Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nutty Nork Update

Lil’ Kim seems to be a bit worried (more than usual) about losing his precious power nowadays. The usual DPRK rampant paranoia has led of late to some fascinating and utterly bizarre developments up north.

First of all the Norks have recently shut down karaoke joints:

The lifestyle police are out and about in North Korea. Karaoke bars and video parlors (where you can watch DVDs on large TV screens) are being shut down. Along the Chinese border, police are searching homes and businesses looking for cell phones (which can get a signal from towers just across the border) and smuggled goods (particularly South Korean DVDs and music CDs).

…many North Korean leaders are not sure their people could handle the truth, about the decades of lies about how much better North Korea was doing economically, than the rest of the world. Too late for that. Most North Koreans now know, but are too busy just trying to survive to think about a revolution. But the government knows their history. Revolution comes as the economy improves. Thus a substantial improvement in the economy could bring the revolution North Korea's leaders have long feared. What to do? Close Karaoke bars.

And the Korean fascists went after internet cafes too:
North Korea has ordered the shutdown of Internet cafes as part of a battle to stem a flood of South Korean pop culture, media reports said. A directive issued by the Ministry of People’s Security called for the closure of all unauthorized video-screening rooms, Internet cafes and online game rooms, wrote

The move is part of a campaign to curb South Korean pop culture, which has been spreading fast in the hard-line communist country, the newspaper said.
Defectors say South Korean pop songs and movies are popular in the isolated country, despite a steady campaign to weed out what state media has termed “decadent foreign culture and ideals.”

Who would have guessed that vapid, consumer-driven Korean pop culture could itself be a weapon? Then again, the Kremlin worried about American Rock and Roll, and so it goes with Lil’ Kim and his henchmen, fearing pop music, game shows and soap operas.

Whether it’s the Norks’ “worker’s paradise”, Kelantan, the USSR, Iran or Saudi Barbaria, all are variants of the same dreary fascist/totalitarian mold. And all are destined to utterly fail.

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