Wednesday, May 30, 2007

(Yet Another) Malaysian Miscarriage of Justice

Islamic tyranny is alive and well in Malaysia. Freedom is dead, or rather, was never really alive in Malaysia in the first place. It's an Islamic state, so what else can we infidels expect?
To no one's surprise, Malaysia's highest court today denied petitioner Lina Joy the right to legally become a Christian, who converted from Islam in 1998. The court, composed of three judges, ruled two to one against Joy. Two of the judges on this chickenshit court are Muslim and the third judge isn't. Any guesses as to which judge ruled in Joy's favor?

"You can't at whim and fancy convert from one religion to another," Federal Court Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim said in delivering judgment in the case, which has stirred religious tensions in the mainly Muslim nation.
Fighting a nine-year legal battle to become a Christian is 'whim and fancy'? What a f*cking Muzzie Melayu moron!

Halim said the civil court "...had no jurisdiction in the case and that it should be dealt with by the country's Islamic courts".
However, in practice, Malaysia's sharia courts do not allow Muslims to formally renounce Islam. These so-called 'courts' prefer to send apostates to counseling and, ultimately, fining or jailing them if they do not desist.

After all, Malaysia is a 'moderate' state, so I guess these apostates should feel lucky that they aren't executed out of hand, as is done in many other Muslim countries.

Following the defeat of this, her last appeal. Lina's choices aren't good. She can make a go of going to the shariah kangaroo courts (where her fate is already preordained by the Islamofascists), she can stay in hiding as an apostate (and perhaps eventually get killed by an Islamic opportunist), or she can leave Malaysia forever.

Clearly, Lina is better off leaving her Bumi-Melayu-Muslim tormenters behind once and for all. She has already been disowned by her family and forced to quit her computer sales job after clients (who were no doubt Muslims as well) threatened to withdraw their business.
Lina Joy...a true martyr for the real Religion of Peace. God bless you, Lina.


Yankee Doodle said...

What do you expect. The name of their religion is "submission" -- it almost sounds like some kind of designer perfume!

Good post.

MK said...

Bloody hell, horse's ass is an understatement. Religion of peace and tolerance ey, sure, pigs bum it is.