Sunday, June 03, 2007

An Open Letter to an Anti-Semite

Charlotte Kates is the pro-terrorist law student at Rutgers Univ. who organized the pro-Palestinian conference and defends suicide bombers.

The following letter was written to the President of Rutgers State University by an Israeli citizen after reading Kates' published comments on the Israeli/Palestinian situation.

Dear Ms. Kates,

I think you are a remarkable woman. You are neither an Arab nor a Jew, you do not study the Middle East, or any associated subject, and correct me if I am wrong, but you have never visited this region. Therefore, I am somewhat astounded at your expertise and to your comments on Israel being an "Apartheid" state.

I have lived in Israel for many years, and I would be delighted to take you on a little virtual tour of our country. Let me first give you a couple of minor points. Israel occupies 0.1% of the landmass of the Middle East and it is the only Jewish state, not only in this region, but in the world, and surrounded by 22 Arab states

Let us begin your virtual tour!!

You have already been through immigration at Tel Aviv Airport with your boyfriend, whom we shall call Ken. You will have filled out a visitors form. This form will not ask you, as it will in many of the countries that surround us, what is your religion, and it will certainly not ask you, as they do in Saudi Arabia, for a "certificate of religion".

The day is Sunday! You will want to attend a church service. No problem in the Apartheid State of Israel. We tolerate, and freely allow, worship for all religions. This is more than can be said for all of the surrounding 22 Arab nations. In fact many of them would not even have a single church, let alone a synagogue.

After a lovely service you and Ken would head for a leisurely lunch- maybe at one of the lovely beachfront restaurants in Tel Aviv. You would most likely have returned to your hotel and put on a very casual outfit, as befitting the very hot Israeli summers. This could be a pair of shorts and a tight fitting skimpy t-shirt. No problem in the Apartheid state of Israel. In Israel we allow freedom of dress, especially for women, who are not made to wear bulky long robes, a veil to cover their face, and, wouldn't it be a pity if you had to cover that lovely coiffed hairdo, as you would probably have to in the surrounding 22 Arab states.

During lunch Ken could gaze lovingly into your heavily-painted eyes, complete with a good application of black mascara. He would be free to lean across and kiss your lips-finely painted with lip liner, 2 shades of burgundy lipstick and gloss. People would probably think you were in love, especially as Ken has proudly displayed a good wine on the table. Public displays of affection and consuming alcohol in the Apartheid state of Israel is nothing unusual, and its not even scorned upon. That's more than can be said for most of the surrounding 22 Arab states, where your glossy lips would be considered whorish and alcohol is forbidden.

But, Ken, being a little flirtatious, pinched one of the young waitresses, while you went to reapply your lipstick. It was harmless and luckily for the young girl in the Apartheid State of Israel, her father and 6 brothers will not take her to the family pool in the evening and drown her, or slit her throat-as they would in the surrounding 22 Arab states.

After lunch you and Ken drive around. You are even allowed to drive. It is not forbidden in Israel. You stumble across a kindergarten. The children are running around and enjoying themselves. They are not made to sit for hours reciting by rote, pages from religious books. Their games are in the sand pit or on the swings. They are not infested with hate or told the only honor to their lives will be in death.

In the Apartheid state of Israel we rejoice in life and living. We do not promote murder and violence by brainwashing our children with hatred, as they do in the surrounding 22 Arab states.

By the end of the day you and Ken come across a political rally. Many thousands have turned up. In the Apartheid State of Israel all the citizens, men, women, Jew, Arab and Christian are free to vote. We are allowed to openly criticize the government and our media, including the T. V. and newspapers, offer, without prejudice, a choice of opinions. Every person has the right to openly agree with, or condemn, the government. This can certainly not be said for any of the surrounding 22 Arab states- ruled as they are by oppressive dictators, where any dissent is met with dire consequences.

Of course, most of the 22 surrounding Arab countries can't offer you a good old-fashioned homicide (suicide) bombing as a tourist attraction. This can only happen in the apartheid state of Israel, surrounded as we are, by so many hostile countries, all determined, as you are to wipe us of the face of the earth. Where else can you get on a crowded bus, often packed with children and come face to face with some poor, plighted Palestinian ghoul who thinks life isn't very jolly, having been fed, and brainwashed, by evil organizations like Hamas, to believe that the only way forward is to murder innocent people. This dehumanized creature will have been fed on a 24/7 diet of lies and hate incitement; he will have been coaxed with the reward of 72 virgins waiting for him in Paradise. His demonic mother will be dancing in the street waving her $10,000 check.

While Israelis are scraping their dead children off the sidewalks, the Palestinians will be lighting fireworks, and dancing in the street to honor this mass murderer as a hero- often to their children who are being systematically nurtured to be the next generation of mass murderers.

The Apartheid State of Israel. Forgive me, Ms. Kate,s but you seem somewhat confused as to the meaning of the word. It usually refers to segregation. Its funny, isn't it, that a large section of the Jews who live in this apartheid state had to flee for their lives from nearly all of the surrounding 22 Arab states. These countries not only have no tolerance for Jews, they refer to anyone who is not a Moslem as an "Infidel" and an "enemy". I find it somewhat curious that you find nothing "apartheid" about these countries. Maybe you should do a project on how many churches there are in Saudi Arabia. Let me help you; there are none. It would not be tolerated.

I am proud to live in this Apartheid State. In 55 years we have become one of the most technologically advanced nations on this planet, with many innovations that have made Israel a true leader in many fields. It is tragic that we have to live in a region that feels threatened by our achievements. Israel is not an apartheid state and it is appalling that a so-called intelligent, and thinking, person like you can go around finding feeble excuses for mass murder.

Ms. Kates, there is no justification, in any society, for getting on a crowded bus, often packed with children, detonating an explosive belt, often packed with nails and shrapnel, and destroying innocent lives. This is not a freedom fighter, or a person seeking justice, but a chronically and irreversibly evil human being.

I can only assume that one day in the near future, Ms. Kates, you will chip off that heavy layer of make up and discover your conscience



Anonymous said...

From the posted article . . .quote:

Its funny, isn't it, that a large section of the Jews who live in this apartheid state had to flee for their lives from nearly all of the surrounding 22 Arab states. These countries not only have no tolerance for Jews, they refer to anyone who is not a Moslem as an "Infidel" and an "enemy". I find it somewhat curious that you find nothing "apartheid" about these countries.

Perhaps this 'Ms. Kates' is unfamiliar with this part of history. A very good video produced by the David Project titled "The Forgotten Refugees" is highly recommended viewing.
See this link for preview and ordering information:

MikeT said...

I doubt she will care. Anyone who so thoroughly rapes words like apartheid is not one to let minor details like the difference in treatment for women in Israel and the arab states get in the way of the beliefs she wants to hold. She's no doubt one of those people who thinks Fascist means "bad man" rather than adherent of a definable, distinct political ideology based on Socialism.

turtlecurls said...

Whether or not Ms. Kates cares, every bit helps. Thanks for posting this.

A point that seems to over get missed is that the Palestinian Arabs in the terroritories are not, nor have they ever indicated that they want to be peaceful citizens of Israel. They're elected government has declared an elimination war on Israel and these people are members of an enemy state. Israel treats them as a rather puzzling enemy that declares they don't want peace. They are not in any way apartheid-separated citizens. One normally does separate from and maximize control over those bent on destroying one. Until another solution is found.

Use of such hateful terms against another should flag people to use caution on all people who would use such a message. It's fun to label the Jewish state with hateful labels. That makes it easier to deal with all the guilt from all the hate that killed so many Jews in so many not so very distance years.

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Anna said...

Thank-you for that beautiful, well written, open letter about Israel. I appreciate that a letter like yours could be posted in an open democracy. I appreciate it because I was born in a communist, antisemetic country, where at 6, I was hated for merely being born a Jew, and in which, had my family not fled, I would never have a voice.

Thanks also to this site for keeping 'comment spam out'. It is wonderful to be able to discuss a subject in an intelligent, informed way without use of slander, name calling, profanity, etc.