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Jorge Bush - The New Hoover

William Gheen at ALIPAC wrote an incredibly incisive article about King Jorge Bush today. It is a must read. We will fight them in the Senate, and if we cannot defeat the Continentalists there, we will fight and destroy their evil child in the House. We will not fail. This abomination will be stopped.

Exclusive: The Great Illegal Immigration Depression. Bush is Hoover!
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The Great Illegal Immigration Depression. Bush is Hoover!

June 14, 2007

by William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

It is my belief that America's illegal immigration crisis is happening because large corporations have used their influence on the Bush administration to open our borders and practically suspend the existing immigration laws of the United States.

It leaves one to wonder what other regulatory laws designed for the protection of American citizens Bush has decided not to enforce. Could this same deprivation of self-governance be a factor in the high gas prices and the toxins being imported in our food?

By unilaterally choosing to suspend, under-enforce, or pretend to enforce our existing immigration laws, President Bush is in violation of his oath of office and the US Constitution.

In fact, when the President does not enforce the popularly-supported laws that exist, every Congressional election has been nullified and every American’s vote has been rendered meaningless. This country’s illegal immigration crisis is the sign of a deeper constitutional crisis that goes to the very heart of our nation!

That is why so many Americans are calling the president "King George," and that is why the words "traitor," "treason," "impeach," and "resign" are flowing freely on the web and talk radio. These expressions show the deep sense of betrayal that Americans of all races, genders, and political persuasions feel at this moment in history.

Illegal aliens are being used as a lever in an attempt to force all Americans into a way of life and a ruled subservience to corporate powers. We are being told we must accept this because the illegals are “here and not going anywhere.” The examples of this corporate-sponsored and corporate-facilitated invasion make the news regularly, and they are violations of federal law.

For those Americans who actually made the mistake of voting for George W. Bush – myself included – we miss the days of the Lewinsky scandal. How nice it would be to return to something as harmless as that. This crisis makes many of us long for the days of Richard Nixon's resignation. Bush’s resignation would be greeted with loud applause and cheers from the American public. In fact, we would all prefer to be talking about a break-in versus the mass invasion of America by corporate-sponsored illegal aliens who are coming by the millions!

Before this is all done, President Bush will go down as either the most despised president in the history of the United States or as one of the last presidents of the United States!

His polling numbers are racing to the bottom, joining Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has reached levels of 19% or less. He is also joining Sen. John McCain, who has plummeted to the back of the GOP pack in the presidential contest. Numbers for Congress are falling like a stone as the conspirators and traitors in Washington push for the final measures of their "SPP," "North American Union," "North American Community," or whatever you want to call this plan.

Should the American Republic survive this assault – and we all hope and pray it will – our citizens will have to look through history to find a president as unpopular as Bush is becoming. We will have to look to the days of President Herbert Hoover because our illegal immigration crisis is the largest corporate and presidential scandal in American history!

This is no surprise to me.

History repeats itself, and the actual study of how history repeats itself is called phylogeny.

I believe that for history to repeat itself, those who are living and remember the horrible mistakes of the past must depart this world. The living memory and living history must pass.

And that is the situation today with those who were alive and old enough to remember the Great Depression, the things that caused it, and what was done to prevent another from ever happening.

When the Republicans came to power in 1994, they worked behind the scenes to dismantle many of the economic regulatory laws that were put in place to prevent another Great Depression in America.

It all started when the federal government had to shut down in the spring of 1996 during the budget impasse between President Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress and Senate. I remember how the stock market took off for the sky!

For the next five years, the stock market ballooned much faster than our real economic growth because the global corporations knew they could get almost anything they wanted from the federal government and ignore many of the Federal laws because the government would either not enforce them or rewrite them to suit the corporate elite!

Does this sound familiar? It should, because this is exactly what the supporters of Scamnesty Bill S. 1348 are doing today. They are not enforcing existing laws and rewriting them to please Global corporate elites! These corporations are no longer happy with the de facto amnesty, open borders, SPP, and North American Community provided by President Bush.

The Big Money is unhappy because over 35 states have passed laws to crack down on illegals and hundreds of cities and towns are moving to protect our communities by doing the same. The big corporations need S. 1348 to try and stamp out the political revolt on the local level.

Americans are in a state of political revolt against the sellouts in Washington and the US Chamber of Commerce that are trying to force a continental economic union upon the unwilling American electorate!

These big corporations as well as many smaller companies are addicted to illegal immigration because of the increased consumerism and cheaper labor the illegals bring to them. To hear them cry about immigration enforcement, they speak as if their companies would die and the crops would rot in the fields without the illegals.

These companies sound like alcoholics, drug addicts, and smokers trying to quit. They will not perish without illegal immigration, but there will be pain. That pain is preferable to the death of this nation, and that will be the end result if we do not stop their evil plans for us all!

By 2000, the economic reading in America reached a level not found since the 1920s just prior to the stock market collapse of 1929. The Q-Value of the markets (real worth vs. trading prices) was more out of balance than at anytime in American history except for the late 1920s. The economic correction heading toward America due to these economic excesses was blamed on the 9/11 attacks, when in fact we were overdue for “The Big One”.

Even Former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has confirmed my theory by stating that without illegal immigration, America would be in the midst of another Great Depression!

I believe that corporate America and their puppets in Washington have been intentionally opening the borders and under-enforcing our existing immigration laws to try to prevent the full collapse of the American economy, which is due to their actions.

By hyper-inflating consumer and labor markets, they are propping up the banks, the housing market, and many other industries.

While this may seem like a great short-term fix for the economy and the corporations, it is against the law, against the US Constitution, and against the will of the vast majority of America's legal citizens. They are importing millions of people that do not like America!

President Bush occupies the same place in the repeats of history as President Hoover, however we have a boogeyman to blame for the economic failures instead of the politicians and corporate elites in America.

Just like President Hoover, Bush is going to blast the GOP back to the place they were in during the 1930s.

When Bush was elected in 2000, this was the first time since the late 1920s that the Republicans controlled the Presidency, Congress, and the Senate.

There is a reason for this. People blamed the Republicans for what happened in the 1930s just like American citizens are rightfully blaming President Bush and his top Republican allies in the Senate for illegal immigration.

The Democrats dominated American politics for the next 50 years in what was called the “FDR Coalition”!

The problem today is that American citizens have no arms to run to with the Democrats. The Democrats have abandoned their progressive economic messages of the past. They no longer stand up for the American worker, a progressive tax structure, or the little guys and gals in America. Democrats are too focused on gender, sexual orientation, and race issues while abandoning their populist economic policies of the past!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt deported a huge amount of illegal aliens from America who had come in during the 1920s, just like we have today. Does anyone think that Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will crack down on illegal immigration like President Roosevelt or President Dwight Eisenhower?

The answer to that question is a resounding NO!

So where are Americans to go now that the Democrats as a party are not a viable solution and the upper echelons of both parties are bought off by big business?

The pressure is growing and we must all find a place for that pressure to go because we are at a very dangerous time in American history, which resembles the Great Depression.

We could call it the Illegal Immigration Great Depression, and George Bush could be President Hoover II.

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