Sunday, July 15, 2007

Canada's Ken Olberman, Avi Lewis Interviews Hirsi Ali

For a good laugh, check out this ridiculous video interview from Avi Lewis, Canada's absurd liberal who has a show On The Map in Canada. At least he doesn't try to cover up his absurd liberal views. I love Ali's rebuttal to his trashing of America. Too funny. Is Avi Lewis a self hating Jew, or is he uberliberal gay or is he both?

Aayan Hirsi Ali Interview - CBC-tv by Avi Lewis


Steve said...

He is a typical Toronto Leftie, whose partner is Naomi Klein, the type that CBC hire as an "impartial" interviewer.
He father was a well know socialist politician and his mother a feminist journalist and activist.
He got his job because of family connections and probably has not done a decent days work in his life.
He is not gay just emasculated by his mother and his
partner Naomi.

Quantum said...

he does seem completely absurd, as if he's never met ANYONE who doesn't scoff at America and KNOW that it's an evil place, the source of all troubles.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

What is both frightening and at the same time heartening is that Avi represents
mainstream "progressive" thinking.

snowy said...

I object to Steve's charges of nepotism. Avi Lewis has worked very hard to become an idiot.

Nelson said...

Yes, that interview was very telling.

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