Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Washington Post Bans the Word 'Jihad" in Book Ads

Apparently, the Washington Post has reached level 4 in dhimmitude.

OUTRAGE: Washington Post Refuses to Run Ad for Book on Jihad & Doctors

By Debbie Schlussel

A couple of weeks ago, in the aftermath of the Muslim Medical Doctors Terrorist Jihad, I told you about Adam Dorin, MD--a successful and brilliant anesthesiologist who trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Medical School.

Dr. Dorin--who has followed the issue of Muslim Medical Doctors and jihad in America since 9/11--maintains a website on Jihad and American Medicine/Preventing Medical Terrorism. And he wrote a book, "Jihad and American Medicine: Thinking Like a Terrorist to Anticipate Attacks via our Health System," published soon.

First, Do Harm

But now The Washington Post is censoring him. Hoping to capitalize on the news about the Muslim Doctor Terrorists, he wanted to place a classified ad in the paper to drum up early sales. But, after initially accepting and confirming they'd publish the ad, The Post refused to run his benign ad, which contained merely the title of the book and the price. Here is the text of the ad:

Book--Pre-order: "Jihad and American Medicine," $49, Prevent Terrorism,
Here is the e-mail correspondence between Dr. Dorin and The Washington Post:

-----Original Message-----
From: Alina Massey

To: Adam Dorin, MD

Sent: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 6:47 am

Subject: Re: Ad#40342

Dear Advertiser,
After speaking with my supervisor we determined we are not able to run your advertisement due to content.

Thank you,



From: Adam Frederic Dorin, M.D., MBA
Sent: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 11:59 am
Subject: Fwd: Ad#40342

Please explain why this ad was turned down. I have copies of the original ad (and many others have reviewed the ad--all of whom see it as perfectly "benign"), which lists an upcoming book by Greenwood Publishing Group/Praeger Securities International (Fall 2007) and is listed on I fear that individuals of Arabic or Muslim background have misinterpreted my book (which is about counter-terrorism in the health care setting) and exercised their own brand of bias against my book. Here is the ad:

Book--Pre-order: "Jihad and American Medicine," $49, Prevent Terrorism,

I will forward the Washington Post's own receipt for my ad separately.

Thank you.

Adam Frederic Dorin, M.D., MBA


Anonymous said...

While D. Schlussel watches Dearborn, this group monitors Central Ohio:

Mark said...


Anonymous said...

mark, in the light of what happened recently in UK, it should be unbelieveable, but nothing seems beyond belief these overcast days.

The following site, now "off air," was an organisation of NHS doctors for the promotion of Islamic medics, there follows a couple of quotes from the constitution.
"2.1.1. To advance the Islamic religion in the practice of medicine in the United Kingdom
2.1.4. To promote the preservation and protection of the good health of Muslims in the United Kingdom."

Medicine for all, huh? N.R.

Mark said...

Thanks for this link, Anonymous. I am going to post it today on my website. Naturally, I shall give you credit; albeit to an anonymous commenter.

It's all very frightening really. We have got ourselves into ONE BIG MESS by allowing in all these people who will ultimately always want to destroy our civilization.

Anonymous said...

"We have got ourselves into ONE BIG MESS by allowing in all these people who will ultimately always want to destroy our civilization."

Check out
It's another religiously oriented medical association which has as one of its stated goals the advancement of its religious principles in bioethics and health. It really is terrible that these people are trying to make medical practice into a religious practice, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

MEDICS can't live in a vacuum, and their beliefs will influence their work.
Compare the second anon's link with the first, here are the quoted aims of this US organisation,
"The Christian Medical & Dental Associations exist to motivate, educate, and equip Christian physicians and dentists to glorify God by:

* living out the character of Christ in their homes, practices, communities and around the world;
* pursuing professional competence and Christ-like compassion in their daily work;
* influencing their families, colleagues, and patients toward a right relationship with Jesus Christ;
* advancing Biblical principles in bioethics and health to the Church and society."
This is quite open, and with the intent of helping all.

Compared with the specifics of the
"Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association" whose aims were to only promote the benefits of their work specifically to helping Muslims solely.
And this on taxpayers money by well paid NHS staff!
After the recent terrorist attacks on Britain by NHS doctors moonlighting as suicide bombers, their website has suddenly disappeared. Suprised? Not.