Sunday, May 06, 2007

'Moderate' Jordan--The outrageous lie

Here's more proof that the whole notion of 'moderate Islam' is a lie and a fraud of the highest order. This time, it's 'moderate' Jordan, the same Jordan where 'Mein Kampf' is still a best-seller (see the photo in my post from yesterday). This sham US ally (and recipient of US foreign aid to the tune of $510 million dollars in 2006) keeps busy by recruiting a never-ending stream of suicide bombers and other volunteers for the Jihad.

Remember that the next time Jordan's slick king or some paid PR shill comes on the news extolling the virtues of 'inter-religious dialogue' or some other such nonsense. Jordan in reality is a haven for terrorists.

Now, the latest news from jihadist Jordan:

Making of martyrs and training of terrorists in a Jordanian city
By Souad Mekhennet and Michael Moss
Thursday, May 3, 2007

ZARQA, Jordan: Abu Ibrahim considers his dead friends the lucky ones.

Four died in Iraq in 2005. Three more died this year, one with an explosives vest and another at the wheel of a bomb-laden truck, according to relatives and community leaders.

Abu Ibrahim, a lanky 24-year-old, was on the same mission when he left this bleak city north of Amman for Iraq last October. But he made it only as far as the border before he was arrested, and he is now back home in a world he thought he had left for good - biding his time, he said, for another chance to hurl himself into martyrdom.

"I am happy for them, but I cry for myself because I couldn't do it yet,"said Abu Ibrahim, who uses this name as a nom de guerre. "I want to spread the roots of God on this earth and free the land of occupiers. I don't love anything in this world. What I care about is fighting."

Zarqa has been known as a cradle of Islamic militancy since the beginning Iraq war. It was the home of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia who was killed last summer. Today it is a breeding ground forwould-be jihadists like Abu Ibrahim and five of his friends who left about the same time last fall bound for Iraq.

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Always On Watch said...

Some time ago, I spoke with a Christian Arab from Jordan. Though he grew up there in a Christian home, he told me that there was no avoiding the propaganda of Islam--particularly anti-Semitism.

Scratch the surface of moderate Islamic nations, and you'll find Islamism. Why? Because Islamism is the true Islam!

Mark said...

Hear, hear, Always!

Anonymous said...

The death a few years ago of the former King Hussein, seems to have marked the end of that Western looking Arab kingdom.
He was a wiser and more impartial ruler who had responsibility to prevent the growth of "radical Islam"
He had plenty of troubles with the PLO.