Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Response to Ms. Julia

Usually, our low traffic blog is low in comments as well. But sometimes, somebody with an 'alternate' point of view pops up to fire a salvo at our wicked 'neocon' ways. Someone calling herself "Julia 1984" did just that today on the post that immediately precedes this one. I strongly recommend you read that comment before going on any further. My reply will make much more sense if you do.

After I read her comment for the first time, I proceeded to reply, only to find that my reply was quickly outgrowing the comment box. Hence, my reply has been posted below:


Ms Julia,

As an admitted non Muslim and non Arab, how can you possibly be in a position to judge Pedestrian Infidel’s (PI’s) supposed ignorance of Islam? Have you read Mark Alexander's book, ‘The Dawning of a New Dark Age’? Guess what, it’s all about Islam. Mark also lived a number of years in a Muslim country, and we’re honored to have him on the PI blogger team. How about Avenging Apostate? He's a secret Christian, ex Muslim and an apostate living in the UAE with what amounts to a death sentence hanging over his head. Avenging is also on the PI contributor team. As for me, I lived in Malaysia (a majority-Muslim state) for two years and my significant other is also an apostate from Islam. So yeah, I think this all means we know a heck of a lot more about the so-called ‘Religion of Peace’ than most other people. And that includes you, Ms. Julia.

Have you perused our numerous posts at PI regarding the Quran and Hadith, and the unmistakable hatred that lies within? (HINT—check our sidebar.) Have you even read any of our work, or are your accusations of ‘ignorance’ more likely a knee-jerk reaction of some sort? How dare you call us ignorant of Islam! Obviously, you're the one that's ignorant of the Mohammedans and their violent ways.

And I have nothing against legal immigrants (at least the non-Muslim ones). However, I do have a ton of problems with ILLEGAL immigrants. Julia, I know you are living in Chavez's Bolivarian socialist paradise of Venezuela, and that you’re not well-versed in the tongue of ‘el Norte’, but what part of "illegal" do you not understand? Spare me your worn-out 19th century history talking points. America, a land of immigrants indeed, has a right to control who enters and does not enter its territory. This is the same right that every other sovereign state in the world claims as its own, including yours. If you’re Spanish-speaking and you want to come up north to pick fruit or maybe live with your cousin, that does NOT give you the right to cross an international boundary without permission and stay in el Norte indefinitely. If Hispanics want to escape whatever Spanish-speaking Third World craphole they happen to reside in, then that means they should go wait in line at the US Embassy for 20 years like everybody else.

So, do we want (in your words) a “Berlin Wall” on the southern border? My response? Not a bad idea! Especially when one considers the ceaseless flow of drugs and “migrant workers” from south to north. Hey, here’s a capital idea. Why don’t you Hispanics just stop exporting your narcotics and surplus workers up north, stop blaming the Gringos for everything, and start trying to sort out your own problems for a change?

You claim on your blog to be ‘non partisan’ in your politics, but you have plainly taken a number of leftist myths to heart. This includes, among other things, the ole’ “Cycle of Violence” claptrap that leftists love to apply to the Jihadist barbarians. If only we would stop fighting these Muslim savages, stop defending ourselves, then we could all just join arms and sing “Kum-bye-ya”, and world peace would finally be at hand! But no, it’s all America’s fault!

So Julia from Chavezstan, pardon me if I call your ‘ideas’ (I use the term loosely) for what they really are—a steaming pile of ill-conceived BS.

Anyways, thanks for visiting PI, and have a nice day.


Aunty said...

Couldn't of said it better myself.

Aunty said...

My bad. I was referring to Pedestrian Infidel's response... certainly NOT in agreement with Ms. "Left Wing" Julia. <><

John Sobieski said...

Julia obviously has not studied Islam. We have. Because we understand Islam, her arguments are known to be false. Just like Muslims who say there is no violent commands in Islam and actually expect the stupid infidels to believe them, she says we don't know what we are talking about. But we do Julia and we, not you, have the facts on our side.

Julia_1984 said...

It is sad indeed how you talk about things as you were completly sure of them. The "right" on our side? When someone knows a lot about something, has also learn to be humble and welcome new knowledge and perspective, and doesn't cares who put that knowledge into doubt. Knowledge changes, people change, the "right" also changes and hope that change doesn't slap any of you guys in the face.
At last, I felt very insulted with the way one of the commenters used to call me "the left-wing" Julia since I'm currently against my leftie government and I'm not ideologically identified with neither left of right ideologies (but I guess no one even bother to check on my blog).
If I ever land in "el norte" for whatever reason hope I wont find such lack of dignity and tolerance as the one that has been showed on this blog.
But on the other hand, I smiled when I noticed that my comment made you write a whole entry. I definitly touched a nerve, made you think and thats a good starting point!.
On the rest, I can see a lot of dogmatism in this blog, and dogmatism is not open to discussion, so I wont discuss any of the topics that filled this entry.
PS: As always, I dont speak, so sorry about the grammar and spelling mistakes you might find on the lines above.

Emerson Twain said...

Julia makes the same understandable mistake in judgement also made by most Americans about the nature of muslims, vis-a-vis the rest of the world. That is, that the differences among the peoples of the world are only differences of degree that can be worked out. This is not true of Islam, where the difference is not principally in degree, but rather in kind. Pointing this out will cause the pointer to appear to the uninformed to be dogmatic and unkind. The hapless, uninformed one, unwilling to view their self-image as including qualities of naivete, will begin to get defensive and/or dismissive. Just as thought.

Always On Watch Two said...

You need to do some research--if you're not too blind to see the truth, that is.

And you might also have a look at this site. Quite a bit of international material there.

In other words, Julia, get a clue. If you want to see real dogmatism, read the Koran and the Hadith. And be sure to get a guide for the Koran, so that you can distinguish between Meccan and Medinan verses.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

With my apologies to the late Mr. Goldwater, dogmatism in defense of liberty is no vice.

Poor Dhimmi-to-be Julia, who can only say "we're wrong" on everything, but will not or (more likely) cannot bother to explain how we've departed the path of wisdom and righteousness. Ms. Julia, can you explain exactly how our conclusions are incorrect?

Didn't think so. Pathetic.

European Kafir said...


(assuming you are female at all):

I have a friend in Iran who would just love to offer you her place at the side of a husband whom her family forced her to get married to. The man in question is a very educated man (Phd) who will be delighted to show you his love by beating you up each time you dare speaking up to him. He will also whisper into your ears what his Muslim friends will do to you if you dare running away and during all this... he will recite Quran and tell you that all he is doing to you is in accordance with Quran.
Oh, and in case you will have children... they will also be used against you, in case you don`t behave.
In addition to all this, you should also let my friend tell you how her stepfather, also Muslim, jailed her in their cellar for a couple of months...for the only reason for having talked to her "boyfriend" in public. She was 17 and that time and her mother knew better than to even try to protest.

Islam is a peaceful religion...NOT! Peace starts at home...

Harcharan said...

A new one from Malaysia:

He became a Muslim before becoming an electrician
Andrew Ong | May 24, 07 2:06pm
In a matter of three hours, an aspiring electrician enrolled in a state-run vocational institute became a Muslim. He claims to signing the document for fear of being failed from his course.

European Kafir said...

In addtion to my previous comment:

My friend would just love to emigrate to USA or Canada... but to her an "illegal" immigration is no option. In spite of her life being in danger...

Anonymous said...

We may have to do away with democracy and retake our lands from the governments betrayals by force I think, lets face it we are all becoming an Orwellian police state in anycase. In preperation for the new world order so their is no democracy, its just smoke and mirrors.