Sunday, July 01, 2007

Chertoff: We Can't Really Enforce Laws On Illegal Aliens

We know Bush doesn't want to enforce our laws against illegal immigration, so what do you do if you are Bush? You get a defeatist, a sympathizer, a liberal like Michael Chertoff to carry the water. Chertoff, on the Sunday commentary circuit, tells us, that after 20 years of law creation to try to stop illegal immigration, he just has so little to work with.

Debbie Schussel tagged Chertoff with the nickname 'Montgomery Burns' for his skin and bones appearance and it's good for a laugh. But for him to say "you know, I am Secretary over a multibillion dollar department, an empire with over 100,000 employees, but we have no way to effectively enforce the laws", I don't buy it.

Why do so many government officials begin to believe their own personal feelings overrule the responsibilities mandated by their appointment or election? If you don't believe in the responsibilities of the job, why seek it?


Chertoff: We can't really enforce laws on illegals
Homeland Security chief rips Senate for failing to pass immigration bill

Posted: July 1, 2007
1:59 p.m. Eastern

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Michael Chertoff

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff is blasting the U.S. Senate for failing to pass an immigration bill, and claims the federal government doesn't have the ability to enforce laws when it comes to illegals working in America.

"We're going to continue to enforce the law. It's going to be tough," Michael Chertoff said. "We don't really have the ability to enforce the law with respect to illegal work in this country in a way that's truly effective."

Chertoff appeared on both "Fox News Sunday" and ABC's "This Week."

As WND reported, a procedural vote in the Senate effectively killed the controversial immigration reform bill crafted by the White House, Democrats and key Republican leaders.

Chertoff said Senate opponents deprived his department of the ability to ensure stricter enforcement by requiring companies to enter in a system to check their employees' work status.

"That would be the single greatest additional weapon we could use if we're serious about tackling this problem," he said. "I wish we had some of the tools that were left on the floor of the Senate when they abandoned the bill last week, but we will do what we have to do with the resources we have at our disposal."

Though lawmakers from both parties have said further action on immigration was doubtful this year, Chertoff expressed hope an overhaul of the current system was not dead.

"I think we're going to say to the members of Congress who think they have a better way that they should produce legislation and pass legislation, which they have not done for the past two years," he said.


defiant_infidel said...

Sure, if we had just agreed to blanket amnesty then he could have done his job... 'cause there wouldn't be anything to do! Pffft!

Always On Watch said...

Chertoff evades responsibility. I've never much liked him. Now I despise him.

Anonymous said...

Even before the present time, Chertoff looks and talks like a wimp. Someone told him to jerk off.