Sunday, July 01, 2007

A New World Order

The West isn’t working. This world order isn’t working, either. It’s time for a change. If the West wants to survive, then things will have to change. The way things are going on, the West will be on its knees in a short time, and in short order. At the moment, everything revolves around the Middle East, and around Middle Eastern money and oil, and around Middle Eastern influence.

The culture and ‘civilisation’ of the Middle East is diametrically-opposed to our own; but Middle Eastern petrodollars are being used to buy power and influence here in the West. Therefore, if we wish to preserve our civilisation, if we wish to preserve our way of life, we need change. The claptrap coming out of the White House, the claptrap coming out of Number 10, the claptrap coming out of the Foreign Office is not helpful to the preservation of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

The people at the top are like junkies – they are addicted to Middle Eastern money. They don’t call those people potentates for nothing! It is a sad fact of life in the twenty-first century that our leaders are far more interested in making money than they are in preserving our civilisation.

We have got to the point in which it is far more important to earn a fast buck than it is to re-affirm our commitment to the Judeo-Christian culture which has served us so well - a culture which has brought us civilisation, compassion, liberty, dignity, and justice. Islam, with its barbaric practices of beheading, amputation, lapidation, whipping, and torture doesn’t come anywhere close to Judeo-Christian civilisation. Indeed, it is light years away!

President Bush dreamed of bringing democracy to Iraq, nay, to the Middle East. He has been living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’! As has his partner: Tony Blair. Islam and democracy just don’t mix. A fool would have known this. Apparently, neither the White House nor Number 10 did!

Today, Tony Blair left office. He no longer resides at 10 Downing Street. He is no longer the prime minister of Great Britain. Mercifully! In ten years at the helm, Tony Blair has inflicted a lot of damage on Great Britain. Much of that damage is in the loss of democracy, to say nothing of the uncontrolled borders.

It would appear that the West is being driven by the petrodollars of the Middle East. The tail is wagging the dog! And while this state of affairs exists, there will be no good outcome. No good outcome at all! Inherent in capitalism is greed. Greed is no good principle on which to steer our economy, to say nothing of our civilisation. Now that is not to say that I think that capitalism is bad; it isn’t. But unbridled capitalism needs to be reined in if we wish our freedoms and liberty to proliferate.

Osama bin Laden accuses the United States of being “a paper tiger”. It would appear that there is much truth in this description of our friends’ country; especially since President Bush has run that wonderful country. Why do I say this? Because it has been impotent in stopping the growth of Islam in America, and therefore impotent in helping stop the growth of Islam in the West, because it has failed to stop the influence of Wahhabism in America, and it has failed miserably to stop the uncontrolled growth of Salafism in the States, too. Indeed, in the past ten years, Islam has grown apace in the US, in the UK, and in the West in general. The power and influence of Muslims and the Middle East is at a frighteningly high level! And all the while democracy has been weakened at home.

It is no good trying to bring democracy to another part of the world – a part of the world which can never be democratised while the prophet Muhammad is the people’s guide – and it is no good trying to change the nature of a people, either. The nature of a people depends on the philosophy which guides them. Islam guides Middle Easterners; so, as Islam and democracy are diametrically-opposed, there is little point in trying to bring democracy to that region. For democracy to flourish, the sine qua non is that there be a separation of the temporal from the sacred, a separation of politics and religion. Without that separation, there is absolutely no hope of establishing a democracy. None at all! No democracy cannot exist without a separation of church, or mosque, and state. It is impossible! What Bush and Blair embarked on could be labelled “mission impossible”! For mission impossible it most certainly was. Here we are, several years later, and nothing, absolutely nothing, has been achieved; and nor will anything be achieved in the future, either. From nothing, comes nothing!

But what bothers me most is this: We are destroying the life we have grown to love and respect. Corruption abounds. Billions of dollars, billions of pounds, are paid to the the potentates of the Middle East. Politicians in the West are reluctant to uphold the status quo for fear of upsetting their paymasters. They are also worried that they will not get the lucrative deals after they leave office that they might if they spill the beans. All quite understandable, of course; but all quite disgusting all the same.

If the West is to survive in its present form, if the West is to remain whole and free – and with the number of immigrants that have entered the West, that is a big question! – the West has to sever the umbilical cord which binds us to Middle Eastern oil, which binds us to Middle Eastern funds, which binds us to Middle Eastern influence. Sucking up to Saudis just won’t cut the mustard. We will have to break loose!

There is no other way for the survival of the West, there is no other way for the perpetuation of freedom and liberty and no other way to ensure the dignity of man. If Islam wins the day – which, as things are going at the moment, it most certainly will – then we all have dark daysto look forward to. There is no other way: This world order isn’t working. It’s ‘broke’. And when something is broken, it needs to be fixed. It’s time for a new world order. Now!

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Anonymous said...

Well, going forward, there is going to be a conflict between the secular utopian socialist EU, African Union, North American Union, and ultimately the UN and world government. No Privacy, no guns, no free speech, non-elected government, just bereaucrats and courts and chipping, universal ID, HUGE government... etc. And the Islam that is going fill in the holes in Europe's dying population....

Mark said...

Good comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, unfortunately, when you consider the fact that Spain is projected to lose almost a third of its population from 45 million to 30 million by 2050 and even more beyond that. Italy is projected to do much the same, I once saw the statistic that by 2050 60% of Italians will have no aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, or sisters... scary. Then Russia, where the population already drops by almost 800,000 people yearly, and is projected to drop to according to some estimates 95 million, from a current 140 million in 2050. These countries are going to be overrun by Muslims, along with sadly, most of the rest of Europe.

Mark said...

Yes, Anonymous, it's a bleak prospect, isn't it?

Women these days want careers, not babies. They want their freedoms. They'll have a shock when they find out what freedoms they'll have under Islam!

Europe needs babies, babies, and more babies. But nobody is listening.

Always On Watch said...

Another excellent essay! Sorry to be a few days late in commenting, but Mr. AOW decided to treat me to a dinner-and-dance on Saturday night--a rare gesture on his part as he doesn't particularly care for dancing. We had a great time! Then, yesterday, the weather was so beautiful that I refused to spend all day on the web.

Middle Eastern petrodollars are being used to buy power and influence here in the West


It would appear that the West is being driven by the petrodollars of the Middle East. The tail is wagging the dog!

So true! It will be the downfall of Western civilization if the tide doesn't turn soon.

In the lecture I attended last Friday, Dr. Tawfik Hamid referred to "Petro-Islam." Good term, I think, and a similar idea to what you're saying here.

The new world order is going to be a disaster. Already is, as far as I can tell. It's been some 50 years in the making, but I don't see another 50 years before the West goes down.

I sound like a pessimist. But I see what's happening throughout the West. Damned depressing to watch the West sell itself out, in spite of the cries of protest from the people. Then, of course, we have the demographics--another horrible sign. Europeans and Americans just aren't reproducing, but the Muslims are cranking out babies like mad. AND the West keeps bringing in more and more Muslim immigrants.

It won't take violence to upend our political system within one more generation.

Mark said...

Hi Always:

Great to have your comment. Your comments, as you know, are always welcome. Sorry about that! :-)

Hope you enjoyed the dinner-dance. Make the most of them! If Muslims have their way, they won't be around for much longer.

Yes, that term "Petro-Islam" is a good one. But Islam, in whichever guise, has always been a problem for the West.

Like you, I'm pretty pessimistic, too. Nobody is willing to call the proverbial spade a spade. As you will know, we now have a new prime minister, and he's already peddling the pap that Islam is being perverted by a minority of extremists! It hasn't taken him long, has it?

But when you've got the newspapers running shy, too, we have a double problem: one with our politicians, and one with our politically correct, timid media.

I tried to post a comment on The Telegraph this morning, but despite submitting it twice, they refused to publish it! So much for a free press!

Here's the comment:

"I, for one, am sick and tired of the apologists and the apologetics. Our politicians need to find their backbones and do something tough and decisive about this huge and growing problem, before it gets out of hand.

This is like a cancer in our society; it is metastasizing as fast as a virulent cancer would, too.

Much could be done about this problem; but the courage has to be there to pass the required emergency laws.

So much is being made about not punishing the innocent Muslim for the misdeeds of his Muslim brother. But in life, unfortunately, we all have to suffer for the misdeeds of our group. C'est la vie!

Were I to be in government, I should care more about the innocent people who are being killed than I would about the sentiments of Muslims. After all, they are the perpetrators of these crimes.

Ordinary, law-abiding Muslims will have absolutely no effect on these extremists, because Muslims are not supposed to go against their Muslim brothers (ikhwanhum), and because they would be afraid to do so anyway.

Let's not forget that these people are out to destroy our freedoms and way of life. They want it supplanted with the Islamic way of life and the Shari'ah. We should never forget this fact.

I obviously got to near to the bone for them. But with this timidity, we are only helping our enemy: Islam.

Michael Travis said...

A fine essay Mark! You won't be invited to either GWB's or Billary's cocktail parties in the near future....but a fine essay nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Cubed here.


"Europe needs babies, babies, and more babies."

I know that you and a lot of very concerned and knowledgeable people keep saying this, but I maintain that we can't win just by outreproducing them. Besides, giving birth to babies just to use them as cannon fodder is a moral obscenity. Children are human beings, not ammunition.

What the western world has failed miserably at is teaching our kids what they are fighting for. Their minds have been destroyed by collectivism/statism; they can't reason, they haven't the faintest notion of what a "right" is, they don't know any facts, they have been taught that western values are no better, and usually inferior to,those of the third world (including Islam), that Islam is acting only to defend itself against western aggression, and all the rest of that PC crap. Given what our schools have taught them, why should they risk their lives, anyway? If we are no better (and probably worse) than the enemy, what's the sense in fighting?

Until we can reverse the lies of the collectivists/statists, and let our children in on the secret of why PC is so wrong about everything, we can breed like cockroaches, but it won't do us any good; we will still lose, because our children will not be motivated to fight.

We have to fight smart, not hard; if we had the slightest idea of what we were fighting for, this stupid issue would have been laid to rest about a year after 9/11.

Frankly, I think that a solution won't be possible until we, like some alcholic in an alley, "hit bottom" and have nowhere to go but up.

My crystal ball tells me that George Bush and all his statist/collectivist/globalist cronies are far more interested in the various regional unions (you go, Anonymous!) such as the EU, the NAU, the AU, leading to their utopian vision of the World Federation of States than they are in the threat of Islam. They will sacrifice our sovereignty and our lives to their ambitions.

Maybe, when we are finally living the nightmare of their utopian dream, we'll take the time in the secret rooms of members of the resistance movement to educate ourselves about what we have lost, and why it never had to happen.

Then, those of us who are armed can lead the way back into the light.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not surprised that the Telegraph wouldn't publish your comment.

Here in the States, we have more success in getting such comments published. But not as much success as we used to have. If some in our Congress have their way, such a comment would be a hate crime. If that kind of legislation passes, the free press is doomed.

Mark said...


Thank you for the compliment. It's much appreciated. As for not being invited to GWB and Billary's cocktail parties in the future, I couldn't care less. The truth is more important to me than hobnobbing with people who are either too dense to understand the problem, or else too deceitful and self-interested to act on their knowledge.

Mark said...


You have totally misunderstood me. I do not say that the West needs more babies for cannon fodder. Such a notion never even entered my mind. So please don't accuse me of being morally obscene. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I say, and have always said, that the West needs more babies because we shall be outnumbered at the polls. Then we shall lose our democracy at the ballot box. It's all a question of demographics. Please see Anonymous' comment above. He sums it up pretty well.

The only women in the UK having babies in significant numbers are Muslimahs. It isn't for nothing now that 'Muhammad' in its various spellings tops the list of baby names! A similar scenario is typical for European countries, too. One day, it will also be true for America.

How long can a healthy society survive when it refuses to give birth? It needs the manpower, too. And it is the dearth of manpower that has been driving many Western governments to allow all these Muslims into the West.

So I really cannot understand your logic when you say that having babies is not important.

Even Churchill once said the following:

"There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies."

Muslims understand this; Westerners do not.

Mark said...


If they make such comments hate crimes, the West will be sunk! There's no hate in my comment, only fact.

Delila said...

You'll appreciate the excellent graphic to this forthcoming book on counterterrorism in medicine (I've read the manuscript--absolutely SUPERB!!!)