Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Islam: The Mother of All Darkness

The mass demonstration in Jakarta on Sunday in favour of the establishment of the caliphate (khilafah) is proof, if indeed any proof were needed, that the world is in grave danger of being dragged back into a ’New Dark Age’!

People, sceptics, liberals, politicians, and leaders in our establishments can deny what is plain to see; but they would be foolish to do so. Our world is polarizing before our very eyes. To fail to observe what a blind man could see is tantamount to playing fast and loose with the future of our civilization, tantamount to playing fast and loose with liberty, equality, and democracy.

If Islam won the day and a caliphate were indeed established, the world would be become bi-polar. The West would then be faced with an enemy of great dimension. As I stated in my book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age, an iron veil would have to be dropped between our two worlds, and this would have to be so for our own survival and safety. The concept of globalization will be effete: it will be no more; the concept will become exhausted.

Make no mistake about it, a world dominated by Islam will be a world enveloped in darkness. Political thought will come to a grinding halt; so will creative thought, scientific thinking, and much else besides.

Islam is not conducive to scientific thinking because it stifles freedom and creativity in thought. Prophet Muhammad might well have stated, “Go in quest of knowledge even unto China”, but there should have been a cautionary addendum: If the knowledge you come back with contradicts Islam, you will be beheaded!

In Islam, all knowledge must back up Muhammad’s ‘divine revelation’. If it does not, then it is not permitted. It is thrown out, for it is worthless. Nothing must contradict the word of Allah, nothing must contradict the Qur’an, nothing must contradict ah-Hadîth, or the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, and nothing must contradict as-Sunnah, or the traditions of Muhammad. Woe betide anyone who brings back anything contradictory!

Unfortunately, Islam, in recent decades, has gained in influence because of oil wealth. Oil wealth has brought the Bedouins to Rome! The world is now the Bedouin's oyster! Alas, the Bedouin's thinking hasn’t expanded with his expanding pockets! And nor will it. It cannot do so, because his thinking is stuck in the era of their prophet. And that was more than 1400 years ago.

To the Muslim mind, there is only black and white; there are no shades of grey. To the Muslim mind, there is right or wrong according to the Qur’an and the teachings of the prophet; no-one else’s opinions matter. Islam is a simple religion for the simple mind. The Muslim is not given to abstract thinking. Even the concept of the Trinity is too much for him to grasp. Metaphor is not his strong point. All is taken literally.

That the Angel Gabriel should have appeared unto Muhammad in a cave defies comprehension; but to the Muslim it matters not. Rationality and logic are of no consequence in the Islamic world. And so it will be if Islam wins the day!

We shall be drawn back to a bygone age: An age in which prayer will matter more than progress, and age in which belief will matter more than science, and age in which meting out Allah’s punishments will matter more than human dignity. It will be an age in which the criminal will be beheaded in the public square, the thief's hand will be amputated, the adulteress will be stoned to death, the drinker of alcohol will be whipped, and the homosexual will be thrown from atop the local minaret. They will be dark days indeed!

The fact of the matter is that Islam is gaining in strength. It is like a locomotive steaming ahead at full throttle, without breaks, taking the world back centuries, back to a way of life we all thought the world had long left behind.

Many a Westerner might conclude that secularism is the mother of all enlightenment. If this is so, then by contrast he should conclude that Islam is the mother of all darkness; for indeed it truly is.

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Antique Sailor said...

You have articulated exactly what my husband and talk about at least once a day. Do you have any proposed solutions?
I for one would not allow any Muslims into the USA. Look what is happening in France and the UK. We have plenty already and to accuse me of being biased is a very accurate accusation. I just believe we need to be biased regarding this issue.

Thinking Kafir said...

To win the battle, it's not enough to point out the truth about Islam, but also to understand why many people - particularly those born and bred in the Western, Judeo-Christian civilizations - would be drawn to it, making it allegedly the fastest growing religion.

From my personal observation, some of the main attractions include:

1, Sexual morality - The Western secular/Judeo-Christian attitude on this matter is much more liberal than Islam.

Islam controls this aspect very strictly. A clear boundary is drawn. To the minds of many, this would reduce if not eliminate the problem of adultery, and as a result strengthen family life.

Husbands/Wives/Parents don't have to constantly worry about what their spouses/children are doing all day out at work/school or after work/school - your Islamic community/'brothers and sisters', who are obsessed with constantly prying into others' private - especially sex - life and to control everybody's mind and actions - would help the spouses to take care of that to a very large extent.

Psychologically, that's a huge comfort. That's the kind of life and community they want.

-- Hey, you might not agree with it, but I'm just telling you what appeals to many people. You might want to argue that the Western community cares a great deal about family and marriage lifes too, but they don't do it as totalitarian as the muslims.

2, Spirit of Community and Brotherhood - Everybody shares a siege mentality that the whole world is out to get them. So, they tend to feel greater cohesion among themselves. Everybody does everything together - like prayer and sermons - which is seldom seen in the individualistic society of the Western world.

3, Losers flocking together/to an 'escape route'?

This is harsh, but it's real, from my observation: Many flock to Islam because it allows them to escape from the present society, for various reasons.

Some just want to be different. The blacks don't feel that they belong to/can stand out among the Caucasian Christians in the churches or workplace. Not-so-attractive women like the idea of wearing a headscarf not so much to 'conceal' their non-existent beauty but to somehow withdraw themselves from the ongoing 'flesh and flash competition' among the female species - the constant covert pressure to look as beautiful, if not more so, than your peers, at the workplace and school.

Being a 'modest' muslim girl/woman would 'exempt' you from all that because for a high, noble and divine reason - Islam - you can proudly say to the world that you refuse to play that game.

The religious emphasis of zakat taxes and helping the poor - however effective they are in reality is irrelevant because the clerics can always blame it on 'poor execution' - puts it in sharp contrast with our mercenary, capitalistic society.

So, Islam becomes a refuge for the 'losers' of post-modern, capitalist societies, or simply those who have become disillusioned with our Western, secular values.

The clerics of Islam don't mind that - well, perhaps they themselves are losers too in the first place. But mainly because they need the numbers.

4, Gambling, Alcohol and Interests - Islam is not all bad. Even though 90% of the Quran is bullshit and evil, there are still many morally and ethically acceptable teachings there such as honesty, ban on interests, stay away from vice, and avoid things that could well destroy family and personal wellbeings such as gambling and alcohol.

Christianity and almost all major world religions also discourage these bad habits, but because Islam emphasizes these things to the extent of prescribing the extreme, over-the-top punishments such as canning, mutilation and beheading, the impression is that this is a religion which fortifies the fundamentals of family life and honest community - no other religion is as 'serious' as Islam when it comes to these things.

In summary, although I would agree with telling as many people as possible about the evils and truth of Islam, I would also suggest that we look at ourselves at the same time.

Islam would not spread so fast and furious if we don't have problems within ourselves. Many embrace Islam not because of the theology, and neither do they care for the 'truth' about Mohamed's character, because they are in it NOT for its 'truth', but its social practices and values and the 'comfort zone' it provides. In other words, they don't care what Islam IS - they only care about what Islam IS NOT.

So, perhaps we should start looking at Islam as a SYMPTOM/MANIFESTATION/SUMMARY OF OUR MANY SOCIAL ILLS?

Take care of our marginalized, disillusioned, disenchanted social groups is perhaps the most effective way of countering the threat of Islamic darkness?

Just a thought...

Thinking Kafir said...

I want to add that perhaps, after the fall of Communism as the alternative social model and Marxism as the alternative intellectual paradigm to rival Capitalism and Liberalism, Islam is seen by many as the only viable alternative.

We cannot ignore these sentiments or pretend that they don't matter. They do.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any proposed solutions?

Check out

Thinking Kafir said...

'proposed solutions'?

You mean, short of reforming/revolutionizing the entire Western Civilization?

I think we have to involve more people, and not be driven by narrow, 'factional' interests.

Imagine this picture commonly conjured up in the mind of a typical muslim:

Christians/Christian evangelicals bad-mouthing/'demonizing' the great religion of Allah and telling 'lies' about our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Then, at the end of their propaganda, they call us to embrace the false and corrupted teachings attributed to Prophet Isa (PBUH), as the final words of Allah.

It seems that it's ALWAYS AND ONLY Christians - and Jews too - who are doing this. These are the main enemies of Islam - whom the Quran calls 'children of pigs and monkeys' - who are fighting with muslims for the turf.

So, instinctively, whenever they hear truth and criticisms of Islam, they associate them with the Christian/Jewish agenda.

I think Christians should not try to accomplish more than one objective when they fight this war - just focus on telling the truth about Islam, and NOTHING ELSE. DO NOT attempt to convert at the same time - you can do that later. Talk to them merely as a decent human being, nothing more.

When the motive is pure AND PERCEIVED to be pure, the message is much more effective.

Many muslims cannot live without the faith/belief that they have found the truth, or that they are living in a close community/brotherhood who think and want the same thing. Deep down, these are communitarians - they are in Islam because of the cultural and social practices, not the truth. (They are forbidden from questioning the foundation of their faiths, anyway, so their living as muslims seldom involve thinking about theological questions, if ever. They just accept wholesale.)

So, to win them over, persuade them to leave, or simply to discourage more from joining them, you got to create a similar kind of cultural and social practices as ALTERNATIVES TO THE MAINSTREAM/ORTHODOX cultural milieu - so that they who seek alternatives will turn to these alternatives instead of Islam.

In other words, avoid having Islam as the DEFAULT ALTERNATIVE.

It's not as simple as 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. But so long as these are genuinely peaceful and loving organizations and communities, we should all promote and support even if they are not about Christianity, or are the antithesis to Christianity in many ways.

I have in mind other major world religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and so on, but at the most concrete/precise/practical level it's about promoting strong family values, brotherhood and communitarian bonds. Boy scouts? Alcoholics Anonymous?? I don't know. There must be a real sense of purpose, not just 'feel-good', pretentious and empty charity galas.

For this, Christians must accept the fact that not everybody wants to become a Christian or is interested in searching for the 'ultimate truth' or 'meaning of life'. There's bound to be a quarter or more of the world's population who want to remain non-Christians no matter how hard you try, so just accept it. (Substitute 'Christianity' with whatever particular philosophical leaning/ethos/agenda you hold dear and personally wish to advance.) That way, muslims will not be able to divert/distract attention or change the topic by counting the fault of Christianity (or whatever particular persuasion the critic of Islam has) such as the Crusade, the Spanish Inquisition, Iraq etc, everytime you want them to acknowledge the violent, barbaric and terrorist instinct of Islam.

Diversity is our strength, and is precisely what Islam is out to destroy.

Beyond that, I'm sure there are more 'solutions'. We'll just have to work it out over time. It's a long, drawn out fight. We have to be patient.

But we are on the right track - by rejecting political correctness when it comes to talking about Islam.

"Maybe I did well and maybe I led the battle but nobody ever said we were going to win this thing at any point in time. Eternal vigilance is required and there have to be people who step up to the plate, who believe in liberty, and who are willing to fight for it." -- Milton Friedman

Thinking Kafir said...

Islam tries to be all things to all people. Whatever your particular grievance is, chances are you'll be able to find some redress in Islam.

Only the Khilafah will rescue you from economic misery under Capitalism

Through numerous ayat and hadith, Allah سبحانه وتعالى has given guidance on all aspects of the economy, for truly Islam is a complete code of life. The Islamic economic system alone ensures that there is circulation of wealth in the society and that wealth does not accumulate in the hands of a few.

Mark said...

Antique Sailor:

I'm so glad you agree with me.

Like you, I would stop all immigration of Muslims to the West. This is not racist, since Islam is not a race. It is also only discriminatory for our own survival as a culture. Pauline Hanson in Australia has stated the same.

Anyway, what is wrong with taking steps to ensure our own survival? Wouldn't Muslims do the same?

Another measure would be to send all illegal immigrants home. That would do a lot to solve the problem. After all, why should we allow illegal immigrants to be able to stay in the West? Would Muslims allow illegal infidels to stay in their lands?

Mark said...

Thinking Kafir:

Your points are well taken.

I personally think that our civilization is in decline at the moment anyway. Take a look at the general level of education, the standard of speech, the standard of dress, etc! In my humble, and perhaps old-fashioned opinion, the rot started when mothers started going out to work. When this happened, children started to suffer; and the number of babies being born to Western mothers went into steep decline. Thus leading to this influx of Muslims to the West.

Mark said...

Thanks for the links, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Wihout Islam, Europe and the rest of the world are still in dark ages.

Who build the first University in Cardova,Spain?

During the time when Christian in power in Europe, everyone call that Dark Ages Why?

Muslim rulers does not killed any Scientist by the Churches does.

A good site about Christian heritages

Thinking Kafir said...

Anon at 11:53 PM who posted link to 'Victims of the Christian Faith' has just proved my point.

'That way, muslims will not be able to divert/distract attention or change the topic by counting the fault of Christianity such as the Crusade, the Spanish Inquisition, Iraq etc, everytime you want them to acknowledge the violent, barbaric and terrorist instinct of Islam.'

See, I was right.

Anon - I'm NOT a Christian, NOR do I think Christianity is a better religious organization than Islam, so what you've said/posted are utterly IRRELEVANT to me. Can you now come back to the subject and answer the allegations against Islam without trying to change the subject again?

Thank you.

John Sobieski said...

Mockery of Islam is one strategy that Islam well deserves.

I don't think diversity is a strength at all. Freedom of thought, creative thinking, great civilization does not require diversity. Diversity leads to a muddling of thought, repressed by political correctness and multiculturalism.

Some 'ugly girl' reverts do like that hijab and tent styling. The West is a competitive world, that is no doubt and Islam allows you to participate without having to compete, just obey.

Losers in general flock to Islam, the Adam G. and Li'l Taliban Johnnies, but the ones in control and leading the major terror front groups like ISAN, MSA, WMY, CAIR, etc. are not losers. They have a plan. There are pretend reverts, definitely not losers, but seeking a smart move, they see an opportunity in Islam's tempest nature, the Ridleys and those who seek riches and power in the cultural fight for Islam. Not converting yet are the jerks like Princess Charles who seek the pretige of being a high dhimmi or a closet Muslim like Grover Norquist. It's a concoction of misfits and jerks and evil men and women and idiots and I have zero respect for any of them.

There are plenty of sins in the West and decadence. I would like less, as the majority would, but those who indulge in these excesses are not plotting to destroy me or enslave me as I would never pretend to convert or submit as a dhimmi.

Liberals proclaim secularism the 'final' religion. Isn't it funny that they ally themselves with Islam, which fully expects to have the last word?

I think the overwhelming majority of Muslim 'elites', the imams and the rich tribes are corrupt. Islam is a lie and they have to promulgate that lie to enrich themselves and gain power. They justify killing nonbelievers which I believe crosses the line in politics, but the West gives them a pass.

I can't think of a richer target for mockery than Islam.

Oh, Who kicked the last Muslims out of Spain and what year?

Thinking Kafir said...


We are talking past each other.

Get this - I DO NOT DISAGREE with what you have said.

I was just telling you how Muslims (and those who are drawn to the lies of Islam) think.

You can talk logic, rationality, theory and disprove/debunk Islam's tenents for all you wish, but the question I'm trying to ask is, why are these people attracted to such a big fat lie?

You said the elites are not 'losers'. I agree - but I was NOT talking about them. I'm talking about the MASSES, the INCREASING MASSES WHO FLOCK TO ISLAM.

What you are doing is engaged in a theoretical-thelogical warfare. I'm saying, that's not enough.

I'm saying, we should take a realistic approach and look at the reason why these people are SO FUCKED UP that they CANT SEE THE LIES? And the more you talk sense and logic with them, the more they find YOU - instead of Islam - repulsive.

Doesn't it make you wonder?! It baffles me.

I think we have to move on to the next stage to ask - how could people allow themselves to be so blinded by the lies and refuse to see the truth?

From that angle, what is or is not truth is, unfortunately, no longer the issue.

savvyfriend said...

Mark, glad to see your keyboard rattling once more!
You always provoke such good discussion.
Why shouldn't we enjoy our freedom to talk without fetter?
I lean towards John's clear and simple analysis that reflects some similarity with your own, from a more robust abrubt angle.
Thinking kafir, has some good points, but I think perhaps he pines for unachievable influence over those that slip away toward the siren whines of Gabriel's chat-buddie.
Mark, what do you see as an Iron Veil?
Can we realistically pull the oil drip from our arms?
Hey, haven't we sold them all our best military hardware?
Have we paddled up Crap-Creek with our bare hands?
The kafir with the thinkingcap, sounds a bit like old buddy JAR!?
I do miss his salami slicing of the Liberal Commie agenda, on your old blog.
Keep walking, P.I.!

Mark said...

Savvy Friend:

Mark, glad to see your keyboard rattling once more! You always provoke such good discussion.

Thank you Savvy Friend! Your compliment is much appreciated.

Why shouldn't we enjoy our freedom to talk without fetter?

There's no good reason in the world. At least none that I can think of. Some might actually fear expressing their ideas. But fear is not for us, eh?

I lean towards John's clear and simple analysis that reflects some similarity with your own, from a more robust abrubt angle.

I believe that John and I share many thoughts. I agree: His style may be a little more direct than mine. But still, I think my own style is pretty direct, too.

Mark, what do you see as an Iron Veil?

I see an "Iron Veil" as a separation of our two 'worlds.' We can still trade with each other; but we should be able to protect our civilization every bit as much as Islam protects its own civilization. In fact, I see this as the only viable solution if we are to survive.

Don't forget: The Muslim world would still have to sell its oil if it is to eat and survive.

Can we realistically pull the oil drip from our arms?

With careful handling, I don't think it would be necessary to "pull the oil drip from our arms."

Hey, haven't we sold them all our best military hardware?

Yes, but would they be clever enough to use it agin us?

Have we paddled up Crap-Creek with our bare hands?

Yes, to some extent we have. But it is not to late too retrieve the abysmal situation we find ourselves in. It just takes a bit of intelligence, and an awful lot of courage.

The kafir with the thinkingcap, sounds a bit like old buddy JAR!?

Maybe it is indeed he!

I do miss his salami slicing of the Liberal Commie agenda, on your old blog.

Keep walking, P.I.!

It's nice to learn that you do. I'm glad my "old blog" was appreciated.

I shall indeed try to keep "walking."

shameonyou4 said...

If people truly know and understand Islam deeply, they will realise that it contradicts being submission and moderation on the contrary it supports and encourage violence against women and non-muslims and regard all Jews as pigs.

Dr. Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim lady spoke the truth regarding the true face of Islam - it is nothing more than Satanic Versus inspired by Satan disguised as Angel Gabriel to encourage Mohammed in some dark cave to commit sexual intercorse with a 9 year old child and to request his adopted son to divorce his wife so that he could have her for himself after seeing how beautiful she was when she was not fully clothed. What a pervert and a pediofile this so called Prophet Mohammed was and still is!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine these islamists playing hockey, tennis, swimming competitions, or any other sport thats makes us feel free and full of life and light. NO!! theirs is a world of darkness and evil! Just think of a world ruled by these people,veils, and black robes, and nothing to be seen but round faces,"if you can see their faces at all". Why cant people see that this is a world of total darkness, subservient to a evil entity and dedicated to world domination. Of all the wars the western world has fought thru the ages, (this will be our greatest test), and we ourselves must be willing to die to defend the light.