in November last year, some candidates threatened violence against non-Muslims. One of these, Education Minister Hishammudin Tun Hussein, even took out his keris, a ceremonial sword, and waved it in the air.

Please read the entire article here (HT Western Resistance).


Arieff Arsh said...

It's heartening to see someone living in Malaysia is able to voice his / her words against Islam with such freedom, amid all that "Malaysia-a-totally-fucked-up-country-that-tortures-and-marginalises-nonMuslim" accusations pointed towards us. Yes, I'm a Malaysian and a Muslim after all. No, I'm not mad at you, nor that I would want to blow you up (duh, I don't want to put that bomb around my six-pack, just to end lives!)

You are who you are, and I respect that; and I respect your opinions too. I love to read your blog because it demonstrates hatred (or lack of it - if it goes by your definition). Or maybe, I just love it because I'm a Muslim, remember. Yeah, as it goes by your views, Islam could never be separated from violence, hatred, prejudice etc; heck, maybe that's why I love to read your views.

Though I'm sad that I could never share your opinions and views, I urge you to never stop writing. You have the knowledge, and you craft it so nicely into words. I admire that (duh, maybe because I'm a Muslim, and we are always inferior and worst in all aspects of life, right, sir?).

Hmmm, you're still reading this? Well, thanks; it means you care about your readers, Muslim or non-Muslim. Thank you though. And no, I am not - if you think that this is the part that I am going to spray you with all the obscenities or vulgar words, or the part I will preach you about Islam bla bla bla. Nope, I'm sorry for that. Because I believe you and your pact have a broader knowledge on Islam from your readings, as compared to some Muslims themselves.

For religious cause or personal gains, I would recommend you to keep on writing. My friends said I should visit your blog and see how anti-Muslim you are. Silly them. The only reason I would go to a blog is either the writer is my mom or the blog makes me think or laugh. The latter would apply to you then. Because you made me think of how bad our images towards people like you, and made me think how I could show you that Islam means love. Not that I'm good at it though. Silly me.

Anyway, I would still love you as a friend and as a fellow human, no matter how much you hate us Muslims, or no matter how much your opinions causing my fellow Muslim friends. Keep on writing, because it keeps me company while I'm burning my midnight oil studying. By the way, I'm studying medicine in University Malaya but not under scholarship. Sad, right? They said "ketuanan Melayu" should gives us scholarship, yet I failed to secure one. Maybe my father should be just like any other Malays as you put it - living on Malays-owned goverment's subsidised money. Damn, why would he wanted to open his own business at the first place? That papa of mine! Still love him though..

Anyway, keep on writing, okay? I love to think and observe, so I would always flag this blog (for good reasons, of course). Peace. (Or lack of it, if that what you were expecting from me). Sorry for wasting your time with this piece of junk. God bless you and me.

European Kafir said...

1 question @ arieff:
have you been living in malaysia all your life?

btw... if your had paid attention, then you would have noticed that the author of said post... is actually living in south korea. or, maybe south korea is part of malaysia? sorry about my ignorance, but i am not muslim and from europe.

Arieff Arsh said...

Hehehe spot on...
Pardon me for my ignorance, I was reading one of the writer's post ("A response to Julia"), and I misread the sentence "I lived in Malaysia...." into "I live in Malaysia...."

By the way, South Korea is not a part of Malaysia, it is a part of Japan. Or is it? It is. No, it's not. It is? They use won as their currency, right? Or is it yuan? Hmm, but I know their neighbour has those nuke missiles though. Damn it, Kim Jong-Il of Iran. Or was it Iraq? (Damn, this fucking moron Muslim know nothing about geography, you'll say).

Thanks for the correction. And true, you are European, non-Muslim and smarter. Peace.

Oh, btw, yes, I've been living in Malaysia all my life. Except for those 6 months I spent in New Zealand when my sister-in-law gave birth to her first child. I was 12 then, by the way.

European Kafir said...
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European Kafir said...


Well, thanks for your reply!

I am pretty surprised to find a Muslim who seems not only to have an excellent knowledge of the English language (you beat me there, I admit. and this was the reason why I asked you whether you had spent all your life in Malaysia), you sound educated and what impresses me most of all is... you are showing streaks of WIT! that I have never experienced before when talking to a Muslim.

Respect, Sir!

Anonymous said...

Evil's excrement inside Mohammad's gullet (Mohammad prophet Allah) = Quraan.

کیر خر آغشته به سنده خوک تو کس خواهر و مادر و زن و بچه همه سیدهای اولاد پیامبر اسلام.

کیر خر تو کس ننه امام حسین و محمد رسول الله.