Wednesday, August 01, 2007

CAIR's PittBull, Atty Sandler (DNC Legal Counsel), Demands Spencer Be Silenced

CAIR's attorney, Joseph Sandler, sent a nasty letter to YAF threatening legal action against them if they allow Robert Spencer to speak at their national conference. So it has come to this. Does the DNC know that their legal counsel is actively fighting for Islam, evil Islam and the terrorist front group CAIR? Surely they must and approve. After all the DNC is now the Dhimmicrat National Committee and are scared of the Muslims.

More at JihadWatch and Michelle Malkin.


Anonymous said...

I had to come back and add an additional comment because I'm Polish by lineage. John Sobieski? It must be a handle because it would otherwise be too good to be true. On the other, hand it fits if you understand that the stiff-necked Poles stopped the Turks in Europe, and then brought down the communists 300 years later. Me, I'm just a Czyszczon from the Carpathians.

~Basil Riverdale

Anonymous said...

Yes, John Sobieski is my anglicized penname of Jan Sobieski III, the great military leader who became King of Poland after his great military victory over the Muslims in Vienna in 1683. A spectacular hero of Europe, little known in the West, and probably banned in the developing Eurabia.

Anonymous said...

About now the West could use some Polish winged Hussars (this reference obscure in the extreme). WTF, I'll settle for predator drones. Not as romantic as Hussars, but both have wings. Of course, there is a Polish division in Iraq. Could the USA have a better ally? The number of the greats is four: Ron, Maggie, Lech, and John Paul. To Europe I say, "If you forget, then put on a Burka and shut the f+++ up." What a pathetic collapse. History will likely be more gentle on you than I am. I have one word for you: LOSERS.

Mark said...

I am very surprised that Americans are putting up with the nonsense of silencing people. What next in the 'Land of the Free'? This is a very troubling and extremely disturbing development.

John Sobieski said...

I agree. CAIR has been trying for years to get insults to Islam set up as a 'hate crime' and this has been a big step for them.

Always On Watch said...

CAIR has such political and legal power. Why? Why? Why? CAIR doesn't have all that many members.

I'd love to see CAIR's financial records exposed to the light of day. Follow the money trail!

The arrogance of CAIR--to try to silence Robert Spencer. As Mark pointed out, America is supposed to stand for freedom of speech.

CAIR is waging litigation jihad. But they can be beaten. Anti-CAIR proved that.