Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The West’s Commitment to Freedom of Religion Will Be Its Undoing

The West is faced with an implacable enemy: Islam. This religion is Christianity’s greatest competitor. It was always thus, ever since Islam’s birth in the deserts of Arabia more than 1400 years ago. Islam means ‘submission’: Submission to Allah. In order to become a Muslim, one has to testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah – Allah’s final messenger. This testimony is called the Shahada. After one has testified, usually before an audience and an imam in the mosque, one becomes a Muslim.

The word Muslim comes from the same root as Islam. Islam means ‘submission’, and a Muslim is one who has submitted: submitted to Allah’s will, and one who has accepted that the Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s final messenger here on earth.

The greatest problem for Westerners is that Islam recognizes no separation of religion from politics. Both are one integrated whole. The West, by contrast, based as it is on Judeo-Christianity, is wholly committed to a separation of the religious from the political. Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. Without such a separation, the West as we know it would cease to exist. It would simply not be possible to have Western-style government were this separation not to be respected.

In recent decades, Westerners have allowed an unprecedented number of Muslims into their countries; indeed, Muslims have come to the West in their droves. Many have been legal immigrants; but so many have not been. They have just slipped in through the back door.

For many years, it was a trickle, so only the few paid any attention to the problem. In recent years, however, that trickle has become a constant flow. As a result, we are now faced with a huge problem: How can we integrate a people professing a faith diametrically-opposed to our own when those very people do not understand the importance of the separation of the religious from the secular, and when those very people refuse to integrate anyway because their religion forbids them to do so? Then there is the added problem that Muslims have a superiority complex: Ye are the best of the peoples evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. They therefore believe that they are the chosen people, the people chosen by Allah to bring Islam to all corners of the earth and to all its multitudes, to bring them to submission to what Muslims consider the one true faith: Islam.

Integration is difficult for the Muslim, too, since his religion forbids true integration. Muslims are exhorted to set themselves apart from the kufar, or infidels. So not only do we have a problem of integrating these people, but we also have a problem with them because they feel superior to us. This is further complicated by the fact that Muslims do not- will not- recognize- man-made, secular laws. Any man-made law is inferior, very inferior, to the laws as laid out by Allah and the Prophet Muhammad in the Shari’ah.

Westerners are committed to the noble and lofty concept of freedom of religion. In fact, many emigrated from Western Europe to the New World over the centuries simply because they felt that they were unable to practise their religion satisfactorily and without persecution in their own homelands – in Europe.

The fact of the matter today, though, is that this very commitment to freedom of religion is exactly what is endangering the survival of the free West. How can the West survive if it is committed to a concept which will continue to be a thorn in the side of liberty. This very liberty – the liberty of freedom of religion – when extended to a group of people who refuse to accept any separation of the religious from the political, any separation of the temporal from the sacred, is bound to become a problem of colossal proportions in future, especially when the Muslim population of the West will increase explosively due to far higher birth rates in the Muslim population in the West, the so-called Ummah. Added to this, the West is experiencing depressingly low birth rates in the communities of the indigenous population. All Westerners seem to want to do these days is remain free to lead a hedonistic life, free to earn more and more money, and free to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

It should be remembered that Islam is not simply a religion; rather, it is a political system, with its own economic system based on not using interest rates as are used in the capitalist model. The Islamic economic system is rib’a-free.

In view of the fact that Islam is so political, and in view of the fact that Islam refuses to separate religion from politics, how is the West to survive in its present form for future generations? For our children and our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s children? Are they going to thank us for not acting to stop this increasing Islamization of the West? Are they going to thank us for allowing a religion to grow here in the West which is determined, nay hell-bent, on destroying the very system which has given it the freedom to grow here in the West in the first place?

Were we to be talking about communism or Nazism, two systems which were out to destroy the West as people had come to know it, then there would have been no debate. The political parties propounding these ideas would be closed down – for good. But when it comes to a political party which clothes itself in a deity – Islam – we allow it to flourish, even when that very political party is out to destroy us and the very freedoms we respect and love.

It is high time for Westerners to reassess our commitment to religious freedom, and to reassess our tolerance for all movements and parties that happen to clothe themselves in a deity. If we do not find a way of making this reassessment, then I am sure that the days of freedom and democracy are numbered. We will fall into a form of totalitarianism – Islamic totalitarianism. It’s your choice!

©Mark Alexander


norm ridler said...

Mark, it's a while since I read your forthright and revealing book, where you tackle some of the most pressing matters that shroud that pseudo religious political dogma, and a while longer since I first found your blog "A New Dark Age Is Dawning" and the insightful "Pedestrian Infidel" and it's team of writers from around the world.

Even as we read, we are seeing the true nature of the beast in Palestine, where we witness the tribal blood-letting of those that proclaim the greatness of God, on one hand while attacking their brothers in religion and faith, on the other. Of course, they blame it on Israel, for the BBC to faithfully repeat, while laughably, their own embedded, woefully biased journalist remains captive, or worse, in the hands of yet another militia. "With friends like these, who needs enemies"

Meanwhile we witness our own leaders playing the education game for party political purposes, while all the time ensuring our children are brainwashed into subservience to the Orwellian takeover of our country by these self-serving marxist pigs masquerading as men, with their oh so "we know whats best for you" attitude.

We are seeing the consignment of our children to a future devoid of independence of thought, destined to be malleable consumer worker-ants feeding the rotting corpse of the political elite as they embark on their Soviet-style five-year plans.
The teaching of religion and history reduced to the needs of politicians to eliminate any future opposition to their great schemes.
The reduction of a once great nation, to an offshore bank, with it's assets up for grabs to the highest bidders, and it's religion and ethics already sold out to a cult of faked equality of belief, imposed by an atheist and secularist socialist dogma that ignores the facts that all religions were not born equal, and
believes that Islam and other religions will eventually meld into a quiescent economically useful hound-pack along the Northern Ireland model.
World events belie their model, and Islam will implode after it explodes, something like a dying Sun, but we will all inevitably suffer, for the unpreparedness foisted upon our democracies and the mind numbing dumbing down of our educationalists, both religious and political.

By the way, I so miss JaR and his banter, maybe he could visit P.I.!
Have you still planned a new book, Mark?

Mark said...


Thank you for your very insightful comment. It was a pleasure to read.

Yes, I do have another book, ready to go to press, actually; but I can't seem to find the time to proof read it. Each day, something comes in the way. I also have plans for my third book. So yes, it doesn't come to a stop with my first book, thankfully.

I understand that you might be missing comments from JAR and others. I no longer accept comments on my blog - at least, not for the time being - simply because of time constraints. I'm a one-man show here; and alas there are only so many hours in a day. But I do accept comments for any essay I post here at PI; so I hope that is some consolation, at least.

Again, thank you for your wonderful comment. It is greatly appreciated.

Mark said...


May I ask you a favour, please? Could I use on my website those great words you wrote about my book? The words I refer to are: "Your forthright and revealing book". It would be great if you let me.

N C. said...

With pleasure.
Your blog is becoming a fascinating shortcut to European events, as well as worldwide. It is a great spur to try to read in other languages, (before having to wind up the autotranslator!) Needless to say, the little red dots on the map continue to grow, as does your readership.

Mark said...


Thank you for your permission. I shall get to it sometime in the morning. (It's getting late here now.)

I'm so glad you like my blog. As you know, I have made some changes to it; and I'm very pleased with them, too. They work for me.

Mark said...


I have now placed two comments of yours up on my blogspot, as permitted by you. Please take a look. I think you will like them. If you don't, then please let me know.

Thank you again for your generous praise.