Wednesday, July 04, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! 231 years and still going strong. May you always smite your enemies and extol the values of Truth, Justice and the American Way. Compare the astounding success of America to the sorry track record of Islam, which has done nothing in 14 centuries other than spread terror, fear, aggression, intolerance, backwardness, violence, mayhem and murder.

America, AKA the "Great Satan" to Muslims everywhere, is celebrating another birthday today. American, a beacon of hope for humanity and the world, has done more good and brought more joy to more people in its lifetime than the loathesome EU, UN, OIC, or the Arab League could ever dream to accomplish. God bless America!


Always On Watch said...

As an American and member of the Counter-jihad, I think of every July 4th as a day to give Islam the finger.

Anonymous said...

I agree --- it is a cancer out of control!

Anonymous said...

I noted that the MSM in M'sia would often not take note by way of printing a supplement on the 4th of July for some time unlike in the more distant past. Nowadays the MSM would rather give this sort of publicity to Pakistan, Turkmanistan, Azebaijan etc.