Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why Don't We Know The Enemy First?

Why Don't We Know The Enemy First?

Today I was reading another misguided article about Islam and the war on terror. It was by Bill Bennett and Seth Leibsohn at Townhall.

What the Republican candidates for president need to do right now
By Bill Bennett and Seth Leibsohn

They want Republican Congressman and candidates to issue a statement of alliance with Bush on staying in Iraq. You know the story. So I commented and it turned into a summary of my feelings in 4 paragraphs. The point is that the Iraq war is the wrong strategy in a war where the real enemy is Islam.

Why Don't We Know The Enemy First?

Isn't that the first rule of war? There is no islamist, there is no islamofascists, it's Islam. And what does Islam want? According to ALL the theologians, the MUSLIM theologians, not the Muslim taqiyamasters and infidel expert apologists for Islam (MESA is only the university wedge), Islam must dominate the world by jihad and subdue or convert the infidels. Those who don't like those 2 choices get death. Sharia must be the law of the world, and the jahiliyah (the artifacts of the 'time of ignorance' before Islam came) must be swept away. Knowing that, why would we journey off into a 'light unto the Muslim nations' folly because our leaders remain ignorant about Islam?

The second rule is to divide and weaken your enemy. Yet we are spending billions in jizya to try to get them to work out their differences in Iraq, in Palestine, in Lebanon, in Thailand, in Kosovo, in Kashmir, need I go on?

Leave Iraq, set in play the conspiracies, let them kill each other and use all their weapons of jihad - the tongue, the money, the sword - on each other. Better than buidring madrassas, oh excuse me, mosques, in Dar al Harb.

People say 'if we leave, there will be anarchy.' So what? Do you really believe that Iran can just roll into Iraq and set up house. We have no hand in their war. Protect us and keep the Muslims at bay from the West.

Muslims cause bombings. Stop Muslim immigration to the US and you reduce the risk without cost. There are a lot of low cost tactics to reduce our risk if you know Islam. So far we have spent $500,000,000,000.00 on the Iraq war. What could we have done in America with that money to reduce our dependence on oil, to reduce our expenses for security internally? These are the legitimate questions but only if you understand Islam.

I love our soldiers. They are spectacular. I want new leaders, smart leaders who understand Islam and don't lie to us or worse don't even know they are lieing about Islam to us.

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