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Traitor Mel Speaks

Bush Must `Get to Work' on Immigration, Martinez Says (Update1)

By James Rowley (Bloomberg)

June 8 (Bloomberg) -- President George W. Bush must ``roll his sleeves up and get to work'' to revive stalled immigration- overhaul legislation that is a centerpiece of his domestic agenda, said Florida Senator Mel Martinez, a leading Republican sponsor of the plan. [Yeah, el Bushe has LOTS of goodwill with the Republicans after 6 years of fiascos and liberalism.]


Martinez, who also serves as the party's chairman [ When can we get rid of this clown? Bush appointed him! But we need him out of the RNC chairmanship NOW.], said he was optimistic the Senate would eventually enact the legislation because there is ``great determination'' by its bipartisan supporters ``not to just let the moment pass, but to insist that we get this done.'' [It's like a goddamn vampire with its sychophants gathereed around it, trying to breathe life into it again.]

Bush drew criticism from Democrats for failing to show political leadership on the issue and from some Republicans for attacking the measure's opponents as fear-mongers. While defending Bush's efforts, Martinez said the president needed to do more to make immigration overhaul a legacy of his presidency.

``No doubt that he needs to roll his sleeves up and get to work with us,'' Martinez, 60, said on Bloomberg Television's ``Political Capital with Al Hunt.'' Success ``now requires close monitoring and everyday contact'' to rescue the measure, Martinez said. ``I think that's what we need for him to do, contact members and be involved.''


Martinez also criticized Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rudolph Giuliani for assailing the Senate legislation without saying ```here is how I will solve the problem.'' Such leadership on immigration by Republican candidates is necessary if the party hopes to win the presidency next year, Martinez said. [ Can you believe this crap? Romney and Guiliani are stronger by being AGAINST this madness, but Traitor Mel can't see that at all. ]

``On this issue they are falling short,'' he said. ``They're wrong in just criticizing'' and ``need to stake the step beyond'' by ``offering a solution.''

If Bush can't persuade enough Republicans in Congress to allow enactment of immigration overhaul, the party will pay a political price, including losing the White House in next year's presidential election, he said. [ Let me get this right. Because Bungler Bush, Globalist Bush, Liberalist Bush has destroyed the Republican Party and alienated everyone who voted for him, it's the Party's fault?]

``I worry about that a lot,'' Martinez said. ``We paid a political price in the last election cycle. If we get the same type of Hispanic support in the next election cycle than we did in the last, there's no way we could elect a Republican president'' in 2008. [Like 40 millian new Mexican citizens are going to save the Republican Party as they are going to love the Republicans for giving them legalization. This man is clueless. An agent of Republican destruction planted deep witin the party. ]

Open Party

Republicans should follow Bush's lead on immigration because it's ``very important that our party be viewed as a party with an open sort of attitude to people of all races and colors,'' said Martinez, himself an immigrant from Cuba.

Martinez also faulted Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid for trying to limit debate on the legislation before Republican opponents had a chance to try to change the measure by amendment. Reid pulled the legislation after he failed to get the 60 votes needed to conclude debate.

``Reid rushed the system, rushed the process,'' Martinez said. There was ``no reason'' for the Democratic leader ``to pull the bill down,'' he said.

There was no urgency, particularly because ``when we go back into the Senate'' on June 11 ``we're going to go to a censure of Al Gonzales,'' Martinez said, referring to Reid's plans to start debate on a resolution of ``no confidence'' in Bush's embattled attorney general. [Deos it not strike Traitor Mel funny that his ally in creating Bush's "LEGACY" wants to hurry on and destroy Bush's Administration? No? No irony Traitor Mel? ]
G-8 Summit

Bush's trip to the Group of Eight summit in Germany this week made it harder for administration officials to marshal support for the immigration measure, Martinez said.

``Undoubtedly, his help here in the last few days would have been very helpful,'' Martinez said. ``But I think he will reengage next week.'' [Only 18 more months of miserable reengagement. ]

Bush called three Republican senators today about the immigration bill while flying on Air Force One from Gdansk, Poland to Rome. Senators Jon Kyl of Arizona, Trent Lott of Mississippi and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky ``expressed optimism'' that the debate would continue and the measure would pass, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said. [ Kyl and Lott are traitors too, McConnell reads the tealeaves much better, but Kyl and Lott just don't get it. ]

Republicans don't deserve all the blame for obstructing the legislation ``because a lot of Democrats took their shot at this issue during the past week's debate as well,'' Martinez said. ``It's a bipartisan failure.'' [It's a failure of this Bush Administration and RINOs like you for betraying the Republican Party.]

The vote to end the protracted debate failed 50 to 45; it required 60 votes to pass, or 15 more than it received. Democrats voted 38 to 11 for cutting off debate, while only seven Republicans, including Martinez, voted to proceed with the bill and 38 opposed it. THE SEVEN TRAITORS TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ARE Traitor Mel (R-FL), Lindsay Gramnesty (R- SC), Lugee Lugar (R-IN), Rat Hagel (R-NE), Lame McCain (R-AZ), Loser Spectre (R-MI) and Loser Voinovich (R-OH).

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