Monday, May 28, 2007

Meet "arieff arsh"

Usually, comments at our humble site tend to fall into two categories—those from our ‘neo-con’ friends (which are of course always welcome), and comments from those that, shall I say, fail to agree with PI’s overall philosophical worldview.

As for the comments from the other side, they tend to be from either unhinged lunatic ravings from committed Jihadists (with all the usual atrocious grammar and associated profanity), or the more insidious, patronizing kind of comments from leftists of one stripe or another.

But a comment left here by one “arieff arsh” today didn’t fall into any of the above categories. That alone made it interesting, and noteworthy. “Arieff” claims to be a Malay, living in Malaysia, but his English as written in his comment is very good. Suspiciously good, actually. Most Malays I know are barely capable of stringing English sentences together. Overall, I find that Malays stick to using their own language “Bahasa Melayu” as much as possible. That situation is not likely to change anytime soon, as there are very few qualified English teachers in Malaysia (foreign English teachers are decidedly NOT welcome in Malaysia). Really, it’s that bad.

Having voiced my doubts about ‘arieff’, I’m just going to assume that for purposes of my reply to this comment, this person is an actual Malay.

It's heartening to see someone living in Malaysia is able to voice his / her words against Islam with such freedom, amid all that "Malaysia-a-totally-fucked-up-country-that-tortures-and-marginalises-non Muslim" accusations pointed towards us. Yes, I'm a Malaysian and a Muslim after all. No, I'm not mad at you, nor that I would want to blow you up (duh, I don't want to put that bomb around my six-pack, just to end lives!)

Well, as my fellow Zionist (Eurokafir) pointed out in her comment, I’m not currently residing in the Islamic Melayu State. If I was, the friendly chaps from JAKIM or maybe Bukit Aman (the cops) might have tracked me down and slapped me into indefinite ISA-style detention by now for my so-called seditious acts of criticizing Islam. As indicated at the top of the PI sidebar, yours truly is now safely ensconced in an infidel land in Dar al Harb, where I am free to continue attacking the Evil that is Islam in relative safety.

But yes, arieff, you do summarize one of Pedestrian Infidel’s main points aptly, thusly: “Malaysia-a-totally-fucked-up-country-that-tortures-and-marginalises-nonMuslim”. Thank you, I could not have said it any better myself. And it’s all definitely true. You didn’t even go through the motions to try to downplay or deny it. What, you don’t like hearing it all the time? Just keep chanting “Malaysia Truly Asia” until it goes away, ok? Good lad.
You are who you are, and I respect that; and I respect your opinions too. I love to read your blog because it demonstrates hatred (or lack of it - if it goes by your definition). Or maybe, I just love it because I'm a Muslim, remember. Yeah, as it goes by your views, Islam could never be separated from violence, hatred,
prejudice etc; heck, maybe that's why I love to read your views.

Oh no sir, you are most correct. We do demonstrate hatred here, and I make absolutely no apologies for it. We hate and despise tyranny and totalitarianism, wherever it may be found. I loathe any law or ideology that calls for the death of apostates and the stoning of adulterers. I have utter contempt for any law that makes ‘religion’ as a category on a civilian ID card. I spit upon any system that forces so-called virtues on people with ‘morality police’ or any other Gestapo-style tactics.

Though I'm sad that I could never share your opinions and views, I urge you to never stop writing. You have the knowledge, and you craft it so nicely into words. I admire that (duh, maybe because I'm a Muslim, and we are always inferior and worst in all aspects of life, right, sir?).

I’ll keep writing, as long as I’m able. Count on it. And keep reading. God willing, you might even see the light someday (although I won’t be holding my breath).

And as for your remaining Muslim, well, that’s your choice. Remember, it’s not an accident that the Muslim nations, despite one trillion dollars of oil revenue in the past 50 years, are still among the most backward, primitive, and all-around dreadful places to live on the planet. Oh yeah, that’s all the fault of the infidels, silly me.

Hmmm, you're still reading this? Well, thanks; it means you care about your readers, Muslim or non-Muslim. Thank you though. And no, I am not - if you think
that this is the part that I am going to spray you with all the obscenities or vulgar words, or the part I will preach you about Islam bla bla bla. Nope, I'm sorry for that. Because I believe you and your pact have a broader knowledge on Islam from your readings, as compared to some Muslims themselves.

Thank you. We all do study Islam to one extent or another. More than the average bear, me thinks. Nice to know someone out there notices.

Among other things, I’m a humanist. So, I care for everybody. The death of anyone, even one of our enemies, is a tragedy. As long as a person is breathing and thinking, there is always hope (no matter how slim) that a person may see the errors of their ways and recant. Even a Muslim on their deathbed can still find truth and deny the Shahada.

What I decidedly do not care for are for belief systems that have caused so much pain, death, injustice and suffering over these many centuries (i.e. ISLAM).

My friends said I should visit your blog and see how anti-Muslim you are. Silly them. The only reason I would go to a blog is either the writer is my mom or the blog makes me think or laugh. The latter would apply to you then. Because you made me think of how bad our images towards people like you, and made me think how I could show you that Islam means love. Not that I'm good at it though. Silly me.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a pre-med student for that matter) to figure out why Muslims have such a horrid image in the eyes of the kafir (i.e. most of the world). Just look at your morning newspaper (even the ones in KL that are sanitized by UMNO for your ‘protection’). Whether it’s Thailand, Iraq, ‘Palestine’, Kashmir, Beslan, Bali, Philippines, Lower Manhattan, London, Madrid, Morocco, India, Algeria, etc. it’s the same bloody refrain everywhere—Muslims against Muslims, or Muslims against the world. Repeating the usual lie that these endless atrocities are all somehow the fault of the kuffir doesn’t have the same pull as before, even amongst Muslims. I think that’s because, ultimately, people are suckers for the truth.

In the marketplace of ideas, Islam (which means ‘submission’ and NEVER ‘love’) loses out every time. Ever wonder why that is?

Anyway, I would still love you as a friend and as a fellow human, no matter how much you hate us Muslims, or no matter how much your opinions causing my fellow
Muslim friends.

My opinions are causing your Muslim friends what, exactly?

Um, wait a minute my devout Muslim ‘friend’, doesn’t your ideology specifically forbid befriending kufr? (except in situations where deception is useful or conversion is possible). Don’t take my word for it; that’s in the Koran.

Anyway, keep on writing, okay? I love to think and observe, so I would always flag this blog (for good reasons, of course). Peace. (Or lack of it, if that what you were expecting from me). Sorry for wasting your time with this piece of junk. God bless you and me.

I planned on it. And bring your friends by. They (and you) might even learn something.

And thanks for your comment. Not a waste of time at all, to be honest.

Shalom and have a great infidel day.

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Emerson Twain said...

Taking time out of your busy day to walk one of the ummah to the edge of his own personal cliff. Nicely done!