Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OIC Wants Permanent Seat On UN Security Council. I Say "Take The UN, Please!"

Now isn't this a good laugh. The prime minister of Pakistan-administered Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan (abrreviated as SAAK, pronounced sack as in 'sack of shit') says the OIC should have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. What about NATO? How about my cousin? Oh and SAAK also wants to create an "OIC Town" in Kashmir. Is that like funkytown or hymietown? I wonder why? in Kashmir of all places. Hell, let's move the UN there and leave! That would be a FUNkytown alright. Hate to see you go, but don't let the screendoor hit you in the ass on the way out. You know, those Muslims. They just can't give it up. They actually think they are special. You would almost think they worship a pedophile nutcase and believe they are superior because they prostate themselves daily and blow farts of love at each other out of their asses. Who'd thunk it?


Islamabad, 16 May (AKI/DAWN) - The prime minister of Pakistan-administered Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan has said that the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) - the association of 56 Islamic states promoting Muslim solidarity in economic, social, and political affairs - should be made a permanent member of the UN security council. Speaking at a news briefing in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, he said the Islamic countries had a right to have an effective role in the UN security council.

He said the government in Pakistan-administered Kashmir was considering a proposal to establish an "OIC Town" in the region, to create awareness of the role Muslim countries are playing in the rehabilitation of the areas in the region that were hit by the October 2005 earthquake.

He said he had presented a proposal for setting up an office of the Islamic Development Bank in the Pakistan Kashmir, during his meeting with the president of the Bank in Saudi Arabia.

He acknowledged the role of the OIC on the disputed region of Kashmir and said the organisation had been supporting Pakistan’s viewpoint. He welcomed the meeting of OIC foreign ministers in Islamabad at a very crucial phase in history.

Among a spate of issues confronting the Muslim Ummah (Global Muslim community) in particular and the world in general, the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan constituted a core issue.

He said the dispute arose out of the fact that the people of Kashmir had not been given the opportunity to decide their future as promised to them by the UN.

He said that the just cause of Kashmiris deserved support of all world organizations believing in the supremacy of human values and rights. The OIC has been supportive of this just struggle.

He pointed out that in the Contact Group on Kashmir meeting of OIC foreign ministers at the UN headquarters last year, lent moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmir cause by upholding the 10-point proposals, including termination of repression, release of detenues, withdrawal of the Indian army from towns, the end to human rights violations and expanding intra Kashmir contacts, trade and tourism.

The appointment of Ezzat Kame Mufti as special envoy of the OIC secretary general on Kashmir was a another step in this direction.


The Anti-Jihadist said...

You're on a roll, John! Keep up the great work.

Harcharan said...

I think this could do with some follow-up:

Jerusalem ( - The U.S. Congress is looking into the issue of "the other Middle East refugees" -- Jews in Arab countries who were forced through violence or discriminatory decrees to flee when the State of Israel was established 59 years ago.

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee's subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia held a hearing on the subject last week, and "sense of Congress" resolutions are being considered in the House and Senate.

In 1948, 856,000 Jews lived in 10 Arab countries. Today, there are some 8,000.