Monday, June 04, 2007

Europe's White Elephant

This is the A380 (superduperjumbo capable of carrying 700+ passengers packed like sardines, doublestacked) taxiing to the gate in Paris. Doesn't that look like a fat rich target for Muslim jihadists? Prediction: When one of these obese monsters crashes, will that be the end of the A380?


A Free Man said...

I have come to like the new A380, it is a fine plane, quite beautiful. But yes, if one is knocked out of the sky, used to crash into something or just crashes because of some failure, it may mark the end of this behemoth!

The Anti-Jihadist said...

So far this white elephant is more than 2 yrs behind schedule and is deeply in the red. No doubt, the A380 is a huge technological and engineering achievement, and my hat's off to the Eurodhimmis for that. Unfortunately, no one's buying it, or at least not enough of them. Airbus needs to sell something like a hundred more of this hulking behemoths in order to just break even.

Kind of reminds me of another European aerospace technological feat that cost billions, didn't sell and ended up burning a huge hole in the pocketbooks of Europe. Does the name "Concorde" ring any bells?

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, archrival Boeing's new jet the 787 is sold out solid for the next five years and counting.

Anonymous said...

The first commercial jet airliner, the uk "Comet" was put out of business after a couple of crashes, opening the door to Boeing.
A recent BBC documentary showed UK Birmingham airport (Continental Airlines etc.) with it's security staff sleeping and reading newspapers instead of looking at the X-rays of baggage etc.
Be afraid if you travel on anything except El Al!
It is only a matter of time before the jhadists do their thing once more.
I suppose we will all have to be lectured once more by our shit for brains politicians about how we must learn to love religious nut-jobs. Witness the latest Muslim conference in London, when T. Blair promised a million pounds to promote the introduction of moderate immams in UK university Islamic studies. What a f'ing joke!
The optimist will say that the end of mass jet travel will save our sorry asses from global warming.
Time to be a bit more selective about who we let in our countries.

Anonymous said...

Not only too large and a fat target for jihadist but the slow development reminds one of how long it took to develope the Concorde and how limited and short span was its service life.

In fact if one look back inro the slow pace of even European military aircraft of the past, it took ages before the British English Electric came into service. Ditto, the Hawker Hunter, Gloster Javelin etc. By which time they were fairly obsolescent.


Anonymous said...

Also the matter of the capability of major airports to handle such a behemoth as the A380 also is not high-lighted enough.

BTW, the Comet in its time was a dated design like. It hardly used a swept wing concept and its engines was at the wing root, making maintenance harder and producing more vibration and noise. The metal fatigue that caused its downfall was not due to the thickness(more than adequate)of its skin but the weknesses around the window's design.

The A380 is switching to composite material rather late, copying the Dreamliner, to save weight.