Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why 'Moderate Muslims' are worse than useless

Courtesy of View from the Right

One of the participants in the National Review Online symposium on the Fort Dix terror plot is M. Zuhdi Jasser, a moderate Muslim who is chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Here is his proffered remedy to the jihad threat:

More Muslims, more media, and more government officials should be noting that:

...While most Muslims have never met militants like those arrested, Muslim organizations should understand that only Muslims hold the keys to the way to overwhelm and counter the ideology which fuels these radicals. Muslim organizations should be clamoring to expose and infiltrate the ideology and sources which drove these traitors to sprout their radical cell. We need an Islamic vaccine (the separation of spiritual Islam from political Islam) to the virus which afflicted these men. Until Muslim anti-Islamists can defeat Islamism (political Islam) as an ideology, we will not make any headway at preventing the germination of the next cell. We will only be left waiting, praying, for the FBI to help us, yet again, dodge the next bullet.

According to Jasser, the solution to radical Islam is the "separation of spiritual Islam from political Islam." Unfortunately, this solution resides in Cloud Cuckoo Land, since the union of spiritual Islam and political Islam IS Islam. It is the very essence of Islam, and has been since the M man entered Medina and became its political and spiritual ruler in 622. So, by the very nature of Islam, the separation that Jasser hopes for can never come about. Or rather, it can come about only through despotism, such as that of Kemal Ataturk who de-Islamized public life in Turkey (and the moment the despotism lets go its grip, Islam comes rushing back, as we see in today's Turkey). Do the moderate Muslims look like Ataturk? The question answers itself.

Jasser concludes that until this (utopian and impossible) separation of spiritual from political Islam comes about, "We will only be left waiting, praying, for the FBI to help us, yet again, dodge the next bullet." Jasser thinks, quite sensibly, that it is folly to do nothing more than pray that we have the good luck to dodge the next bullet. But what is his alternative to the inexcusable folly of depending on good luck? The far worse folly of depending on something that is literally impossible.

In sum, Jasser calls on America to put all its hopes for safety in the prospect that moderate Muslims can reform unreformable Islam, which is impossible, rather than calling on America to defend itself from unreformable Islam, which is possible.

And this is why I say that the moderate Muslims are worse than useless.

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murtad girl said...

I am living in the most moderate muslim country and I know they rather be silence and blind.

We will never know how to trust or not to trust "moderate muslim". Its very hard to tell.