Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another $300 Million in Jizya Gone

Do you ever ask yourself, "Why am I paying taxes so that our government can give it to Muslims to kill us?" I do. Over the years in the Iraq war, the US government has been flying in PALLETS of brand new US DOLLARS as Iraq is running two parallel currency systems. There is little doubt that the amount of US dollars floating in Iraq approaches one hundred billion. How much of that has disappeared and into whose hands? We'll never know. Don't you love how our government gives money to people who absolutely despise and hate us and who plot against us and finance terrorism and our downfall? Now Dar es Salaam (Land of Peace) Bank had $300 MILLION in US currency. Gee what did they offer as collateral to get that $300 MILLION? A promise to pay it back to the US? Ha ha ha, oh, it hurts so much.

This Administration and that idiot Bush and his clueless sidekick Condi are doing their best to bankrupt and destroy America with their 'light unto the Muslim' nations thing, their 'project.' Oh I don't know about you, but I have had enough of these idiots in the driver's seatt.

Thieves steal nearly $300 million from Baghdad bank
Thu Jul 12, 2007 10:43AM EDT

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Thieves have stolen nearly $300 million from a bank in Baghdad, police and a bank official said Thursday, in what is probably one of the biggest thefts in Iraq since the 2003 war to topple Saddam Hussein.

Police said the thieves were three guards who worked at the private Dar Es Salaam bank in Baghdad's Karrada district.

They said that when bank employees arrived for work on Wednesday they found the front door open and the money gone. The guards, who normally slept at the bank, had also disappeared, they said.

An official at the bank said about $300 million in U.S. dollars had been stolen, as well as 220 million Iraqi dinars ($176,000). He declined to give further details.

Police said the Interior Ministry and the Finance Ministry had set up a committee to investigate the theft.

It was not immediately clear why the bank had so much cash on hand, but Karrada is a key commercial district in Baghdad.

Ever since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, most transactions have been conducted in cash because of limited facilities to transfer money through banks or other financial institutions.

Huge amounts of money were looted from Iraq's banks during the invasion.

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