Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wolfowitz Going Down In Flames! Let's Celebrate!

I have always thought Wolfowitz is a sleazy, incompetent advisor to Bush, one of many. You may recall he said that Iraq would be a piece of cake and only cost about $20 billion. He also said that the oil revenues from Iraq would take care of reconstruction. For all that, he got promoted to the World Bank. There he got caught screwing a Muslim and sweetening her paycheck. Now, this jerk is about to be bitchslapped to the ground. Sweet.

Wolfowitz 'threatened bank staff after leak'
By Alex Spillius
Last Updated: 2:30am BST 16/05/2007

Paul Wolfowitz, the embattled World Bank chief, launched into a threatening tirade against members of his staff when news of his controversial pay and promotion package for his girlfriend began to leak out, it emerged yesterday.

The World Bank board will discuss and decide Paul Wolfowitz's fate by the end of the week

The revelation was one of the more damning elements of a report by a special investigative panel, which concluded that the scandal "had a dramatic, negative effect on the reputation and credibility" of the bank.

Xavier Coll, a former vice-president for human resources, told bank interviewers that Mr Wolfowitz accused him of leaking details of the deal he engineered for Shaha Riza.

"And he also stated very clearly that if these people f*** with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to f*** them too. Those were the words," Mr Coll said.

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Anonymous said...

" There he got caught screwing a Muslim and sweetening her paycheck."
Was it he that got screwed though?