Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Ten Reasons:

10. Awards Amnesty -- Offers amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

9. A Favor to Mexico's Government -- Amnesty deal follows the U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement.

8. Cuts Border Security in Half -- Last Congress, we promised the American people 700 miles of fence and today only two miles of that fence have been constructed. What's even more troubling is that this new amnesty sellout is going to cut that border security promise in half to less than 400 miles of fence.

7. That's Trillion with a "T" -- Heritage Foundation President Robert Rector estimates the total cost of the bill to be in the TRILLIONS of dollars.

6. No Assimilation Required -- There is no requirement that illegal immigrants know a word of English to get amnesty.

5. Fails to Address Anchor Babies -- For a so-called 'comprehensive' fix, this legislation fails to address the major problem of illegal immigrants crossing our borders to have children that become automatic U.S. citizens.

4. Amnesty for Absconders and Gang Members -- Bill gives amnesty to dangerous criminals and repeat offenders

3. Invites Fraud -- Z Visas Invite Document Fraud and Create a False Sense of Security

2. Reduces Job Opportunities for Working Class Americans

1. The LARGEST Single Increase in the Government Welfare State in American History -- Illegal immigrants will get Social Security numbers, which will in turn permit them to use entitlement programs available to law-abiding Americans.



Michael Travis said...

From the Blog of J.D. Hayworth;

E-mail from Border Patrol agent on bad policies

Hey JD, I'm a Border Patrol Agent (obviously I would prefer not to be identified) and I have an observation for you. It is a crime under Title 18 to vote if you are not a citizen. Did you know that we are PROHIBITED from working any where near a polling location on election days? The government does not take the immigration problem seriously. We are PROHIBITED by policy, not law, from doing our job. We can not even follow suspected criminals if they commit one traffic violation (including driving 46 mph in a 45 mph zone). To do so results in the Agent being placed on administrative duties for upwards of 12 months while the Border Patrol investigates the policy violation.

Next time you speak with one of our elected dimwits please ask them what the difference is between chasing 2000 pounds of dope, 2000 pounds of people or 2000 pounds of high explosives. The agents don't know the difference until the vehicle is stopped, which we can't do because of policy. This bill claims to increase security by increasing technology and the number of agents. But let me tell you, we can do the job now if allowed to. We can have 100,000 agents on the border but if we are handcuffed by policy, nothing will change. One last thing, with the increase in new Border Patrol recruits, especially those coming from the east coast where they are not raised with such an immigration problem, the trend for agents to get into trouble doing their jobs is going to skyrocket. New recruits are more excited about doing the job and start off by trying to make a difference. A belief that runs counter to current policy.

Policy is the problem. The order was given to "stand down".

John Sobieski said...

Michael Chertoff (aka Mr. Burns (Debbie Schussel site)) is a fraud, a cunning liar. He keeps saying that this bill is the only way to enhance border enforcement. It is such an absurd lie. There are plenty of statutes openly ignored by Chertoff. He is another globablist, a sycophant of Jorge Bush.

Such liars.

SlantRight 2.0 said...

The ten reasons demonstrate the impotence of President Bush politically and the audacity of the Democrats to achieve a demographic voting strategy to eliminate the Christian Right's influence with Democrat loving Latinos.