Monday, July 16, 2007

Somebody Do Something to Save This Poor Sri Lankan Teenage Babysitter from Beheading!

It high time for the Saudis to come into the civilized world! It is also high time that the Western world shun Saudi Arabia until they do so, regardless of the cost. Some things are more important than money, profit, or oil!

You can sign a petition here: SAVE RIZANA

Barbaric Practices of 'Our Friends and Allies': Saudi Arabia to Behead Teenage Maid

Please help her

Mark Alexander


Mark said...

I'm very surprised that this story hasn't stirred someone to comment on it.

joe said...

Really, what is there to be said?

Those of us in the know are disgusted by Saudi barbarity, but not surprised.

The rest, well who's to say what goes on in their heads? Rationalization? Denial? Avoidance? Excuse? Who could tell? It's difficult to understand irrationality because it's, well ... irrational.

But you're right. There should be more noise about this. Otherwise between right-thinking people who dismiss the Saudis as sub-human barbarians, and the rest who defer to them or simply ignore the truth, the Saudis end up getting a free pass to go on with their disgusting inhuman practices.