Thursday, June 28, 2007

There'll be no signing, King Jorge

You will recall a few weeks ago, Bush defiantly said to the opponents of the Shamnesty Bill, "I'll see you at the signing." No, King Jorge, you will not have a bill to sign. Now as you sit alone in your grand oval office, all alone except for your sycophants, you have no friends left. You have alienated everyone. You have blown that precious 'capital' that you said you had earned and intended to spend. Now you are truly a lame duck, a clay pigeon blown into a billion bits. Long live America! The Emperor has no clothes.


Anonymous said...

Cubed here.

Is it just possible that perhaps, maybe, we "little people" might still have enough clout to save our sovereignty?

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY! I STILL haven't come down to earth! First Dubai Ports, and now this!

OK, who can we vote for who will carry out the will of the people and perform his Constitutional duty to defend our nation?

This jerk's "legacy" is TOAST!

Kian said...

Voice of America: A nest of fiasco

I would like to bring your attention to matters most important at the Persian Service of Voice of America; especially during this juncture when confrontation between the U.S. and the government of Iran is on a collision course. The people at VOA are in charge of conveying the true message of the government of the United States (freedom) by presenting it through clear and comprehensible programs which are broadcast to the Iranian people.
The end results of programming from Voice of America, however, are nothing but ludicrous and disgraceful. I declare this since I worked in the department and I know from first hand experience the complete lack of competence.
The cockamamie management team consists of a woman with no formal education, no journalism background and no experience in anything but ass licking; and an eighty-five year old man who has never been in charge of any job, but perhaps as a barber skilled in altering his hair color by dying it from white to blonde, then to black, then to brown...
You might assume that due to the non-stop emergence of fiascos in the Bush administration (The World Bank's Wolfowitz scandal, Pentagon's lack of post Iraq war planning, Condoleezza Rice's magnum opus ‘non-diplomacy’ in the Middle East, and of course, Gonzales at DOJ), which have all culminated in such disrespect for the United States throughout Europe and the entire world, that it would have left no time for the administration to investigate Voice of America. You are wrong.
The fiasco at VOA, millions dollar waste, first class trips by the few people in the management are so apparent and bizarre that even Tom Coburn (Republican Senator from Oklahoma) wrote a letter addressed to President Bush in February regarding the disastrous situation at Voice of America with a copy also sent to the State Department.
The result? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
There is no doubt that this administration will be remembered as the most corrupt, reckless, and careless administration in the history of the United States of America. We will continue inform you in this issue and welcome any input by the news media and the people who care about the future of this great country.